M551 SHERIDAN w/ MISSILES HYPE (Armored Warfare Gameplay)

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  1. warzone379 משיח‎

    first like

  2. Massive Machines


  3. 70th

  4. MLGBananaPealer

    just give me goddamn ships

  5. War thunder turning into Modern Warfare

  6. Please… Gaiju, why you do dis?

  7. its the derp….the fast and powerful derp

  8. I think it might work out fine as when firing a ATGM wire or laser you cant
    simply go behind a hil or cover so that leaves you open as long as the
    missile needs to still hit the target, but ofcourse if thats not implement
    which would be really unrealistic it will be a disaster.

  9. I’ve actually been in the Sheridan. They are so cool

  10. Can we all just agree that ground attackers like my Me 410 B-6/R-3 or
    Do.335A-0 shouldnt have to fly in Norway? I cant kill planes the Me 410 is
    too slow and the Do.335 is too sluggish. The only plane I can use is my Fw
    190 D-13. It needs to be removed from the map rotation. I get 9 times outta
    10 while using German RB.

  11. Yes the M-551

  12. Niccolo de Luna

    Its something about War Thunder but the gameplay is Armored Warfare??? Wut

  13. Und deutchland?

  14. You know what I cant understand is,not the fact vehicles itself,but the
    fact that war thunder has got much bigger problems at the moment.The br
    system for tanks at high tier is to say the least not in a good
    shape,gaijin really needs to prioritize their objectives cause no matter
    how many tanks from their “sekrit dokumentis” they add the problem wont go
    PS wasn’t the m551 used from 1969 ? And if it did,didn’t gaijin say
    vehicles not higher than 1959-1960 max

  15. why are people so mad, this is basically the t34-85. amazing gun that can
    one shot target but paper tin armor.

  16. They should add the M-58 wolf to counter atgm

  17. (old Q&As)
    -Will you add the Maus or the E100?
    Gaijin: No
    -Will you add ATGMs in tanks?
    -Will you add smoke launchers?
    Will you add APFSDS?
    Apfsds confirmed.
    Dont be surprised if we get leo 2 and m1a1 abrams in patch 1.63.

  18. I might just start playing murica again.

  19. sixth like

  20. Money grbbing comapny…ekhm Wargaming ehkm

  21. Sturer Emil was also shown

  22. bt5 with atgms

  23. Did he say vulcan?!?

  24. So M551 Sheridan has been confirmed ladies and gents….but it can’t really
    swim and it’s ATGMs have a bit of weakness in terms of range. At least all
    nations are getting ATGMs (except for Japan…RIP Nippon)

  25. We need the P-51H, P-47N, F4U-4 and the F3D-2

  26. lol just like 2 hours ago I asked on your last vid if you guys would like
    to see the m551 in the game

  27. BlueRosse Gaming

    if u think now in WT at hight tier armor=0 with the new postwat shells
    400mm pen. so as long as his fast like leoits good .. eh the new postwar
    shells fck the game.nice vid and sry for my rip eng.

  28. Mrcantfapenough

    Just make war thunder a vietnam simulator

  29. Modern War Thunder

  30. The 152mm Heat round is brutal and if it is modeled correctly will
    penetrate just about anything,same for the Shillelagh missile. Bad
    point…almost no armor,a 12.7 will go thru a Sheridan,any hit with a 20mm
    or higher and it should brew up due to the caseless main gun shell.

  31. The Sheridan is made of lightweight Obamium which allows it to be
    airdropped and deflect RPGs as well as float on water. some say it can also
    survive a Russian 152mm APHEBC round undamaged from any range or angle.

  32. Next should be the M4A3 105 with the P-39 w/ bazookas

  33. this look overpower !!!

  34. Am I the only one that feels War Thunder will soon have all eras of tanks,
    and planes.

  35. Cheekiest Breeki

    Baron you got your ATGM firing comparison backwards. The Pact nations were
    morn known for their barrel launched ATGMs. NATO had a few like the M551
    but for the most part used launchers or other vehicles like the M901 ITV


  37. The scimitar could swim and the falcon is based off that so it should swim
    and the striker was the missile carrying version of the scimitar and that
    would be cool to have as a tier V td in the British tech tree

  38. Q&A is from reddit, not forums. What are you talking about? :D

  39. Vartic Laurentiu Alexandru

    Brummbar….where is the Brummbar?

  40. plz TOG

  41. mm15

  42. The T49 tank in WoT has the exact same turret and is faster than 45 kph XD

  43. It’s a good thing that armored warfare doesn’t take the whole reliability
    issues the M551 Sheridan had in real life into account.

  44. Wasn’t it the XM551 Sheridan?

  45. Hyping somethig that probably isn’t going to be good and will most likely

    You have one sad life Baron #StopTheMissileHype!

