M46 Patton KR Goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Really nice match in a thoroughly underwhelming T8 premium tank.

  2. There is mostly retarty….but sometimes there is smarty.

    • This is usually how I comment on the performance of arty on either team and such. It helps my toon to contemplate on whether they need to worry about them or not or otherwise rely on them a littleto shoot things here and there 🙂

      In any case…….I have been using this nomenclature for years now……..

    • arjen miedema if only those bloody spg focus the right target

      tier 10 spg, focus on a tier 8 heavy because he got purple stats

      While leave those damn tier 10 super heavy alone

      Like seriously, focus on the one that can change the outcome of the battle

    • That’s far from the only problem with arty…There are much more pressing ones unfortunately 🙁

    • My Hentai Girl exactly

    • only soyboys whine about arty. real men dgaf

  3. Last shot always bounces or crits, its an ancient dirty script.

  4. Actually placing in the top 1000 is pretty hard. I have 1000k+xp/game in most nations in tiers but I’m at like 2000-4000 lol…

    • yeah, me too.. being top 1000 with 1k base exp games was enough at the start of the event.. now you need to have more than that

  5. I like SiRFoch commenting what he is thinking during the game, i probably will not learn anything, ever, but its nice to know SOMEBODY iS USING THEiR BRAiN in this game 🙂

  6. Well this was proper ham mode, gj Sir

  7. FINALLY!! make more vids you lazy ragy

  8. Gg my fried….impressive skills and knowledge of the game ..gg

  9. 12:23 feel bad for O-Ho lol

  10. Hello SirFoch. What city are you from?
    We need more salt. Please make review about tank you hate the most. I love your Ferdinand review.

  11. Foch, have some fun.
    Play the Conway with the *T H I C C* gun

  12. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Lmao starting on losing spawn

    greetings from SEA

  14. So this is why getting into the 1k for USA is so hard 🙂

  15. Game is still shit

  16. Would be nice to see chinese td line review from you:)

  17. Foch for President!

  18. I love when people ping the map every time an enemy is spotted. Even when they’re right in front of you.

  19. Always enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

  20. Thank you Foch

  21. 3 sonofabitches 😀 Love your level of hatred towards the pigs

  22. I dont play wot anymore after almost 7 year of my wot career. But still i watching your highlight. Never disappointed on the quality of sirfoch playing wot

  23. The march of nations was a joke, only games played for a few hours very very early in the morning counted if you lived in England, absolutely fucking clownshoes idea, Played 100s of games in tanks I didn’t particularly want to play before I realised 🙁

  24. Salt life that you post so rare!!!! ?

  25. 6:40 “…and maybe we can defend our base while he is busy doing…. u know…… things…”
    Love it! 😀

  26. 6:47 “we’re already at six kills” which sounds like “we’re already at sick skills” so nice bragging SirFoch, but don’t worry you deserve it.

  27. You did OK. But seriously, great game.

  28. Enjoyed watching that, excellent.

  29. Fire AP at O-HO in a m46 kr. I would fire APCR in a Tiger 2. Why do you even carry 5 APCR anyway.

  30. Foch, calling people stupid for spending their money is uncalled for. Sure, there are many, me included, who would find it way too extravagant to spend 1000 dollars for a game. But there are people out there for whom it’s not a big deal at all. They earn enough to have so much disposable income to buy such a bundle few times over. How does being able to afford to buy something make these people stupid?

    Come on man, you should know better.

    • His opinion is that, not only is it a rip off, but the more people buy it, the more it fuels their shitty business practices and damages the game by encouraging them to make more OP premium tanks to keep their revenue flowing. It’s his opinion, and it is why many of us are here: we all hate WG’s money grabbing.

    • Load the Skill rounds

      If you have enough money to frivolously spend money like that you are probably smart enough to not.

  31. SirFoch, srsly are you a faggot? You sound like one and you always whine about arty like a soyboy.

  32. I miss these

  33. Respect from EU region!

  34. I always wanted to know the name of the intro song. Somebody?

  35. the way you just refuse to use premium ammo and instead use the knowlege of the game is simply amazing, almost everyone else would load gold for the O-Ho

  36. 3:04 Who has a great day playing WOT anyways?

  37. Sir Foch tells it like it is!, great game and single handed come back. WOT has digressed over the past few years into which ever team has fewer worthless shit suiciders, wins.

  38. fuck that i do not recon such a great tanker like foch needs prem ammo i only use it because my poor old eyes no good on ya foch

  39. Beast Mode ?

  40. I stopped playing World of Tanks a couple of years ago, but I still watch Foch for the salt.
    Good shit!

  41. Mines is a stupidly small map. WOT did away with really large dynamic
    maps such as Pearl River and North West, which kind of ruined WOT for
    me. On those two large maps, I never had the same two matches. The newer
    Paris map – sucks. Now it seems like they’ve given up entirely on
    putting out new maps = WOT zzzzzzzz.

  42. You played like a tomato 🙂

  43. One dislike from the O-Ho

  44. Its games like this where Foch just refuses to use Premium ammo, that his superiority over other streamers and YouTubers becomes incredibly self-evident.

  45. I have watched this stream live.. 🙂

  46. That latvian 2 digit grouping never ceases to amaze me XD

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