M56 Scorpion – First Impressions

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Source: osirish

I finally get back to playing and get to try out the new Scorpion for the first time.

Play of Tanks for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. Os, maybe an idea for a next video; explaining how tactics work in Wot and
    In WW II? How did the Germans win so many battles while the Italian army
    was garbage?

  2. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo

    I wish and thanks

  3. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo

    I wish and thanks

  4. Nice vid. Maybe do the British Tier 7 TD Challenger for Halloween week –
    that thing really is a nightmare! :-)

  5. I noticed on tanks GG. it has ARTILLERY BLOOM
    Good pen but if feels like a Hellcat on the move. :(

  6. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo

    I just got my tier 10 arty the obj 261 on the Xbox one.

  7. Hi Osirish, you complain about the teams and the lack of green players in
    your teams recently; I’m surprised to hear that after 30K battles you are
    not familiar with the game mechanics which WG admits to exist. You get bad
    teams and bad RNG because you have passed the the top of your winning
    streak. Please just don’t complain about the teams in the future, the
    culprit is WG, not the teams. Read about it here (and remember WG admits
    Other than that, thank you for the excellent channel :)

  8. not sure if they have this on the EU server but on the NA one its like a
    Free rental of the kv-5 for the weekend so all you have are shit show
    teams… lead to multiple epic games in the 416 so cant complain xD

  9. Or something like that, excuse me, go to inside the chieftains, he’ll tell

  10. The reason that the gun shield is 5 is because the gunners shield was a 5mm
    sheet of plastic ?

  11. Dreadshells Gaming

    Probably a better tank than the Kanonen jgpanzer. lol.

  12. yet again another great video .. well done

  13. HAHA don’t you like Halloween?

  14. I agree, this tank is so team dependent, I can have a great game and lose
    more than win, because teams cant hold a flank worth beans.

  15. So if I enjoyed this tank when they had it for rental should I get a
    hellcat or stick with my elc? ( no I’m not gunna spend money gettin this
    tank, I’ve already spent too much on this game :P)

  16. Nice test… Good job..

  17. Cool! You got it, and like it! I was wondering where a review was!
    Something I have noticed about the tank is that you have to relocate, and
    with that speed, you absolutely must! In that first game at the end
    especially, you should have been behind, or to the side of your friends,
    even though they were camping tomatoes, you must go to a place to keep them
    alive. Theme throughout the games is like that, and while you were getting
    a lot of damage in the middle, essentially you were taking out opponents
    that didn’t have much of a role in whether that map is a victory or not.
    Which that is the 1 and the 0 lines, and generally if you want to win you
    have to clean at least one of those lines, and then you can deal with the
    middle, whereas the middle is nullified until those lines are dealt with.
    I lost a lot of my first games in that thing too.
    I eventually had a commander in there with 6th, I had a driver with clutch
    braking, I run gas to increase gun traverse, and with a tank like that if
    you don’t have sixth you are pretty much screwed and relegated to far back
    line. I have had plenty of tanks swoop around me before I even noticed, but
    the sixth saved me.
    I have one of those Scorpions on display locally, and was so glad when they
    added it, though it looked like they may not for a while, and then boom!
    They did!
    Best of luck in your future grinding on it!

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