M60A1 & P-47N CLOSE AIR SUPPORT – (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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M60A1 & P-47N CLOSE – (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. The IT-1 rant was B E A-utiful

  2. Im just here for commens

    The Flaming Arrow Combo: The German Rockettank and the Fw A/5 I think with
    the two big rockets

  3. real challenge is to play lowest tear tanks in highest tear

  4. T 34 100!

  5. Neo “NC-8202” _

    The name of that IL-28, Scootaloo..
    Heh, nice name

  6. #madcuzbad

  7. looks like he lost like a million lions

  8. play the t-95 or the su-85

  9. Habeyou Seenanalienplease

    Demonstrate the power of Japanese air power by flying out our new Ki-100
    and all of it’s honorable OPness! Do this or you’ll march with the American
    Invaders at Bataan.

  10. Russian BigFuckingGun combo: KV-2 1940(or 1939), SU-152 and ISU-152 (Only
    HE shells)

  11. German engineering pack,play the Me-262 A1 with rockets,and ze Maus.

  12. Phly the M60A2 is the same gun/missile system as the M551. Not much new
    there, just sted of aluminum armor you have super huge silhouette. But did
    you know the M551 was an Airborne tank?

  13. I hate the Fucking Rocket Tanks

  14. an upgraded mouse and dpi over 9k to be able to consistently aim an atgm at
    range…. wtf nonsense are you talking phly. do you even know what dpi

  15. Please play the Wyvern and the Black Prince

  16. IT-1+ PO-2 XD

  17. Phly i noticed in the video you were concerned with your FS-HEAT round
    blowing up on the fence, but did you know that machine guns take care of
    fences? just tap em with MG fire and fire the main round right after and it
    should pass through just fine.

  18. How about IT1 and Tu4
    The ground founders

  19. I have tier 5 tanks yet i refuse to play them simply because ATGMs are
    completely broken in the game

  20. петя пупкин

    kv2 and pe8

  21. delightful russian bias spiced with glorious soviet music.

    nice intro, m’dude


    Hey Phly, why are you even surprised in Ivan? Your petty shells are nothing
    to Stronk Russian Man Ivan. He eats stallinium for breakfast, you silly

  22. Take out the T92 (8th Try)

  23. dpi …..IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!

  24. Churchill Mk.III

  25. Your bomb drops make me mad when i drop bombs with my ju87 my bombs go
    nowhere and i cant get up anymour rofl

  26. sherman and King cobra combo?

  27. keep up the great videos Phly!

  28. The M42 and B-57B, mighty combo

  29. M6a1 and p61 bunkers

  30. meybe me 262 C-1a? <3.. do.it

  31. Armored russian combo
    TU-4 With IS-4M :PP

  32. DerAnfanG DasEndE

    Erogans tanks….

  33. Constantine Joseph

    When playing US there’s a giant handicap

  34. ASU big brother: ASU-85 & IL-10

  35. wolf_raid from twiter Paslaitis


  36. m4a1 76 W and p 40

  37. 999is666upsidedown

    *Remember when the threat we worried about was the T-10M*

  38. англичанен хренов

  39. I don’t know if this the place to put a challenge request but i have a
    challenge for you.

    The challenge is to be 1st on the leaderboard…….. Without Getting a kill
    You can get points any other way, including getting an assist.

  40. phly do the t92

  41. Why doesn’t Phly play with Baron anymore?

  42. Could anyone tell me why the engine cowl flaps retract when WEP is active?

  43. PhlyDaily one reason that the armor was not that thick was by the time the
    M60A1 came around it was felt that you could not have enough armor to stop
    the Soviet rounds of the time. This is also the reason that the AMX-30 and
    Leopard 1 had such thin armor. Of course the British took a different path
    with the Chieftain. When I first joined I crewed on an M60A3 which is
    almost identical to the A1s. It was truly a sweet tank.

  44. હેहै ð霊ತಿಳಿತ್ತೇನೆ

    click click click click click click click

  45. Plz play T-62 and stupid Tu-4 :D

  46. kv 2 and pe 8

  47. Phly just so you know the M60A1’s armor isn’t modeled correctly in game
    becuse if it was it would be the best armoured post war vic and can’t have
    anything being better than russian tanks

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