M60A2 STARSHIP – FIRE Photon Guided Torpedoes (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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– FIRE Photon Guided Torpedoes ( Gameplay)


  1. 0:10 lol right time to say ohhhhh LMAO!!

  2. “he’s expressing himself!” ROFL

  3. tigerraven And co

    6:08 omg omg omg I shot a bomber damn

  4. Are you ready kids, I can’t hear you OOOOOOOOOOH WHO LIVES IN A BOX UNDER THE BRIDGE!


  6. 5:58 – 6:01 FUCKING AMAZING PLHY

  7. 6th Attempt: Make George S. Patton proud and be a part of “Patton’s Dogs”, knock the fucking block off of those sauerkraut with the versatile M4A3E8. Smash through enemy defenses in the Sherman Jumbo. Show the enemy the true might of the USF and bring them to their knees with the P-47 out fitted with either small bombs or rockets. Make Patton Proud soldier!

  8. phly i think the blast of the atgm is large so when you shoot the rocket at leo gun manlet the blast went to the leo’s ammo

  9. Christian Supple

    that atgm shot earned you a like

  10. you don’t have to say guided photon torpedoes, the basic Photon Torpedo is already guided.

  11. Love the intro lmfao

  12. what music??

  13. 16:40 – If you want to see a very cool in game example of how the new smoke system can save your life.

  14. Thanks Phil, I like that tank.

  15. I put Spongebob song in PhlyDaily video.

  16. Its just an armoured sheridan aitn it

  17. I like day Mighty Jingles shout out

  18. 5:58 Dis Gon B Gud!

  19. 6:58 LOLZ4DAYZ

  20. Liked because of that Horton kill. Just wow.

  21. 10:08 its hard enough to try to get a tier 4, i unlocked the ability to research them, but im still stuck with these tier 3s

  22. LIT INTRO. ???

  23. Callsign-YukiMizuki

    Only in Battlefie-
    Oh wait

  24. Hunter McFarland

    Rip Horton

  25. anyone knows how the intro music is called

  26. The Weapon Collection

    LMFAO….that intro though hahahaha

  27. the Shilka just went back and changed his guns

  28. What is the best country to play

  29. This is the new American bias confirmed

  30. Aaron Baskerville

    8:10 snipe on a hill okay then what about your giant fucking cupola eye??/??

  31. SpOoKy ScArY sKeLeToN

    spongebob remix

  32. Foysal Arifin Warasi

    Now thats a fucking walking armored SAM system with one shot capability

  33. A Mighty Wizard

    Since Phly I know you didn’t bother saying the last part of the ATGM cause we know the shenanigans of Arkansas here’s a pronunciation assist. (Shi Lay Lay) Enjoy

  34. 9:17 is caught me off guard with the scary part

  35. George Warren II

    That shilka went and got his big brother at the end.

  36. ильдар нургалиев

    6:00 оооооооо

  37. 0:19 nice small clip from the world or warcraft south park episode

  38. Photon guided torpedoes makes exactly no sense at all, photons are small bundles of energy representing light. Light which is all around us so how the hell can you guide with something all around you

  39. Phlys the type of guy to have every vehicle in the game but still have an M18 for a backup at 8.0

  40. If you guys had to design a tank, what would your design be? Mine would be a casemate leo 2a6 chassis (like the ru-251 and the kanonenjagdpanther) and it would have a 155 mm artillery peice in it and an atgm launcher next to it. The frontal armor would be 3 layers of spaced armor, all layers 400 mm thick. With reactive armor at the fromt plate. The side armor is only 100 mm thick to reduce weight and the engine would be replaced with one atleast 2x as powerful. the cupola ontop would have a 20 mm cannon. This tank would be a shoot and scoot style tank, it fires, and moves. why all the armor? Well, fucking planes, infared sights, etc. yay for firepower.

  41. Devastating Joke

    man, that rocket so damn fast. its cheating LOL
    its faster than the Hornet.

  42. tbh this is a Sheridan with more armour but a bigger profile. TBH I’d pick this over the Sheridan because it can bounce a shot.

  43. Cj, i need this damn tank

  44. Jean Alphonse DeBoisMonté

    wtf happened at 10:16 ?

  45. how to be killed this game, yeah, to many rocket tank, this is not fun anymore

  46. Kurt Christoph Von Schwerin

    I love how much you hate this tank

  47. Nice intro music phly

  48. crazycakemanflies

    Who else lost their shit when he made that atgm on the horten ahaha

  49. what is the music oh intro please ?

  50. MrCrazybadbastard

    hey phly, noob here, how much ammo should I carry in my tanks? should i go fully loaded or maybe half?

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