M48 Patton goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

I on twitch 5days a so come me !


  1. 7:10 LTTB: “WoooHhoooooO!!”

  2. For 8k damage + 2k spotting, 1273xp is a joke. I mean, you can´t really do
    much better than this, and still all you get is above average xp that you
    can get on some low tier tanks by far far less. Well balanced again, WG. (I
    know that he “was not spotting for himself” all the time, but still)

  3. it is just awesome to hear the commentary of sirfoch. just his vocabulary
    with random swearing is fun like when he randomly said the batchat is being
    a cheeky cunt.

  4. Really wondered why your platoon mates didnt suck. Then i realized that you
    werent playing with subs…

  5. ThePainTrain4234

    Foch what day do you live-stream with the other guys like SirCircon? :)

  6. it wasn’t a replay bug foch. I think your gunner was dead since your turret
    turned slow as fuck as well :D

  7. Love the increased number of “omg- you killed me! You must have aimbot!”

  8. SPOILER ALERT when will come fv 4005 10k dmg

  9. Tension Boogie Woogie

    what do you say after “Hello ladies and”? Metalchan? mentlegen?

  10. 6:33 WTF you used your medkit on observation device??? xD

  11. power-team, double topgun – pretty cool!

  12. why you are so salty all the time?

  13. your gunner was indeed dead look at your turret rotation speed but the
    replay are buged and show random / don’t show critical

  14. Under a minute and he starts bitching…. Bye bye

  15. First one to like

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