M46 TIGER & P-47M ARTIST COMBO (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!
Amazing Screenshot Art – http://live.warthunder.com/post/441/en/?comment=1720470



  1. 19:30 literally died laughing

  2. Phly, why would you try to bomb a ferdi, you know the pain it is to drive
    that now, bomb the easy to play tanks.

  3. Take out the Cromwell RP-3 and the Spitfire Mk Vb for King and Country!
    Brexit the shit out of the enemy.

  4. bf 109, it needs some love

  5. Hey phly i would like to point out the ridiculous Packet loss % you were
    having during Ass river. that could be why things were so off. you probably
    noticed them by now, but i figured i would point that out haha, cheers man

  6. The Aussie combo the AC IV Thunderbolt and the Boomerang

  7. Dude … Phly … bruh … amigo … homie? … pal?

    Still waiting for you to accept a REAL challenge and take out the 4M Gaz
    and Po-2. Show us how it’s done, man!

  8. That panther and the melodica part though…

  9. Phly, how the hell are you able yo identity targets from so far away? Lazer

  10. phly play the 76w jumbo

  11. Amazing “Randomness” Not

    T -34 STD & IL -2 Ruski Plz.

  12. phydaily I love your videos plz pick me il-2 1943 t-34/85 for the mother

  13. use the m5a1 Stuart since you use higher tier use a low tier tank

  14. Bring victory to the Reich. Use the Tiger H1 and Do.335 B-2. Become the
    master of 5.7!

  15. I’ll be honest, I only clicked on this video to get a link to the screen

  16. the part where you got killed at 19:39 literally killed me XD

  17. Box tank brother Su-100Y and kv2

  18. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    great game/fun and best in-game camo on that 47!

  19. Why dont you just fire all the rockets 2 at a time?

  20. For the Queen! Take out the Comet and the Mosquito 57mm, and take down
    those blasted Jerries!

  21. Charioteer and Tempest Mk 2 Bri’ish fury

  22. Maus and BV238. Destroy ze maricans

  23. does anyone else wanna see a comparison between the HVARs and the bazooka?
    Because I do

  24. About time

  25. Su 152 and yak 112

  26. if you have to ask, you damn sure were spawn camping Phly SHAME ON YOU

  27. ja hanz play ze germans! Tiger H and FW 190

  28. M10 Wolverine or M24 Chaffee, your choice, and the A36 Apache.

  29. try out the vk45 if you have it

  30. That hangar mod looks really bad. Unless it’s just the video quality.

  31. Roll out the M103. For the American Bias!

  32. 19:34 is this what i think it is?

  33. hey that harmonica song was jurassic park right? I’m going to watch that
    shit right now, at 4 A.M.

  34. Could you fly the wyvern because it has been droped in battlerating.

  35. make another vid about the BMF jadgpanther

  36. I don’t know wether that was it, but there’s a bug that causes people to
    shoot their machine gun permanently on your screen, even though they are
    not firing at all.

  37. Here’s a challenge take the T-26-3 in a tier 4 game and try to score at
    least 3 kills in it good luck phly

  38. “It’s not a Super Flanker” hell yes it not an Su-35

  39. I downloaded a great server, but I say how your account is not active?

  40. Finally. Made it to a Youtubes video. Good playing with you Phly!


  42. benyamin bakhtiyari

    I enjoyed :)

  43. That Video Shows exactly why I almost never play RB. Those f*cking planes
    are just too annoying.

  44. King tiger and me262

  45. T-62 and Il-28

  46. T26E1-1 and AD-2 pliss

  47. as soon as the intro started stranger things soundtrack went on in the
    background on spotify

  48. Idiot spawn camping

  49. Dude all you little texts and sounds you add in kill me. Love that extra
    stuff you put in

  50. “We are Marines and not all the communists in hell can overrun us.” “We
    will use their blood and guts to oil the tracks of our tanks.” I cant
    recall the person’s name that said this but he is a badass.

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