M4 Sherman Unicum Guide/Review, Best Derp Tank in the Game!

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I review the Sherman, a tier 5 American medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 6 Sand and Highway battles.

The Sherman is best derp tank for its tier that I’ve played, thanks to its synergistic combination of superb view range, ability to fight hull-down, and good-enough mobility.

I consider the Sherman to be meaningfully better than Pz IV H, and this is reflected in my stats – I deal ~100 more damage and ~50 more spotting damage in the relative to Pz IV H, along with ~0.4 more spots – and that was with a less-skilled crew.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Amazing gun depression (-12)
+ Superb view range (370), as good as some tier 7 light tanks
+ Superb HE alpha (410)
+ HE penetration is high enough (53) to penetrate soft opponents frontally
+ Small turret with solid protection
+ Good top speed (48)
+ Good reload (9s base) for a derp gun
– Very tall profile
– Hull armor is unreliable

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Holy Hell! The early game comments made my high.

  2. When are you uploading vedios?is it day or night there?

    Nice vedios by the way learned a lot..

  3. 2nd game featured shitstain dead teammates annoying you when you are on a roll.

  4. Id say KW1 is the derpest derp

  5. Thank you Taugrim, nice videos and lessons.
    I like the tanks with the derp guns especially when i have bad games and results.
    I take a tank with a derp gun out of my garage and have a ride.

  6. Everyone go back and watch the Highway battle and pay attention to the T67 player. Dont be that guy. Look him up. Dont get fooled by his stats, but look at his tanks played. Ok? Dont be that guy. Do not be a seal clubber who thinks hes good.

    Anyway, Taugrim you may need to pray at the altar of KV-2 one of these days.

    Also 1.0 on Wednesday. Are you hype? I am so hype.

  7. I love this tank… pure fun πŸ˜€ but one question what do you think are the best targets for the use of premium ammo on this derp gun?

    • thx I have not had luck with that heat ever, so i thought i am doing something wrong but my theory of not bringing any with me seams fine than πŸ˜€ thx again πŸ˜€

    • znacine
      Use HEAT only if you are certain you can penetrate the target and you have enough time to aim-in carefully.
      Just as Taugrim said, it’s not recommended to use HEAT in most cases, especially if you aren’t an experienced player or you rarely play lowbie tiers (you may have a tough time recalling armor values of the tanks).

    • Jurek Dekarski thx πŸ™‚ i don’t like heat becouse a lot of time it dips just a bit in flight and hit something in the way like a gun or a track and i just waist credits trying to be smart πŸ˜›

    • znacine
      Oh, that reminded me of one more thing: don’t use it at long ranges, you need a well placed shot and there is a huge probability of hitting an outside module or spaced armor and dealing no dmg while sniping.

    • Yea I am always at close range or medium, i put optic on the m4 and have tons of assist dmg every time πŸ˜€

  8. Jesus Christ, i thought the EU servers were toxic but this team just manages to get the toxicity on a whole new level…

    • Really? Neither of those games were that bad. I see much worse on a regular basis. Hell, never even saw a “cancer” or “go kill yourself” message in either one!

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Welcome to the NA server, where good players are labeled “Assholes” and there are lemmings in every single match, enjoy your stay.

    • Some of the other friendly players didn’t understand what I was doing and why. It happens. I can’t be bothered in the moment of a challenging carry to explain to them, but sometimes if we’re winning I’ll take the time to respond.

  9. My favorite setup for my favorite tank in the game. Always fun to play!

  10. It’s a perfect timing.
    I am trying to 3 mark my M4 and I’m going nowhere above 85%… I got a lot of valuable tips from your video.

  11. Holy crap those teammates in the second game need to stfu and let you focus. Seriously.

  12. ya when guys like the T67 start that crap, i am just like hay your dead go play another tank. i have had this happen to me a few times and it always irritating. hay Taugrim where do you go to see your rank in the M4? i really like mine and would like to see where i am on that list, ok thanks and nice video.

    • I’m currently #9 for players with 150+ battles.

      You can see the Hall of Fame either on the web site or in-game – you can get there from the Statistics tab.

    • Taugrim thanks for the info, i am 437 in the M4… oh well i still really love this tank.

  13. Has M4s gun mantle armor been buffed like other us mediums?

  14. I’m almost done with the PZ4 3 mark grind, and then it’s back to this glorious derp-o-matic that is the Sherman. I miss the general better-ness of the M4 right now.

    • I was surprised how much more I liked the M4 Sherman. I thought the longer reload would be an issue, but it really wasn’t.

