M46 Patton Review/Guide, Working Terrain to Your Advantage

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Source: Taugrim

I review the M46 Patton, a tier 9 American medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Sand River and Mannerheim battles.

The M46 Patton combines superb DPM/alpha with very strong hull-down capabilities. Look no further for the quintessential “American comfort” .

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb DPM (2601 base)
+ Superb view range (410)
+ Excellent turret protection
+ Excellent silver alpha (390)
+ Excellent gun handling
– Low silver ammo penetration (218)
– Limited top speed (48)
– Mediocre agility
– Soft hull armor (~135mm effective)
– Large profile
– Mediocre camouflage (~22 with Camo crew)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Thanks, very helpful.

  2. I like how you say “We won, beacuse I didn’t die” and not “We won, beacuse I carried the whole game”. Unfortunately there are few people who recognise that being “only” alive can be the key to victory. Also, great vid 🙂

  3. This was a well timed video, I’m in the middle of the Pershing and was curious about the Patton.
    Personally, I’m not finding the Pershing too painful, save that Tier 8 MM tends to be really crap. The turret isn’t super reliable, but it is bouncy when you keep the front toward them. I’m really used to the Super Pershing, so slow isn’t too awkward either. Glad to see the Tier 9 progresses the tank play style in a logical manner.
    Thanks also for the tip on positioning in Sand River, I have historically struggled with that map, even though I love it.
    You should mentor. Personally I’d pay you for that…..

    • The Pershing really isn’t that bad of a tank and I’m not sure why everyone seems to hate it. As you say, the worst part about it is Tier 8 MM.

    • +ARCNA442 It was my first medium and I returned to try ace tanker badge. I gave up 200 battles later. Part of the problem is that tier 8 is like one tier lower than tier 8 premium and two tiers lower than tier 9. Pershing is not especially good in anything. It used to have rather good gun handling. Now we have M4Rev, T25Pilot, PattonKR with better gun handling. Centurions have better turret and I think they are faster as well. And more accurate. Comparing T44 to M26 is like day and night – T44 has good turret, good gun handling, good camo, good speed and it only lacks some gun depression. In my opinion all tier 8 non-premium mediums except T44 are underpowered. M26 was not the tank I hated (it was PantherII), but I did not liked it neither.
      Patton is huge upgrade, it’s not fast, but it’s very agile, gun handling is great, DPM is great, acceleration is very good, turret is good after the buff and it’s basically played to minimize time of exposure and amount of exposure. It’s made for brawling and not sniping, due to low penetration and accuracy so it’s somewhat complementary playstyle to LeopardPTA (which was fast and accurate and before they buffed it gun handling and DPM was horrible and it had poor gun depression).

    • The issue with the Pershing is the gun, armor, and mobility are all lackluster. What’s the M46 has clear strengths.

  4. I’m glad i played the m46 after they buffed it

  5. Thank you a lot! Is the M48 Patton gonna be next?

  6. 2 videos in the same week wow
    Love it keep em coming

  7. For some reason the M46 and I aren’t getting along very well, thanks for the video. I suspect I’m being a little too aggressive in it.

    • Armor is paper. Turret too. Just fire HEAT at it and the armor is gone. But it’s mobile, so some aggresion would be nice in it

    • You can be somewhat aggressive, just watch lines of fire, use any cover and watch reload of enemies. Of coarse always watch if you have support.

    • I was over-aggressive when I first got this tank too, then I focused on finding favorable terrain and did much better.

  8. Thx for the amazing content. Glad to see you back 🙂

  9. Another great video, thank you. On Sand River, if you’d had zero support up north (Object 140 initially and then the TD and heavy) would you have still gone there in Patton (not the fastest tier IX medium)?

  10. This tank way a easy “grind” I find more trouble playing bottom tier super heavies as they lack the gun and the mobility (Japanese heavies atm)

    • I guess american and british mediums are easiest lines to grind. There’s like one weak tank in both lines and they are not even the worst (comet, pershing, e8), but stock grind is usually horrible.

  11. Can you do arty XD

  12. You carried south hard, ty –> ok
    Im dead x)

  13. Honestly Taugrim, in my opinion playing both north and south is viable. I tend to favor south most of the time though, because if you win the lower part you can farm their heavies by the pillbox while hull-down.
    One thing that a lot of people don’t even realize is that you can traverse along the south by the water if you have a reasonably agile tank, so you can get all the way into K5 without getting shot to pieces. Where you then can sit hull down and farm their campers.
    Furthermore, I don’t really like playing the north because of how easy it is to defend if someone’s in G1. It’s much safer, and much less of a gamble going along the water’s edge to K5.
    It’s worth mentioning that this is based on the north spawn, not the south spawn. There it’s a little different.

  14. Nice game man!

  15. Excellent video and commentary!! One of my favorite tanks both the M46 & M48! Thank you and take care, flea

  16. Yes, I’d love to see some random replays from subscribers. Some kind of review, where u point out mistakes and make in depth analysis. But replays should be at least fine, so for eg. like 4-5k damage at least for tier X

  17. I love the M46: excellent DPM, very good gun handling, great gun depression, substantial turret armor, great view range, good enough mobility. It’s just such a sweet combination. I played my first battle in the M48A5 last night, and I really enjoyed that as well.

    I agree that winning the B line is normally the key to Mannerheim LIne. Yes, it’s possible to win other ways, but in my experience the most common situation is that the team that wins the south tries to push across open ground into cap and gets farmed by campers, *unless* their team has won the B line and can flank the campers.

