M4A2E4 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

First in the tank while gathering review footage.

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  1. Maaaaan it is impossible to be ace in first game… In one hundred games I
    am for once top tier… Very well played. 

  2. Thank yuo for mentioning me, “wink”. Indeed this was a easy ace, maybe
    you’ll post the better ace. ;D
    The tank doesnt seem to have anything special, the Russians can keep it.. ;p
    And! Still waiting for the Jumbo ace, ofcourse while using the derpgun. No
    more excuses…. Its on…

  3. Is it still possible to get a code for this tank?

  4. Good work. Unusual to have four tanks blank you, even more so to have two
    players completely forget you were there.
    Tricky tank to master on NA as games rarely go over three minutes.

  5. Love this tank on the Test Server so much!
    It works well on tier 6 battles regardless of the gun.(with apcr)

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