^^| M6 – make it a double. (World of Tanks.)

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  2. he actually hit the KV-1 twice when he was blindfiring the hellcat, and ofcourse very nice dmg for a tier 6 in a tier 6 game:)

  3. How many tanks did circon three mark?

  4. sooooo, what about those British snipers so interesting?

  5. M6 needs HD model to get armor buff like T110E5 *Kappa*

  6. “What do you this about British snipers?” … that guys was annoying AF

  7. You rammed the pz38na Circon 🙂 that’s why no high caliber for you ;p

  8. Ohh boi M6 memes. M6 is like the most underestimated tier 6 HT. 60 tons with 960 H.P engine and gun that puts some tier 8 mediums to shame? Please do.

  9. Play JPanther pls circon
    The gun is amazing 1.7s aimtime, 320 alpha,6s reload (i got bad crew)

  10. 3 marking the M(eme)6?

    Ever tried the SU-100M1? I Aced it yesterday on Mines, after waiting passively at the north TD plateau for most of the match, waiting for the dust to clear before I proceeded to skirt along the lighthouse the nail the remaining tier 9 TDs including a T95 and Jagdtiger
    i’ve got the replay and video of it is in the works.

  11. Peopke who complain about M6 probably doesnt know how to hull down and think their armour is like KV-1

  12. World of Tanks Momenty

    Omg Czech flag, i from in Czech republic, i love yours videos

  13. you need a nasty gun on a tank with a side bigger than America’s calorie consumption

  14. I had a 61or65% WR in my T1 heavy( back when I had 48%average, I got 52%before I quit) . It’s actually pretty damn good if you don’t play it like a heavy. Got a ton of health and decent armor, can keep up with meds and murder all the lower tiers, even if got into high tier game the prem could still pen and got decent speed to play with

  15. M6 is faster than most mediums, filthy tank.

  16. Hang on boys…random question here, but did the WZ-1111111-1-4 get put in HD with an armour buff…?

  17. It’s also possible that you didn’t get the High Caliber because of that pz 38 in 8:00 😉
    Awesome games nonetheless and a really underappreciated tank.

  18. it really pisses me off how the M6 can get a 90mm gun with pretty good accuracy, aim time and rate of fire, while the ARL44 at the same tier gets a choice of 90mm guns with absolutely terrible aim time and accuracy. I can understand why the aim time on the top 90mm is bad since it offsets the mega pen that it gets, but its still 2.9 seconds on the 170 pen gun as well with an accuracy of like .39 or something. I really feel that it should be brought down to something like 2.5 seconds, or whatever is close to the M6’s 90mm.

  19. And I am sitting here in my ARL44 wondering, why the M6 gets better amor and better gunhandling at the same time 🙁

  20. I play this thing in Skirmishes quite often for the laughs, the 250 premium pen is amazing 😀

  21. And I was recently thinking about rebuying it… thx Circon

  22. Gross Domestic Plums

    Circon, are you going to post parts of the Sniper Elite 4 stream?

  23. Time to put of my own m6 3 moe grind if circon is doing it

  24. Alexander Turnbull

    As a complete scrub – the M6 is the only tank I have 3 marked.

  25. So the tog is a baguette with a turret and the m6 is white bread with a turret

  26. I hate that tank so bad

  27. M6 best heavy scout tank 😀

  28. Did you choose the hill due to arty, and the mid due to no-arty? Or was it due to North-South spawns?

  29. Love that the M6 has better DPM than the Pershing, r8 8/8 m8

  30. m6 has more pen than on apcr than e100? The pay 2 win memes are real.

  31. Alexander Krikorian

    The gun is even more fun on the T20 because you can go places 😛

    Also there is 2x as many people playing on one of the EU servers than there are on both the NA servers combined. Kinda sad >.>

  32. Do you still play with Foch anymore?

  33. I already 3 marked the M6. 😛
    Such a great tank with a very balanced gold round.

  34. Daammmm circon, back at it again with the width view range

  35. 4K damage on tier 6 (o:

  36. wtf no big caliber on the second game?

  37. KILL Circon!!! 🙂

  38. gg circon when a use my m6 i am against 8ss it dose good in 6 7 fight tho

  39. Trevor Renkevens

    I love my M6

  40. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I hated the M6. I think I was too stubborn and tried to imagine that my armor would actually work. Probably should have played more long range when I had it.

  41. M6 is insane, same gun as Hellcat/Jackson but way better DPM and soft stats, godmode APCR, and huge engine so mobility isn’t that bad despite low speed. Where’s the dude with the fedora avatar who kept commenting that the M6 is bad on the last couple vids? He was bitching about lack of armor so I can only assume he plays his like a T-150.

  42. M6 is quite underrated when a pleb like me can 3 mark it at ~80 games

  43. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    American heavy line only has one weak point and its not the heavies. M3 Lee….

  44. 1010 Average Experience per battle over 40 936 games…. HOLY SHIT!!!!

  45. allways hated how this tank looks, god awful! PUKE

  46. M6 isn’t bad… it’s just not as strong tier for tier as the other tanks in the techtree from tier 5 up

  47. Always thought M6 was one of the most underrated tanks in the game years ago, in no small part due to the then-broken KV-1s and the troll KV-2.

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