  18. As much as I like the gun handling of the tank, the big size and monstrously ugly turret always put me off.

  19. Not only it has just 216 pen, but it has huge penetration drop at distance for both AP and APCR. It struggles to pen even tier 8 heavies with AP 🙁
    Another disadvantage is horrible camo, I think it’s on par with E50 or Type61, but it’s definitely among the worst on tier. It was not always like this, it was silently nerfed with HD model when it received first accuracy buff and temporary huge, ugly, inflated turret.
    Very good review anyways. I struggle a bit on city maps like Siegfried line with this tank 🙁

  20. I really enjoy your videos/guides. I’m full of respect to the way you deal with the game staying positive and I love tha way you explain and tutor others. Also the fact you choose not to fire premium ammo is a cherry on top of the cake 🙂

  21. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    Do Obj.430

  22. Great video, thoroughly enjoyable, full of vital information, well presented and not a premium shell fired. What more can you ask for – donation sent.

  23. Welcome back in action.

  24. I did not mind the pershing that much, played much worse tanks that’s for sure. Only issue I really have with the tier 9 is gun will piss me off with the accuracy. Have a good side shot on object version 2 at about 350 meters. Miss 4 in a row which come back to bite me in the butt as he was the reason they won. Nothing I hate more than making the perfect play only to have the gun start misbehaving. Got to love the RNG when it is against you.

  25. This is very useful; Im actually grinding the line rn and halfway done through the pershing

  26. Did you grind out the second gun or did you free xp the 68k to get it?

  27. Love your video as always, though I disagree with your decisions in this one.

    As soon as the Oho was spotted having retreated you should have comunicated with the TVP and Charioteer to immediately push the 1 shot TVP and the 2 shot 257 (or even just gone in yourself, turned their turrets and hoped for your comrades to land one measly shot on their ass) which should result in you taking 1 hit from the 257 optimaly (ofc can go worse). The 1 shot Skorpion would have still been alive, and you could’ve pushed in waaayyy earlier to support your S. Conq (along with the Cent + Kanonen already en route). Your twiddling around there left you in arty land longer, you miss out on a nice crossfire opportunity on all those juicy tanks in the south and let the S.Conq die and drag the game out much longer for not spending the taking of maybe 1 hit from the 257. To me thats a case of W-Key not found, where it should have been pushed 😉 … then again I somewhat trust teammates more and I play on EU.

    Still loving the videos as always, great job and still the best go to channel for well explained tactics and behaviour in my opinion (Zeven was pretty good too, but he kind of stopped uploading I think).

  28. This is my favorite tank in the game. my highest 3 marked, too 🙂

  29. You can tell the difference when fighting tier 9 and 10 heavies, but in a brawl with mediums it isnt that big of a deal. The accuracy is more of a let down than the pen imho comparing to the e50 or something

  30. thank you very much sir

  31. I am stuck on the perishing, I hate it. And I’m not particularly into wot right now, which makes everything worse.

  32. Wow dude, you went right to work!! And you are far too kind to the sniping heavy, Lol. Bring the salt! Just kidding. Your composure is quite remarkable. Thanks for another vid reminding us tomatoes to use the game mechanics. Cheers.

  33. I am looking forward to the video on the Emil I. I had planned to work up that line and even unlocked and purchased the Leo but I really like the STRV 74 and I have just never gotten around to moving that crew into the Leo. I would also like to see you do a video on the 74. I think that it is an awesome T6 tank if used correctly and I would love to see your take on it.

  34. Would love to see t92 lt and it’s ridgeline trolling

  35. Good review. Our play styles are very similar when it comes to this tank. I haven’t gotten to the M48 yet, but in spite of the match making and team quality of fellow players on my teams (esp. these days) this tank gives good service. The T20 and the Pershing both are horrendously bad tanks and the grind was as you stated very miserable. I sold them both moving up the chain to this tank. You gained another sub.

  36. I absolutely love this series. Very helpful. I had played with a super unicum player who was teaching me to play, but he didn’t give a lot of his thought process. After a year of re-rolling my stats and playing with him one or two games a day, I have gotten my account to over 1000 wn8. My recent is more around the 1500 range. Still working on getting to my goal of the 3000 range. I am on 4500 or so battels so far, and learning quick. My in game name is mfalcoperegrinus. Hopefully I can really get my WN8 and WR starts shooting up a bit faster.

  37. Love the M46 Patton. Aced it in my third game way back. It is so fun to play. The M46 and M48 share one characteristic I love in mediums: a quick aim time and the ability to snap shots with reasonable accuracy. Having good view range helps, because you can run vents, rammer and VStab, rather than optics, etc
    As always, great video. Keep them coming, mate.

  38. Taugrim is literally my favorite wot gamer now, no gold ammo was awesome, btw I recently bought ikv 90 B still stock gun but I load no gold ammo?

  39. Nice vid as per usual. Personaly I enjoyed my pershing time, good gun depression made it nice for me in combo with somewhat usable gun mantlet.

    Just one thing tho, strv’s armor (all 3 of them) have next to no side armor. I think tier X has 30ish, if u can see even a bit of side aim for that, it will be an overmatch for all 91+mm guns. Also their fuel and ammo is on sides so there is that 🙂

  40. Hey, why u always swap camera to 3rd view a moment before fire ?

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