  15. The PZ4H has better gun handling (better in every aspect). I have both tanks with 3 marks but hide them because get focused a lot πŸ˜€

    • The Pz IV H has better gun handling, 1-sec faster reload, better acceleration, but I find the view range, top speed, smaller turret, better turret armor, and 2 extra degrees of gun depression of the M4 Sherman make the latter the better tank.

  16. Captain Obvious in the T67 has to learn to shut up.

  17. Taugrim you are lucky in second match by going back base late. I usually caught up while climbing back the ridge and get screwed.

    • I disagree. The thing is I went back at the correct time. Had I waited to go back, I’d be caught from behind by the Type 58.

    • A little too late. When you start to retreat enemies already advance to the bridge ( bridge between town and base) Usually at that time any good players from the field chase you down even they are lower tier than you. In this case type 58 is higher tier and better camo with same view range. Worst of the worst is some agile scouts from enemy scramble in the field and get spotted. I still believe your retreat is a little late.

  18. Pz IV-H Derp my favorite, plus its HE shell has more pen I believe
    Also, the French G1R has the best HE shell velocity!!

  19. nice to see the chinese lights in the future on your channel,loved tier 6 to 8. I’m actually at tier 9 and I think this one is much weaker tier per tier. More like a weak medium

  20. Tnx Taugrim, true that M4 is a great T4T tank. And Sand river is possibly the best map for it, I believe half my aces in M4 were on Sand river different battles. It works ridges like a boss.
    In one encounter tier 7 battle I went alone from east start to A line where I met a total of 5 tanks, and 2 more came along, and I won singlehandedly. Most of my team meanwhile got splattered in the middle or on dunes…
    Well in my favor the latter 2 were a Kv1-S and a Matilda that were of the armored type and I outvisioned them, but I took out first an E25 that was showing me his side for 2 or 3 shots (permatracked on first), then oneshot a Type 64, AMX 1375 and 2 low tiers, so some good higher tier tanks went down there for nothing.
    Ended with a Radleys as I came down on 2 arties later. What a derp carry…

    • Sweet, getting a Radley Walters is a big deal and nice way to carry.

    • Tnx 4 reply Taugrim! Twas less of my credit, the M4 tank did it, together with enemy coming one by one on me hull down over a ridge πŸ™‚ Also forgot to mention, Coke usage was a deal breaker as the shots went where they were intended which is usually the only issue with the derp gun!

  21. What about the normal 76mm?

    • I think the 76mm would work much better for sniping, but the ability to 1-shot tanks is so much more fun. Plus, it’s nice being able to damage and track anything with the same shell.

    • And since both of their aim times suck it makes more sense to shotgun shit with the derp. I got it.

  22. this chat got me triggered loll

  23. Do you use the R and F keys to move without increasing the bloom too badly on the derp?? i find that sometimes helps me get better snapshots off.

    • Not really (I re-mapped the keybindings to a custom setup), but I know some players use the lock turret feature to reduce bloom.

    • The “R-function” is really helpful when peaking or just slowly moving forward while aimed-in. It makes a huge difference over trying to drive forward gently with normal acceleration button.

    • thanks for replying. I just meant the cruise control forward and cruise control backwards (at less than 100%). I’m sorry, I don’t really know the correct term, but those seem to help a lot with bloom.

      When you want to move forward, you can hit a key that is like cruise control. If you hit it once, it only moves forward slowly and your bloom doesn’t get as big. Anyway, you might have already known what I was talking about, but i didn’t explain it well. I just wanted to try and give a little something back since i get so much good stuff from your videos.

      Thanks and I appreciate all the work you put into your content!!!

  24. Please start with 59-16

  25. “and fight the type 59” ? @14:05- 14:25

    • Yea, I noticed that after producing the video, was a small enough thing I didn’t bother to go back and re-edit the narration.

  26. Sometimes u just have to ignore those players

  27. Hey Taugrim, could you do an artillery guide? I’ve been playing the GW Tiger to get the GW E-100 for clanwars, but really struggle to get my WN8 past the 2000 mark on the tank despite being the second highest rated player on the NA server (for this month, in GW Tiger.)

    • I have 5 battles on my account on arty for a WN8 of 12, and that isn’t ever going to change.

      I think arty is terrible for the game and have no interest in contributing to a bad experience for people on the receiving end.

  28. Kommandant ✚

    Huh? This isn’t the Panzer IV H

  29. Taugrim, do you stream at all or just post youtube videos?

    • I haven’t streamed in like 5 years. Used to, but I realized making YouTube videos was a more compact format for sharing information.

