M47 Iron Arnie – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The M47 Iron Arnie brings action to World of Tanks in a Tier 8 premium American medium form factor! This hero truly packs, takes, a punch!


0:00 The M47 Iron Arnie
1:11 The Stats
7:44 Iron Arnie Style
7:53 The Crew
8:24 Recommendations
9:25 Field Mod Recommendations
11:09 1st Game
17:45 2nd Game
23:56 Conclusion


  1. A nice tier 9,5 indeed

  2. tier 8s are yes really good for making credits and exp but for me they are all the same ever op or not but they all do the same job but when a contributor like QB forgets about 2 new tier 5 tanks and didn’t play them or speak about them well that a contributor that for one cant watch because they cant be arsed to play low tier thinking we wont like the content when we would and QB just being a arse and think we want to see him play the tier 8?9 over and over and over again for me I’m now getting sick and tiered of QB Because he folds to WG and not us public and he thinks he always right id rather watch other streamers the QB because of this because i think QB has lost the touch he used to have when it came to content if you follow QB JUST REMIND HIM ABOUT THE NEW TIER 5 TANKS THAT IS ALL

  3. Huge surprise! Wargaming continues to insult the original players in favor of the new customers! Wait. There aren’t new customers and they are just screwing the old ones. I forgot. It’s in favor of money and NOTHING else. Your money.

  4. Funnily enough, the tank the M47 Improved is based on is actually a modernization package for the M48 from the 1990s, which could make this the most modern tank currently in WOT

  5. Ahhhh yes look at all the tanks i cannot have because of Belgium…..

  6. Anyone else notice QB isn’t getting the buff from those vents by putting it in the first slot?

  7. On the last game, when you got shot and killed by the Char Mle, at 23:34, there was a “lightning”at the explosion. I never noticed this in any other vehicle. Is it normal or exclusive on this one? Was it Arnie going back to the future?

  8. 14440p anytime soon ???

  9. its so weird to play against these tanks but they are wonderfull to play in


  11. I want One ! Have to spend my money on Christmas present for the family, no M47 Iron Arnie for me.

  12. My only issue with Arnie is that it gets 1/2 the credits as the BZ.

  13. this is the worse game ever. game play is bad aiming is hit and miss don’t waste cash playing kv-1sa what a joke better throwing stones. Avoid this game at all costs

  14. Of the new loot crate tanks, this has been my favorite just because it’s so consistent.

  15. Now he uses to pick up Mexican maids and impregnate them. After that, as Governor, pardon friends son who was in prison for stabbing some poor kid to death.

  16. It’d be pretty funny that if this tank ever gets ammo racked that it plays the voice clip of Arnie saying “You sonofabitch!” lol

  17. I’ve been having TRASH matchmaking for the last month or so in WoT. Does anyone get that too?

  18. You can just double tap the R key quickly, Quickybaby.

  19. Ive been playing this recently and honestly the tank that it reminds me the most of is the t34 85m. Perfectly balanced but still powerful. I just wish it was more accurate. Reduce the reload time to 9.5 seconds, give it 0.35 dispersion, decrease the turret armor, make the dispersion values more in line with the patton and i think it’d be truely perfectly balanced

  20. Asking here because WG tech support are useless.
    Anyone lost sound in the game and how did you fix? Was working fine last week and now nothing.

    • Fixed – The WoT client had muted itself. Right click sound icon bottom right, open volume mixer and scroll across and un mute the WoT client.

  21. I got this from boxes with 10 boxes. Got super lucky. I’m a mostly F2P player so it was kinda cool to pick this up

  22. Super Pershing: “well, guess I’ll die”
    Thus, the super pershing stopped existing

  23. Imma say using the Arnie againsts BZs are fun

  24. I’m not sure if this tank is “balanced” or if its weaknesses are mitigated by far-too-powerful equipment that pretty much makes it overpowered.

    That being said – even though I don’t play PC (I’m a 7-year Console veteran) – I really do think this tank looks like a lot of fun to play.

  25. WG is really going insane with the balancing
    Last year the skoda was more like a strong tier 9
    This year vipera and bz are tier 10 tanks with low hp
    Yesterday i did 7,7k damage with the vipera, bounced 6k, did not get penned once and it was the most basic game ever. And this was my 8th game in this tank. How do you want to fight these tanks in all the corridor maps. In other tier 8 tanks i would have freaked out doing that much damage but this was just boring. I made 6k damge by moving 1 meter back and forth….no skill needed at all

  26. Love QB. Hate Arnie. Damn communist.

  27. I think Renegade is the best American prem yet but Arnie is a good one.

  28. You analize base values… not effective. GG.

  29. I can’t believe it has that much HEAT pen !

  30. Always love your tank reviews, keep it up QB

  31. One time only I would like to see review played with REGULAR equipment ! Thts give u the AVERAGE JOE stuff . Not everyone has or can afford premium aiming device or improved vents etc. And they make a substantial difference.

  32. this tank comes to end Bourrasque and Progetto’s dominance, they shoot Arnie and they don’t understand what’s going on

  33. Soooo many tanks in my garage I haven’t played yet including this and the astron Rex. I got the AMBT the first time it was out, and my go to America is the Super P or Fury. I just have too many American mediums.

  34. I also feel like this is the American version of the 122 TM. That’s what I really want to see this compared to.

  35. …”It’s Naht a Tooma”

  36. Players usually get punished very hard when they play their tier 8 mediums(kind of similar when they play tier 7,8 TDs), even they only made very small mistakes. But this tank is forgivable due to its armor, and has the penetration to compensate the weakness of most tier 8 mediums have. It is a good tank in its form, and a ‘black horse’ just like Gsor 1008.

  37. Ofc WG realizes that there is good equipment to compensate their balancing stats. It’s just that not anyone has them or can afford them, favouring the p2w player – a known tradition

  38. you are just spamming the gold like mad.

  39. not HEAT resistant beatwean touret and hull, when they sidescrape

  40. I was intrigued – a Quickybaby review where the thumbnail didn’t have QB pulling a ridiculous face! Good on ya QB, keep up the good work.

  41. soo another p2w tank

  42. Why didn’t they call the model super Patton? Like the super Pershing? Instead of M47 improved

  43. This is a little beast. Honestly I think that its appearance is not that good, but it performs pretty well.

  44. Leonardo Santoro-Fergusson

    I got the Iron Arnie in the 2nd box I opened

  45. Why is the aiming device in the mobility slot rather than the vents?? I thought vents got the boost in all the specific specialisation slots? Or have I made a noob error here???

  46. Really ? 6’2″ Arnie was a tank driver ? When historically all tankers were about 5’9 “… sure theres a photo of a young Arnie poking out the drivers hatch – but wheres the evidence he was ever a tank driver ?

  47. This is another toxic tank!
    What a tier 6 or a tier 7 will do against 300+ turret armor or against 250+ spaced hull armor? Just wait to die I guess! Even tier 10 tanks cannot pen this frontally every time…
    This is a real Tier 8 toxic Chieftain…
    GJ to all of you that will buy this tank and to WG for taking all that money of yours!
    Enjoy your new “Pay To Win” tank!

  48. New Personal Mission …….. Ram the Arnie

  49. that all does make no sense at all without actually herr schwarzenegger as commander on this vehicle (including vocals, that is.. of course)!

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