M48 Patton review! Is it worth the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Noisemaker by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. So you spend half your reviews talking about how accuracy doesn’t matter in
    this game, just “peak, shoot, if you hit you hit if you don’t you have
    another go” (almost verbatim from one of your videos), and now you’re
    telling us that the Fatton is bad because it has 3,3 accuracy with BIA and
    Vents or 3,2 with Cola? Really, Foch? With 1,7 aiming time and the soft
    stats of a T62A?

    I can understand that it frustrates you personally, but this review is
    kinda biased.

  2. Didn’t you forget to mention that you actually have to grind the tier X gun
    on the M48 Patton? Since it’s one of the few tier X tanks that are not
    elite after unlocking. I might have missed it but I think you never
    mentioned it ^^

  3. I’ve actually met Pershings using the 105mm derp gun!! xD My first reaction
    when one hit me was “what the fuck, is he firing HE? Why the fuck is he
    firing HE?” And then I actually saw him and was just… Some people.

  4. therandomnessisreal

    Was that on stream? I remember it somehow…

  5. I would love to see a review with the 175mm pen gun of the IS-4. :S

  6. Not sure why you don’t like this tank after doing 8K damage, over 1500
    spotting, high caliber and top gun? Hell, I’d be happy to get this in any

  7. sand river is a good map for the fatton too. have to play really cautious
    in it. slow top speed kills it, still want to like it ;(. pershing and m46
    are good tanks though

  8. ‘Click for 4k damage’

    Fuck me, I want that shit.

  9. Some points to make:

    – E2 is a good tank, it actually has good armour because most people shoot
    its hull

    – Get the 90mm in the M6 before playing the T20. 90mm gun on a tier 7 med
    is really nice.

    – Horrocious isn’t a word (probably thinking of horrific)

    – M46 is OP with full gold, balanced without

  10. Well it seems to dirt shots just as much as the STB? Then again RNG makes
    my leo1 & e50m do the same ;)

  11. The M4A3E2 is actually the better t6 from the 2 with quite a bit of armor,
    it’s slow as shit and that drep at t6 is kinda bad. I always mix the 2 up!

  12. “Doesn’t have any Armor” the Turret is a 150mm pal…

  13. do an e5 review plz

  14. The E2 was fucking fantastic I bounced IS’ and T29s idk what you played

  15. 48 is a great tank for pub games. it’s just so well rounded. I mean players
    like tcamir have 4.8k dpg and about 80%winrate in it so it must have a lot
    going for it.

  16. Derp 105 in a tier 9????? WTF = OP play!!!

  17. Little point in smooth ride or snap shot on the Fatton, the dispersion once
    you put a v-stab on don’t change, they are 0.06, 0.08. 0.08. Better off to
    have something like off-road driving for the driver and maybe deadeye for
    the gunner or camo.

    Also vents + BIA + cola + view range skills you will get 478m view range
    which is more than enough and you’ll improve DPM, accuracy etc.

    You also forgot that unlike most tier 10s, there is a grind on the Fatton,
    you have to unlock the top gun.

  18. Going to have to disagree here. The M48A1 is one of the best pub star tanks
    currently, and the grind is a breeze with the exception of the 76mm T20.

    No other tank comes close to the M48 in map versatility. And you should
    know that was just bad rng with the gun, it’s one of the most consistent of
    the tier X mediums…

  19. Foch, has your power supply coil whine when it’s on full load?

  20. wow e2 has no armor WTF

  21. E2 Jumbo is a good tank, if you use the stock turret and derp. 150mm armour
    all around that turret, plus mantlet, definitely makes up for the gun.

  22. WoT, E2 is bad? you must use it with the howitzer

  23. This was my 4th T10 tank an I’m doing pretty good in it, though my dog is
    dropping to 2050 qq. Winrate is more less the same.

  24. Alternatively, if u like Murican freedom, you can grind the best Medium in
    the game: the E5

  25. you will like the grill 15’s gun of 0.36 is too much. (or a lot). Its has a
    aim time of 1.5s and 0.26 thingy…. 750 alpha…. rip.

  26. hmmm sound glitched out in replay at 14:00 minute you still hear siren of
    capping even though no one is capping . . .

  27. not my first line for sure… E5, 50B, E100, IS-7, Batchat are in my garage
    already. E50 and T-44 are further along than my Pershing… so it will be
    8th or 9th tier 10… unless I lose my mind and start a 30b grind as

  28. YoungSirPhoenix / NightPhoenix652

    0:09 Hello laidies and mentlegen

  29. 105mm derp FTW ;P

  30. I remember Circon´s last game in m46 with that derp 105 and still owning
    the match :D

  31. Accuracy is just unnecessary stat in this game, I’ve been playing Jagdtiger
    in platoon with 704 and I couldn’t hit Foch 155 at all, and my mate hit his
    weakspots 3 times in a row from the same distance. His overall hitrate is
    also higher than mine in Jagdtiger, so RASHAAA all the way.

  32. José Carlos Pereira

    The most enjoy Foch videos is not the game itself, the salty way of the
    speaker, or the controverse he always generate in audience; its the fact
    that, while he says tank not very good (and maybe hes right) hes dispaching
    asap all oponents no sweat ahahahahah. Imagine if vehicle was good, poor

  33. i has 1k games in fatton, i kemp g.w.bush. any day. fatton stronk tonk. no
    srsly i had 5 k damage games in it like 10 games in a row.

  34. The E2 actually has pretty good armor. The stock turret and hull are
    strong. But for whatever stupid reasons the top turret looses armor. Lot’s
    of people roll with stock turret + the bad 76mm.

  35. You have to mention the fake russki devs only buffed the Fatton III to 1/2
    of where it was when it was first released to the live servers. One fucking
    week after it was released it was fucked over and stayed that way until
    recently when it was buffed to half of what it was because ‘mother russia’
    won WWII all by themselves so OFC the commie shit has to stay broken.

  36. Only bad side from that line is that M48 allmost never use in CW.
    I keep my M46 fo fun and is good tank for me.

  37. I Made You Read This

    lol at the tier 8 bulldog who ran thru like their whole team to kill their

  38. Jantje van Speijk

    M4A3E2 actually does have relative strong armour :O

  39. jumbo has no armour? well that’s debatable to say the least

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  42. 4 am, don’t give af!!! Foch videos are life

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