  46. Seriously you can’t convince me that these missiles aren’t tests for air to
    air missiles. Vietnam aircraft when

  47. Nice Warthunder gameplay, i see the new update brought some ui updates.

  48. M-60 a2 pls

  49. I would like to see a BMP 1 soon in WT, because it swimms has
    rocket-ability and a good autocanon … and it matches in the time for
    higher tier

  50. LaterMeansBrick

    DU shells are coming, because sekrit dokuments.


    Keep up the good work m8

  52. ATGM’s will be premium and cost close to $100 if anything like the rocket

  53. USSR finally gets a tank from the 60’s.
    People gonna whine once the start getting shot by APFSDS from that
    smoothbore cannon though.

  54. I think they will ad the t-40 its already on the Russian planed vehicles
    list but then there are 2 Russian amphibious tanks

  55. Ecuadorian Gamer

    I actually want the Churchill AVRE…

  56. Gajjin are the definition of money grabbing… They charge the prices of
    AAA titles for single tanks, they dont need more money.

  57. Irish speak in the English language yes. But have you ever heard of Irish

  58. American bias again, gaijn will have to stop or I will stop playing this
    amerikanski game !

  59. That click bate though

  60. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    So we are afraid of ATGM missiles?

    Don’t worry. They are not AAGM, so you can just lancaster them or throw
    rockets into their engines.

  61. 40 sec reload time .’

  62. so no ships alpha in the next 2 patches?

    Jaguar 1 would be cool as a tier 5 german td.

  63. We need a facking German tanks

  64. 6:44 no baron, we do speak English now but we still have our own
    language…. Why does nobody know this?

  65. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    If they ever add infantry into regular battles, they should also add
    flamethrower tanks.

  66. Baron the BMD series was air portable also.

  67. Play the jagdtiger

  68. The Irish also speak Gaelic Baron. AND ITS ALUMINIUM NOT YOUR HERESY

  69. the term you are looking for is a soft-launch system

  70. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  71. The Imperial Combine

    i knew someday they will add the m551

    now we wait for the Sturmtiger to be confirmed.

  72. the dark goblin

    rip everything german

  73. my favorite tank!!! :D

  74. Panzer Optional

    (700,000 RP)

  75. Sebastian Gacitua

    The reload time on this tank is horrible

  76. Thegamerlovercenter

    I am patiently waiting for Men of War Monday………. patiently……….

  77. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    The Russians can have the BMP-1

  78. Ahh, I remember when the IT-1 was leaked and everyone whined about Russian
    Weird, don’t see any ‘american bias’ comments here.

  79. Why don’t they ad the m4 skink

  80. the snooping man

    they should add kanonenjagdpanzer with rockets instead of the gun (actually

  81. i thought this was war thunder XD

  82. A non-nerfed (at least for a bit) American tank with a good gun and ATGMs
    is comming to War Thunder? HELL YEAH!

  83. I wouldn’t be surprised if that 152mm doesn’t flip the M551

  84. Yessss

  85. the last two videos “Russian bias”

    this video “oh”

  86. So whats the difference between T49 and M551?

  87. did you say the Sheridan was made out of aluminium? ? that would not of
    been fun for any soldier who served in that aluminum gives off a very toxic
    gas when it burns so if they got hit and it started burning they would of
    had to add death by poison gas to the list of horrible ways to die in a

  88. im really excited for the sheridan there is one in the park by where my
    grandparents live and ive climbed on it and just basically grown up with a

  89. I am impressed that you got the pronunciation of Shillelagh right! Well

  90. I wish they would add the sterm tiger :(

  91. you should come join me for some ice/ merc gameplay some time baron sucked
    that the arty did not spawn in this match we played in.

  92. Amnesiagrunt2356

    I still want my T-72M1

  93. ___________________________________ memes are gr8

    soo warthunder is soon a cold war game or what?

  94. and they will add a pt-76 with ATGM too because they have one with HEAT-fs
    at br 5.7 i think? because they can

  95. do you have a referral for this game?

  96. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i want night vision
    ERA armor
    smoke launchers
    compersite armor
    flamethrower tanks

  97. Nato known for barrel launched ATGMs…that was the Soviets thing…the
    Sheridan was one of the few NATO Tanks that could

  98. 442dudeathefront

    The Sheridan was trash! My uncle served in the 82nd AD, 3/73rd Cav. They
    had those things during the Gulf War and they despised them. The missile
    would barely work. Half the time it went back towards the vehicle, up to
    the sky or straight to the ground. Sometimes it would just plop out of the
    gun and sit on the ground in front of the vehicle…

  99. SturmTiger confirmed

  100. it looks like a t49 on world of tanks

  101. My car has more armor than M551 #kappa

  102. HyperExtremeGaming, and Drawing

    Sheridan in war thunder. American biased confirmed?

