M4A1 FL 10 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks M4A1 FL 10. Here's all you need to know about the new T6 premium French medium M4A1 and AMX-13 hybrid!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Yeah I just bullied this tank with my T71

  2. Hello qb can you please do a war thunder video

  3. It is mediocre at best.

  4. They could have sold the turret seperately for my M4A1rev.

  5. biggest gripe with WoT is the lack of historical accuracy. Bothers the hell out of me.

  6. quickfingers is not quick at math… 😛

  7. Skoda 25 was not mentioned!

  8. T A N D

  9. __ohen779_LoveS_RNG__

    This tank exists in WoT Blitz for a looooong time lol

  10. frédéric Delvolte

    Premium tanks and most generaly pay to win tanks are fo those litlle di cks that want to have the biggest score to show how great male they are… let’s play with normal tanks instead to show your skills all bunch of loosers

  11. You know, saying “turret off a wheeled light tank” right at the beginning when it’s literally the turret from an AMX-13 is kind of a serious mood killer. Why have you done this, QB.

  12. As a new player Im just astounded how QB breezes trough these games…

  13. What is this abomination?

  14. M4FL10 oh I know that one. First auto-reloader in WoT Blitz. Neat tank, does decently, but I still prefer others to it

  15. Why not put the skoda t25 in the comparison too?
    It might have 3 shots in a clip, but with terrible crew I reload the clip with about 10s per my memory…

  16. QB here in asia tier 6 dont face the tier 8s. I mostly play with tier 8 premiums and I have seen ONLY 2 games with tier 6 in 2 YEARS , most of the games are against tier 9s then tier 8s then tier 10s and if you are lucky with tier 7s maybe 1 or 2 in whole day of playing.

  17. The tank from WoT Blitz is now on PC. Finally.

  18. My Cromwell is still my highest DPM, doesn’t matter what tier, it just outguns everything else i have.

  19. This thing is so inferior to the Strv its laughable

  20. You should have compared the easy 8 to this i think it outclasses it in every way

  21. babicka ruzenka = granny Rose 🙂

  22. Math is hard, but are there more premium French mediums than tech tree mediums? Got this tank and the tarrasque in the loot boxes; already had the Bret Panther from something (came free with the croissants?).

  23. Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, salute you for Beatles refernces, respect +

  24. Pay2win powercreep

  25. Serious another autoloader? tf

  26. Oh look PC has a tank I have on my own platform moving on… I enjoy watching quickybaby.

  27. Looks like a mini hybrid between the two French premium medium tanks

  28. 20:35 the type 64 was telling the arty to get the kill lmhoo

  29. i just want to know what bond equipment QuickyBaby would use in the Cromwell B now. 😉

  30. I like it, first round 3200 dmg in T8 xD I play it kinda like a TD tbh

  31. I just got a WoT ad and in it chuck Norris caught a tank shell with his hand and made finger guns and instantly destroyed the enemies.

  32. I didnt know the FL 10 wasnt in wot yet. Its been in wotb for almost a year or more. It is an auto re-loader in wotb, and other than that quite similar to wot.

  33. i think the tier 6 skoda T25 is a good tank fair enough it lacks in alpha and pen but can reload its clip twice as quick, so it can fire 6 rnds every 14 secs which is very good imo 🙂

  34. Quicky bady this tank is in World of tanks blitz maybe go check that out

  35. Then there’s a possibility that WOT will unleashed KV4 KTTS in the future there’s so many OP tank already they should counter it with another OP tank to balance the game.

  36. Radiooperator in the french Panther 😉

  37. Actually, I HATE my Bromwell, and like my autolading Strv. I have no clue how good is this one, since I’m not gambling for scamboxes (so much more devaluated than two years ago). Interestingly, as much as I hate Cromwell B, I liked normal tech tree Cromwell, and had so much more success in it. Thanx for good video.

  38. Yes! Love this thing

  39. Josshy TehComrade A18 TK

    QB… i thought M4A1 FL10 is already in wot cuz i play wot blitz which have M4A1 FL10 since 2019…. Huh.. I dont have M4A1 FL10 in blitz but i will say is pretty good how to use FL10 is to use its gun… but blitz have higher alpha damage so… idk how good is in wot.. and in blitz it have a autoreloader not an autoloader… but maybe you should try and play wot blitz and i would like your advices since im a noob in pc and blitz but i have played wot blitz since 2017 but im still a noob.. you have played wot pc a lot and your career is on wot pc maybe just play a bit of wot blitz your reviews and advices on wot blitz really helps some people… Have A Great Day QB….

  40. why does everyone say its the tier 8 premium turret? that is a 2 round autoloader, the amx 13 75 has that turret and the same autoloader :

  41. Console has same thing but its T7

  42. Qb: look what cool game i had!
    Skill: this is ur daly dose of skill

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