M48A5 Patton Master Class in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

While the M48A5 Patton my most played tank in of Tanks it is not what it used to be! Here’s a master so you can make it relevant!



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  2. 19:35 Obj 268 driver… your raised barrel does not go unnoticed 👏

  3. Awesome vid, please keep it coming🙏💪

  4. Personally I love my M48A5, as you said it’s a damn good all rounder which doesn’t feel lacking in any areas, and with the equipment and field modifications it’s something that I’m able to have a lot of fun with. I never feel like I perform badly in it, or am held back in any areas, but I will freely agree with you that in 2021 it just often feels outclassed by other stuff. Whether that’s the heavy tanks that can pull the same speed but with better armour or guns, or other mediums having the greater maneuverability, there’s nothing in the current state of the game that really sells the vehicle barring that it’s a good all-rounder.
    It’s a shame, because it’s a fun tank that has surprised me more than a few times with what it can do.
    Excellent video, has given me a couple ideas as to how to improve my own matches and loadouts with it 🙂

  5. greetings!! i need more 3m to buy this tank!! T_T feeln stoke!

  6. Please do the playlist “masterclass”

  7. Chieftain outplayed sent back to garage with 0dmg. Lol.

  8. Oh so you did post! I couldn’t find this video anywhere

  9. Your most played tank and no 3 mark shame 3300+ wn8

  10. this was a hard line for me….especially Pershing….i have stopped on Pershing and sold it…never turned back…also never loved T32, i always think that it is the heavy version of Pershing… 🙂

  11. Hey QB! This new master class video idea is really interesting and well made! Thanks for making entertaining videos for us thru all these years. 🙂

  12. Is it worth getting the M60 as I have the bonds but nowhere near this tank

  13. I have 5k battles in hellcat (all after nerf), and last months i have been struggling with rng. I always used rammer, optics and binoc, and i managed even to be in top25 a month…
    But i started to struggle with rng, until the point I stopped playing hellcat. Then, with equipment 2.0 and field modifications, i made a very radical build: improved aiming unit, improved rotation mechanism, and optics, and my hellcat now is a monster. I sacrificed bit of dpm, but it puts all the shots in (0.28 accuracy), and it moves like a medium (6skill crew + cola). Inhave a second build with rammer for close quarter maps, but that IAU gave it a second life.

    Definetly 2.0 equipment has changed the game a lot. The problem is that some tanks are now broken… Heavy tanks at 60kmh…

  14. Tanya will be dismissing all female US crew members when he’s asleep! 😀

  15. Hi QB, Always watch and learn from all you show, say and do… 🙂 However, I wish to comment about the “field modification” section. It uses up a lot of valuable free experience, and a lot of us do not possess what you top players have in free XP. Therefore the amount you accumulate makes you guys even harder to kill for us medium/average players… The rich get richer, the poor get poorer… Its not a “groaner”, but just an observation TBH. Keep up the good work!

  16. Do you ever turn off some maps? I’ve been thinking about removing maps like Prokhorovka from my queues, those stalemates are quite annoying

  17. I disagree,this is must have tank…Its amazing

  18. Future video suggestion, behind the scenes with Tanya doing video editing of QB’s best of replay videos!

  19. Fatton is an interesting vehicle – it had a strange arc with WG trying to balance this thing – it had periods of being both stupidly OP and being horrible beyond reason, if I recall.

    Current version seems rather balanced, without suffering the “mediocrity curse” or Pershing.

  20. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    maybe a master class on tier VIII and IX vehicles?

  21. You cant always win when you are trying to carry clueless morons who were carried to Tier 10 and blunder along thinking they are good. Most of them struggle with the W key and rarely use a minimap…

  22. only one HEAT shell fired that last game

  23. Is it possible to play the M60 in the same way ?

  24. despite the teamwork, you didnt invite him to a platoon at end…

  25. Ireally like this format, so in depth!
    I understand that it probably takes a lot more time than other videos, but i like it.

  26. Oooo hidden stats just given away with the Quicky baby playing WOT account with that crew, we know repairs were too good to be true on this review and full field load out too well done thumb down from me…..

  27. Love this series, please keep it going

  28. Enjoying this master class series. Thanks for putting the videos together. Can’t wait for more.

  29. What crew skill priorities for this tank guys?

  30. Im kinda suprised that Chieftain player wasnt firing gold rounds…

  31. I rarely comment on videos but I had to for this one: I really like this series, it’s so helpful to get some detailed and tailored advice from QB on some of my favourite T10 tanks. PLEASE make this series a permanent feature on your channel!

  32. Good video series. Keep it up.

  33. I really like the M48, although M60 is better due to the much better mobility

  34. I love this tank thank you for this showcase 😍

  35. I buy the m60… And m’y bad cause m48 is realy better with a turbo 🙁 so now i don’t no if i should take it 😭

  36. Thx for this new serie QB, I want to try the Patton line and this will be very useful

  37. Poor EBR, uses almost all of his HP but QB only thank the Badger and Kranvagn. LOL

    EBR: Am I a joke to you? XD

  38. clutch 3 mark game, vs a cheiftain too at the beginning

  39. 2 things – that ram/kill on the Bourrasque was beautiful to watch, and if only the last 24 hp had been taken by the ram could it have been better.
    As for the final moments of the Obj 268, I’m thinking he raised his gun at the last moment as a salute – he’d clearly been aiming ‘flat’ at the friendly tank, and when it got to the last round about to kill him, the barrel went up.
    Keep these sorts of videos coming, learning quite a bit about setup and tactics, cheers.

  40. M60 is bad

  41. In this comment I won’t talk about the M48A5 but the Masterclass series, I wold personally like to have an opinion even in the most important skills to take on the tank, this so would be all that we have to know about the specific tank. I am really thankful for all the effort that you put in your video QB, thank you very much. Much love from Italy

  42. Shame I can’t “Super”like this series
    keep up this terrible content <3

  43. Day 4 of asking qb to do a techtree showcase of the Leopard 1

  44. Hey Baby, could you please do the IS-4 next? Thanks!

  45. i don’t feel like this is masterclass. It is just like any other video you make. It is informative but not that much.

  46. How about Indien Panzer? Can you make a video about this tank?

  47. I never get to fight potatos like this in my games lol. That chief and M48 were complete morons.

  48. Great video,
    I would love to see a video about the obj 430u

  49. The M48A5 was the first tank I served on in the U.S. Army. I finished my 21-year career on the M1A1D and was much happier as a Jedi Tanker than a Dino Rider. That being said, the M48, M60A3 are still my nostalgic favorites! I have the M48 now and I am a buffoon in it and when I get the 15K bonds I will have the M60 as my second bond tier 10. All things being equal, I WISH TO GOD we could have made shots in the M48 on the move. Just wasn’t part of the tank until the M1 computer came into being. In the game I am really enjoying learning how to fight the vehicle and what I can do with it… KEEP THE MASTER CLASS UP!!! Great series!!! Thank you QB!

  50. Guys what improved equipment should I get for my service tokens? I am thinking about putting it on this tank, so would gun rammer or vents be best? Vents is more useful then a gun rammer, but you can usually put vents in a improved slot.

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