M4A3E8 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

“Easy Eight” was “Easy.”

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  1. Just a quick note on E8 vs fury, Fury is slower and has no armor plate
    behind the mantlet. Rumor is that when E8 will receive the HD treatment it
    will lose the armored plate behind the mantlet as well.

  2. Re 6:55 those are the same people that push valley on Lakeville (especially
    in top tier heavies).

  3. GG (and there is indeed no point keeping the easy eight if you already have
    the Fury, it’s a no brainer ;)

  4. When the E8 gets converted to HD it will be losing its Unhistorical Turret
    and lower hull plate armor. :(

  5. Michael Brekkestran

    I wish they’d bring back the Fury for sale. Started playing just after it
    was released.

  6. E8 is nice but the that bit more armour and the derp gun can make it that
    bit better for carrying a game

  7. Great vid, Irish! You make Ace and Top Gun look so easy.

  8. I’m really not a fan of the jumbo, doesn’t have enough armor to be worth
    the hit to speed and the e8 preps you for the t20 better.

  9. Nice! Another video today and I get in with the first comment! ;-)

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