M4 Sherman vs Japanese Tanks (War Thunder Amphibious Assault)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks – vs Type 95 Ha Go & Type 97 Chi Ha Tanks, Amphibious Assault on !

Get the Mission here: http://live.warthunder.com/post/371028/en/

Thanks for watching!



  2. Baron, play the T-35 with HE rounds in an arcade battle getting at least 2
    kills. ( just so you know, I was able to pull it off…but it is going to
    require all your experience) Everyone!!! Like this, and let’s see how he
    does in this challenge!!

  3. The National Rebel

    American is such a cowerds country for dropping bombs in poor Japan.

  4. is war thunder on the pc

  5. Was able to get a panzer III

  6. I wish he would go live on twich or something :(

  7. Need tank campaign.

  8. Ladies and gents, this mission really makes you think about what War
    Thunder could become….the evolution of Dynamic Battles/ World War Mode
    and Enduring Conflict. Plez Gaijib…give us epic long campaign style

  9. Wow that’s so awesome, I wish i could get armour piercing with high
    explosive on my tanks :(

  10. Happy Sunday everybody! Enjoy this epic custom mission….

    And feel free to leave any suggestions you want for videos…edits, custom
    missions, secret missions, tank requests. Have a great weekend!

  11. I like cats.

  12. i want real night battles

  13. Always astounding how technically and graphically great War Thunder is and
    yet Gaijin can’t “find” a single person that create proper BR values.

  14. Sweet!

  15. War Thunder should add a campain from the Spanish Civil War to the Korean
    War. Who’s with me?

  16. Time for Japanese Ground Forces!

  17. Still waiting for them to add japanese tanks, even if almost all of them
    are light tanks just do what they did to the British when they first came
    out with them like making 4 of them premium. One day the time will come
    when I will reunite with my Type 3 Chi-Nu

  18. set up a custom battle like this lol

  19. jap tanks never stood a chance against other nation tanks

  20. wait t 90 isnt that a modern russian tank ?

  21. it’s could be cool to add type 89 in the game ;)

  22. So what are thoes T90’s?

  23. love your channel baron :D

  24. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    gib War Thunder PvE plez . . . and less ppls going for bots & ground
    targets :/

  25. If only Gaijin would make such epicness official, not some fake landing in
    Normandy without troops and pillboxes and other crap.

  26. awesome bro!!!!

  27. They are all same.

  28. war thunder needs Japanese ground forces!!!!!

  29. Just like battle stations pacific with tanks

  30. It would be hilarious if the t-90s were actually the t-90 MBTS from modern
    day russia, all firing at him

  31. how do you play this? what is this?

  32. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    the T-90s are the Type 90 75mm gun, the type 3 gun used on the Chi-Nu was
    based off of it

  33. @BaronvonGamez the T90 is the Type 90 75mm field guns.

  34. take out the soviet crocodile pt-76

  35. Did a quick search, I think the T90’s refer to the Type 90 75mm field gun,
    since there wasn’t a tank called the Type 90 until the Type 90mbt. With
    that many shooting at you, yeah, you’re gunna get rekt.

  36. Did a quick search, I think the T90’s refer to the Type 90 75mm field gun,
    since there wasn’t a tank called the Type 90 until the Type 90mbt. With
    that many shooting at you, yeah, you’re gunna get rekt.

  37. *watches video* Listen to cancer voice. 0.1/10 *mutes video* 5/10 No more
    cancer voice, just cringe from the arcade player, no skill style game play. *leaves
    video* 10/10 no more cancer from Baron

  38. The N0o_b game r :3

    When did Japan get tanks???

  39. Finally, someone recreated D-Day in War Thunder!

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  41. Ancap Voluntaryism


  42. I’m not going to lie, this is definitely me when I’M ETHAN BRADBERRY (GONE
    SEXUAL) papa bless

  43. juan david uran acevedo

    this is what war thunder could be and should be

  44. IS there no way you could make a video/private video in the description on
    how to download this?

  45. Charming Wellington Bombadier

    I already do beach assaluts in the PT76

  46. finally japanese tanks

  47. plez jap tanks plez

  48. godzilla691138MW3

    I would LOVE to play a sort of beach invasion battle in war thunder by
    being ground units, would be so fun and cool…

