M46 Live review!

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Source: TheFochYou

specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 200 S
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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00:00 Intro
01:10 Game 1
07:35 Game 2
19:25 Game 3


  1. Bogdan Scripcariu

    First 😀

  2. Sorry for the delay in content was struggling to get 3 games worth showing on YouTube, but i’m back!

  3. If you have the VK 70.01 K. You should do a review on that. Maybe compare it to the much less powerful Pz. Kpfr. VII.

    • As Foch often says, they are both bad, like all other super heavys.The nail in the coffin is the gun mantlet weakspot.Imagine the Lowe having a far better turret than them.What a meme.

    • Maarten Vanthuyne

      @Smintina Vlad have you seen the shoulders? The turret is decent on those tanks…

    • @Maarten Vanthuyne What does it matter if they have a hole in the gun mantlet that tier VIII heavy tanks can pen ? And you cannot hide that at all.It can have 1000 mm of armor anywhere else, if they have the weakspot, just left of the cannon, it is all useless.

  4. can hardly hear u mate

  5. Not sure if it’s just me but the audio is quite low, I had to turn up my volume

  6. ah, the Chrysler K, your old nemesis.

  7. Also i was messing with the RTX voice and this video came out quieter that it should have

  8. Thanks for the video Foch ! You are a joy to watch.By the way, it must be pure coincidence that the M46 is meh with AP and gets far better if you spam gold right ? It’s not like WG would intentionally do this to some of the tanks so they ” encourage ” players to spam premium and potentially spend more money on the game, no ?

  9. Hmmm, and here I thought the best way to play the M46 was to mount the derp gun… Ah well, live and learn.

  10. yvanthe terrible

    you make this tank shine dude good video

  11. I kinda think this tank should just have the 90mm guns firing silver APCR. Would give it something to make it stand out.

  12. How do you get to see the server reticle in battles?

  13. 0:15 that is why you are the only WoT youtuber I respect.

    • Willian F. dos Santos

      Me too. Foch is the best.

    • The only streamer worth watching.Love the saltiness, love the hilarious chat, mad skill of course, he calls out the bullshit in the game as it is instead of the ” N1c3 Sh0T ArT@ ” guy and doesn’t use OP tanks, nor does he tryhards.

    • Jon .knallpistol

      Foch, Circon and Claus – the power trio of entertaining tanking.

  14. Foch man, I have been following you for years and I love your content, but I cannot understand one thing. Gold spamming is for noobs, sure thing, but when you are in a tough situation like against that chrysler and e75, why didnt you use the APCR shells? I mean they are in the game.

    • If people didn’t use gold the vehicles would be optimized for getting shot at by standard shells. Weakspots, strong spots, skillful play, all of that.

    • The entire point of balance of the game is between mobility, armor and firepower. You will get better at the game if you don’t spam gold because it forces you to think and be creative.

    • Kristoffer Johansson

      @Rubentje Don’t forget money as a balance factor. That prevents free to players to fire gold. Or us that don’t play too often.

  15. Zsombor Györfi-Tóth

    I just unlocked the M46 Patton. How bad is it stock?

    • basically the same as a pershing so pretty bad for its tier, best to use free exp to upgrade its turret and gun first

    • Really bad you wish you didnt get the tank
      Upgrade turret and gun first….

    • Zsombor Györfi-Tóth

      Ryshifter aight cool thanks gentelmen!

    • It’s atrocious man, Pershing with worse mobility and for some reason a longer reload lol. Also it’s turret doesn’t bounce anything. Try use all the free XP you have for the gun

  16. Yassine freeman

    foch real Q how did you get fkn 400m lmao ?

  17. why is the vid so quiet

  18. wz-120 says hi

  19. Low volume when you speak otherwise a good review.

  20. raphael ambrosius costeau

    You really picked a weird time to upgrade the graphic card. Isn’t Ampere coming out in a few months?

  21. Hey Foch, I used to play WoT back in the day on console, I played for a few years, got myself about 8 tier X’s and condiered myself a good player. I haven’t played for about 3 years, for the obvious reasons, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Im considering coming back to WoT, this time on the PC, and my plan was to only grind to the Shitbarn, or Deathstar. And play those tanks exclusively, because I think they’re pretty fun. Would you reccommend this, or even coming back at all?

  22. Foch: casual 1700 base xp game, “I will take it”. Meanwhile meet Me, 22.000 games with 1690 base xp as all time maximum being like – Foch I like you man but fuck off with those outrageous results :))

  23. Radu Constantin

    when you shoot at Russian tanks you get that RRNG ( Russian Random Number Generator).

  24. “It lacks pen, with AP, obviously. And the armor is questionable, mobility isn’t great.”
    Well it’s a Patton, not the bullshittum 430II or T-54.

  25. At least it’s not a Type 61

  26. Foch: 3 marking shit tanks with standard ammo since 2011. Respect!

  27. Excuse me why do you have 439 million credits?

  28. Making money out of a game without supporting it, it’s kinda silly and ironic.

  29. Kristoffer Johansson

    Wow, the last game was exactly the patton I know. Derping all shots, making mid to long range impossible to work with.

  30. Any chance getting PTA live review? Allthough I know how good it is now as its one of my most played tanks lately.

  31. That last game is how the tier 10 patton treats me about every fifth game. I don’t know what I am doing wrong in it, it just hates me I guess.

  32. About 1st game: shows exactly how much efforts Wargayming had put into “belenz”. 15:4, 15:3. So much fun…

  33. Thanks for the review

    Play it for 9 years, still my favorite tank in the game, awesome gun depression and good gun handling just make it so enjoyable to play. It shine less than in the pass, but it is still good, just avoid heavies and pen is not a problem.

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