  103. Brendan Copegog White

    Hey Baron, love your videos!

    not to be picky but you said “Money grabbing proletariat”. proletariat or
    proletarian refers to the working class. The word you are looking for is
    bourgeoisie, this refers to the capitalists (land owners, business owners


  105. Yo BVG, Japan had some of the best tanks, this has NO sarcasm at all.

  106. Im so hyped, i cant handle it anymore

  107. Told ya. Sheridan. :)

  108. We need the Vulcan bomber for the British

  109. Let’s hope that the ATGM doesn’t suck like in real life.

  110. Still waiting for japan

  111. im probably gonna quit WT if this is a premium or a bundle

  112. Most powerful gun? Maybe the British FV215b 183 with its 183mms….

  113. 14:03 “They are planning on adding a bunch of top tanks for EVERY
    Orly? *Slowly reaches for rising sun flag and katana*

  114. Smoke Rounds = RIP Graphics Card

  115. Another American derp, other than M4(105)

  116. YourAverageEnemy

    Of fucking coarse they give russian the Tu-4 copy of the b-29. Now, I
    better see DEVELOPMENT: B-36, but nope, russia’s gotta be the best at
    everything. Its the same as a b-29, smaller bomb load, but war thunder will
    just limit the b-29’s even more so the tu-4 can have a bigger bomb load,
    and it has 10 23mm cannons.

  117. Esteban Fuentes (Estiby)

    Que clase de War Thunder es este?

  118. Well, in simulator battles on Tunisia, it’s almost impossible to get across
    the river in the west of the map without the bridge. So amphibious vehicles
    could be very useful there

  119. That m55 is cross with a kv2 and a m18 can’t wait and plus the t29 with
    that 105 gun and that mantle

  120. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    Please gaijin, pls go back in time, not forward in time

  121. What’s the over under on this thing being a premium in WT?

  122. Matthew Sheridan

    Oh hey its my tank

  123. Yessss finally historical scoops

  124. what about fixing M103 armor and give it the right ammo

  125. Next patch:
    Flame throwher tanks.
    Naval Support,i mean 300-400mm support.
    Countermeasures against ATGN.
    Jets that can reach Mach 2.
    WW2?Where?This is becoming a big plate with Ancient and New War’s
    stuffs…like WoT and AW did anal sex and the remaneinder of AW’ semen
    fecundated WoT’s little cute vagina…

  126. HAvok_ SH00TR_OPS

    Why are people hyping this shit instead of condemning gaijin people are now
    going with this shit knowing that there’s still plenty of stuff that needs
    to be fixed that’s been broken for many updates

  127. Pretty fast. You also forgot it can be killed by a 50 calibre machine gun

  128. And the weapon system was absolute crap

  129. I’ve got multiple different suggestions for amphibious tanks that could be
    added for the different tech trees.

    Object 906

    Schwimmpanzer 38(t)
    Schwimmpanzer II
    Tauchpanzer III
    Tauchpanzer IV

    Sherman DD

    Buffalo IV
    Valentine DD
    Tetrarch DD

    I’ve also got some suggestions for ATGM vehicels.

    Object 775
    Taifun 9M15

    Raketenjagdpanzer I
    Raketenjagdpanzer I

    Daimler Ferret Mark 2/6
    Daimler Ferret Mark 5

  130. Can’t wait for M50 Ontos.

  131. Makes a video twice as long as Phlydaily’s, but only talks about one

  132. John Paul Florendo


  133. John Paul Florendo


  134. Jonathan Davies

    Swimming Togs :)

  135. Every time he leans closer to the mic talking about features we wants its
    like he knows Gaijin is sitting here watching and adding it to their list.

  136. nicholas prayudi

    one of the disadvantages of atgm is that it is not as fast as cannon rounds
    so u can take cover but the advantages is that u can make it go up and make
    it go down to hit the enemy top right?

  137. Baron and Phly pls stop hyping new vehicles and planes before we can even
    try them in the game. A lot of players are dissapointed with these new
    tanks and planes performance after your hype which is unnecessary.

  138. oh France, we have waited so long for you.

  139. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Well, I enjoyed the AW footage as it’s a game I enjoy playing. When are
    they fixing BR and historical EC in WT? as to me, that is more important
    than trying to blind players with more and more shiny new toys. I thought
    WG were the guys who just keep throwing in new content to hide the cracks?

  140. Having a gun would prb make Sheridan better than Drakon in the game, but we
    will see.

  141. T-38 tankette
    Can be airdropped
    No armament but DT-29 MG
    Light and fast (can go 55 kph with a 40 HP engine)
    Gets 5 artillery strikes by default, with better accuracy and longer range.
    Can fire anywhere in map, including enemy base and spawn.

  142. Finally American Derp tank

  143. OMG that’s actually funny cause my last name is Sheridan and I found out a
    while ago it was named after my distant great great great grand father
    General Sheridan

  144. Thepowerfulkiller

    Will the sturmtiger be added in the future?

  145. Hopefully they fix some of the ammo’s in the game like the M103 AP round
    and change it back to it’s real APBC round with it’s right Pen values.

  146. Baron if u have an yway to communicate with devs, can u ask them to
    implement test drive to any tank, not only the ones that u researched or
    premium vehicles

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