M60 PATTON | Jack Of All Trades (War Thunder American Tanks)

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PATTON | Jack Of All Trades (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. The aircraft kill…. good god lol

  2. Wow, what a tough game. Well done as always!

  3. Centurion 10 yeaaaa

  4. Wtf 13:35 your heat round should not have gone through the spaced armor there and killed his tank
    GJ Gaijin btw testing your game

  5. The m60 is a mbt ,main battle tank, which lead to the Abrams mbt

  6. Can you make another video with the KV-2 please phly

  7. Phly asked me to kill myself. Im going to do it now. Bye guys.

  8. Phly!
    There’s no T-34-85 vid on the channel! We need to fix that asap!
    Attempt #10

  9. nice, uploaded in 4K

  10. Hi Phly! Please play with the American M4A3E2 76w and the A-26 B Thank you

  11. I wish i could have this much fun with this game.

  12. Planes NEED to cost more spawn points because I am sick of being bombed when I want to play tanks.

  13. Komrade Phly priviet! Take the ZSU 37 and shoot some western shpijons and make Stalin proud!!!

  14. Phly next up:Ultra German challenge-
    Play The Tiger 1H and any Do you want.
    +Put the language settings on German.

  15. “RETREAT!!!!” You killed a French, you are not one of them!

  16. Can you play whith the chiefstain mk. 10 please???

  17. PotéPlayGames. PPG

    Remeber the green dildo plane?

  18. Is VK 16.02. a thing in War Thunder? If it is, then why don’ you try it out. Forgotten Tank I think??

  19. Phly apparently discovered a bug that puts him in Plane RB

    Or at least it Looks like it

  20. do AMX 12 t

  21. USA caliber p 51 and m10

  22. PhlyDaily hittin’ us with that QHD upload. That’s what’s up!

  23. Comrade phly I request you to take out the is6 and the su6 make the mother land proud comrade

  24. Take out the F82 Phly

  25. Hey phly, you know what else is forgotten? The stb-1 and the sta-1, which are actually really good. Plz play or be sent to jungle work camp. Phly you’ve also forgotten the tiger p, hetzer, isu152, and t29

  26. omg those sound effects! world of tanks what are you doing?!

  27. The american l7 british l7 and german l7 are all the same gun the british built them and the germans and americans bought them THIS IS ALL I DO IS TANKS

  28. This tank can not bounce APHE on his turret. You might get lucky if RNG is in your favour but everything with around 130mm can easily pen the turret cheeks from the front.

  29. À quand un top 10 des meilleurs chars du monde ?

  30. Hey philly wanna try a dive bomber AND! a fighter? Well do I have a deal with you America’s newest and best dive bomber the A-36 make sure to put 500 pounders on that baby and have a fun time

    Loving the unloved/request series

    6th try

  31. Can you shoot down a plane with smoke round?

  32. The Angry Canadian

    Phly i think You need to take out the Ho 229 in a round of #letmytankerstank

  33. since you said it, take out the cent mk 10

  34. Phly: Take our the T-44-122! We need to see more of that soviet gun! Attempt #5

  35. the body looks like T110E4

  36. Play with Chalenger

  37. Yes 2K quality

  38. 7:26 wtf

  39. 11.48 how do you do that?

  40. challange time!!
    play with a laptop with touch pad!!!

  41. “I WANNA PLAY TANKS FOR FUCK SAKES” XD love your vids Phly!!

  42. ”kill yourself” ”oh demonetised” The pathetic state of leftytube.

  43. Yas phly centurion mk 10 pls show those commies the power of the queen’s royal army

  44. Yo phly pls tell me what you think about map Maginot Line i personally hate it .

  45. “I know it’s Sabot” – Phly 2018

  46. Krisztin Krisztian

    Jó mecs volt! ?????

  47. 7:27 Looked it up, it’s actually “sah-bow”

  48. Loving the Unloved attempt #3
    Glorious, Royal butt tank ~Archer~

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