  49. Focus on the grind to much? No offence, but that’s pretty easy for you to
    say, you who has access to a press account. I have researched the russians
    and germans to tier III tanks, UK and US to late tier 1, UK planes tier II,
    German planes mid tier I. I understand what you mean but in order to get
    all the really enjoyable and fun vehicles you need to grind, and grind
    hard. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get my first tiger, this was when I was
    playing on average about 2 games per day. It takes a while to get up there

  50. Tenno Heika Banzai!!!!!!!

  51. There should be a gamemode in Sim battles where it would be the Ground
    Forces supporting infantry… Just like in Steel Fury :3

  52. Baron, why did you call the A-26 Invader “1000$ Plane” ?

  53. They need to put in world war mode

  54. I’m here for the Japanese twinks.

  55. baron lets make a deal
    you never say banzai ever again and i wont send you to gulag

  56. Japanese sonic tanks

  57. Infantry? kool!

  58. love this 🙂 wish war thunder had proper co-op campaigns

  59. Follow me on instagram: “Russian_History_

  60. B-29FlyingFortress

    Where’s the O-I Super Heavy Tank Baron!? Sure he ran away when he saw your

  61. Dragonized Gaming

    The T90 is a modern day tank, why is it in a ww2 mission ? xD

  62. Who else want to see a custom d day mission?

  63. I don’t understand why people say they won’t add infantry to war thunder in
    order to keep the rating below t when they put decals with nude pin ups in
    the game.

  64. What is that black plane?

  65. So Barron basically wants this game to be like battlefield 1942 or
    something like that


  67. reminds me of mowas2

  68. Who was complaining about tracers in FURY? Beginning scene looks like Star
    wars 2 desert battle xD

  69. what do u mean by that

  70. what was that japanese thing u said around 3:20?

  71. where can u find those missions?

  72. There’s no talk about world war mode because it doesn’t make them money,
    all gaijin will follow is the money, and they will earn more money by
    making it a WOT clone.

  73. Just give us naval forces. I’m impatient. I just want to be a support lst
    using my 20’s, 50’s and 40mm guns to sweep the landing zone of defenses and
    drop my troops and vehicles off and return for more

  74. Is it me or does it keep cutting out in the video

  75. Baronvondoesthings

    War Thunder dosent work on my computer anymore :(

  76. i agree that was fricken awsome!!!

  77. You should email gaijib about installing battles

  78. i gest wish wt to add this to game or AA infantry. it wel be so
    cool.fun.new for wt cuz its little boring sometimes gest tanks. nice vid
    Baron and dont u dear stop making vids. sry for my RIP ENG

  79. This is what the game should be.

  80. can we at least get infantry for custom battles pls gaijin

  81. look at them doing back flips

    well baron thats usally what happens when you shoot someone with the ma

  82. I had this exact same conversation with a friend. after you get so far in
    this game you become disenchanted with it. The developers haven’t provided
    enough diverse content. real campaign style battle like this would be
    amazing. game modes that gave bombing a purpose would be amazing. but it’s
    like the developers are okay with just have pretty maps, tonnes of planes
    and the same game modes forever.

  83. Spartak The Loner

    hey baron do you know why the mission isn’t working for me?

  84. plz don’t use motherfuxxxx
    rising sunthat mark is as same as nazi’s hakenkreuz!!

  85. We need the Jap tanks in game

  86. baron I want to play with you on war thunder but you won’t accept my friend
    request on steam ಠ_ಠ

  87. Barracks is plural Barack is singular.

  88. This is probably upcoming World War mode, where you fight among infantry
    ships jets and tanks. warthunder dota….


  90. #BaronVonGamz can you not play ‘Red Alert 3 or 2’ with som of your friends.
    I just want you to play another game than ‘World of Warships’ or ‘War
    Thunder’. Can you plz reply back, that would be nice!

  91. +BaronVonGamez *facepalm Baron, Enduring Confrontation is a “step” towards
    World War mode (according to Gaijin). So no, it hasn’t been forgotten :D

  92. This Mission with the Maus Tank :3

  93. The Japanese army was only an anti-infantryman tank, so even if it’s
    mounted, the firepower is low. soory im japanese

  94. Imaging how D-day event would look with infantry… (Sorry if i spelled
    something wrong)

  95. Armorless Vehicle

  96. Which are the better tanks:Japannese,German, or the Soviet tanks?

  97. The T90 is the modern Japanese MBT. So yeah.

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