  30. Hey Taugrim, I remember you playing Rift… and then SWTOR… just thought I’d give a little blast from the past lol. Gamebreaker. Or aka things we’d rather forget? πŸ˜‰

  31. If you run a derp, you should really bring a few HEAT shells. You could have ended that type 58 in 1 or 2 shots, but your HE duel went a pretty long time because he had just enough armor to resist. I respect your silver ammo creed like hell, but it’s unreasonable to hamstring yourself by not having a few.

  32. Chandler Kristoff

    I’m close to two-marking my M4, 83% right now πŸ™‚

  33. Is the m4a3e2 better than the m4 for his tier

    • I haven’t played the tier 6 American mediums, so I can’t say from personal experience.

    • I don’t think so, the Jumbo is strong when top tier because of it’s good frontal armor, but is poor when bottom tier. Both of your gun choices are below average for a tier 6 medium, and you can’t count on your armor to work against higher tiers that can punch straight through you. The Easy 8 gets the same guns as the Jumbo, but it has much more speed so it can get to flanking and ambush positions more quickly in a way you just can’t in the Jumbo.

  34. Chandler Kristoff

    You had me worried XD I thought your reload showed 3.27 seconds! :O but actually the 3 was a 7 phew.

  35. Chandler Kristoff

    I took my M4 for a spin the other day when i was testing my Ping, and i remembered how fun the M4 is πŸ™‚

  36. Heck yeah, this tank is a big favorite of mine. It and the chaffee are the tanks I have three marked.

    I have the m48 discounted but I’m not enjoying the m46 as much.

  37. Personally, I prefer the Pz IV H. It’s all about raw power, which helps in close-up brawls. I have under 1k WN8, but after mastering it, I’m pulling 1k+ damage games very consistently (almost every game, unless someone on the enemy team decides to suicide).
    I agree with the shortcomings that you mentioned, but having a reload of under 6.7 seconds on a derp gun…

  38. echogameadventures

    … You haven’t played the KV-2? You haven’t lived. The M4 is really good. But it cannot oneshot higher tier TDs like the KV-2. It also doesn’t have .6 accuracy like the KV-2 which as we all know makes it the most “accurate” Russian tank in the game.

    • nothing brings a better smile than a “right off the bat, blindfire enemy spawn” and seeing a tank pop up dead inside 30 secs … lol
      KV-2 life!

    • oh and to make it even better… the name pops up Grand PooBah (FK-U)

  39. M4 with the derp gunΒ – my go-to tank to end losing streaks.

  40. Haven’t played KV-2
    Is that a joke?

  41. Im a console pleb, i just went and free XP’D the M4 and Derp.. Got 7 kills and an Ace badge the first game haha

  42. I am repeating myself here! Best content ever of WOT on Youtube. Keep it up.

  43. All of the derp mediums have been nerfed in the past unfortunately.
    The best derp tank was the T40 pre-nerf. Same gun as the M4 but 1 tier lower and with 400m view range!

    • I didn’t play the Pz IV H and the M4 Sherman until the past 5 months, but both tanks are strong in the current meta.

  44. way too lucky in the second game. 75% of the snapshots should have missed.

    • The only really lucky shot IMO was the one on the ARL 44. But I was in a position to take the shot and have nearby hard cover (building).

      You create your own shots in this game.

  45. Excited for the Italian tree?

  46. Great video, good delivery and analysis. Thx!

  47. I three marked the m4 with derp gun and I did this by learning what targets I could reliably pen with the heat ammo. It has only around 100 pen with heat but there are a lot of tanks you can do 350 damage to in a shot compared to only doing 100 with high explosive. I used HE on all the light armor targets and on targets with thick armor. Heat ammo on most of the medium armor. I used to use 100% high explosive ammo and could only get two marks on the gun but then I started to load some heat ammo and got good at using that ammo. It can be tricky to use the heat ammo because of low penetration and it gets absorbed by tracks. But I got good with it and most medium tanks it sees can be penned with the heat ammo so you can really boost your average damage up doing that. I usually loaded only 10 heat round and the rest HE.

  48. The hezter is my fave

  49. Great guide, as usual! Looking forward to the chinese LT line! (grinding that line too, such a pain. lol!)

  50. If you are looking for t-100LT content, I recently completed the last LT mission with Honors for the Obj 260: I will list the replay link here for you. Thanks I am enjoying your videos greatly, I know you probably won’t use it, but I thought I would offer:

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