M46 Patton KR review! Is it worth the gold!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. You forgot to mention the totally intimidating paint scheme that will put
    the fear of American steel into the hearts of its enemies!

  2. “To fuck with your silly little brain”
    Dude you are awesome xDDD

  3. Ok maybe I missed it… When will it be available on the North American
    Server? It is an American tank…

  4. What if I wanted a american medium crew trainer, super pershing or this?

  5. Double Facebook FTW! Awesome review as alsways!

  6. You gonna do the Czhec tanks?

  7. Actually, Foch, this tank is actually almost completely historically
    accurate. The M46 with the M47’s turret is unhistorical. The difference
    between the Pershing and the M46 Patton is the engine and an updated gun.
    So, the Patton is not thrown in the name to fuck with people, it’s what it
    was actually called. Minus the KR, of course.

  8. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    I spent 34 euros on the T-34-3, when it was on 15% discount, non-bundled.

  9. How about the KanonenJagdpanzer ? :D

  10. Thanks SF. Great review.

  11. kristopher koperski

    can tou do a lowe review or if you did can someone put a link in a reply

  12. any word when this will come to NA server? Of course this comes out about
    10min after I buy the superpersh… >.<

  13. I just cant stand the pen on these things.
    It’s just low enough to make 10’s and a lot of 9’s a pain in the dick to
    deal with. Bouncing off weak spots is so demoralizing.
    Seems great in top tier but that’s RNG :/

  14. hmm 6.46 thought he was gonna say fuck all xD

  15. Sirfoch you should take another look at the t-34-3 and check out its new
    Russian gun depression, it’s changed how you play the tank completely haha
    I think it is on par with the type 59 atm. Thanks

  16. Buy the FCM 50t before they jank all the pref MM tanks forever.

  17. instead of reviewing the Pershing again you can also review some of the new
    czech tanks? just an idea -.-

  18. 27 mil credits foch…. gib gib?

  19. i lost a 5k dmg game in krpatton in tierx game thanks to some retard in a
    centurion who thinks he cant fire twice for every one jpze100 shot….

  20. i boughtit when it was in theadventcalender….worth it

  21. Also, the Pen is pretty good actually, 192 AP, 243 APCR which drops to 223
    at 400 meters.

    You said 182 pen, but it is actually 192! 2 better than the Pershing with
    the best gun.

  22. Considering the early Pattons was just an upgraded Pershing “thus the extra
    engine power”. It’s actually not there to “fuck” with our mind as such.
    It’s actually more or less correct for once.

  23. Actually SirFoch, the M46 Patton and M26 Pershing have IDENTICAL hulls! In
    fact THE ONLY differences between the Pershing and the M46 Patton that
    served in Korea, was that the M46 had a redesigned turret, as well as a
    newer 90mm gun, the M36, IIRC, where the Pershing, in REAL LIFE, of course,
    only ever got the 90mm M3.

  24. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    i have just noticed that the fcm reloads almost a second faster

  25. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    btw this map is so broken in the middle area there are like 50k bushes but
    as i’ve noticed a lot of them are actually fake, completely solid, enemy
    well over 100 meters away, spotted

  26. Hi foch , plz can you tell me why always when i see one of your vids the
    browser crush for no reason , is there anyone having same problem its so
    fking annoying ….. well not the browser but the video , if you want i can
    send you a screenshot of the error in your facebook …

  27. tell me when this tank will be available for purchase?

  28. I wish this tank was on NA =(

  29. when you look at this tank, it really looks mediocre but I am simply loving
    it…. I dont know whats making it so good for me, but Im enjoying it

  30. where is the IS3 A Review?

  31. Nice to see a review on this, not available on NA yet. Hoping to see a
    review on Is-3a

  32. “Sadly we dont get to pick up the top gun so I cried myself to sleep that
    day” haha!

  33. it’s not a bad tank it’s not good tank it’s just a Pershing with stock
    turret but i will be collector and his camo is very beautiful and i’ve
    pleasure to play with it

  34. T34 and Löwe don’t get that much worse in tier 9 and 10 games. Löwe has no
    armor anyways and can pen almost everything it shoots at. Same for T34.
    Both tanks even benefit from the longer games at higher tier as their dpm
    is really bad.

  35. so the title says it’s worth it kappa

  36. t29 robbed yr Top Gun, the little shit

  37. Captain Amazing1337

    comment for awesome

  38. FIRST

  39. “…silly, little brain”
    Roll out!

  40. nie Video aß always

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