M60A2 Starship & SMOKE SHELLS (War Thunder 1.69 New Tanks)

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& SMOKE SHELLS ( New Tanks)


  1. na-to Japanese’s spy tank goolooooooooo

  2. How do you get on the Dev server?

  3. “152mm shell should be better” kek so much bullshit, only thing you get in heat shells along with the gauge is penetration. To be precise chemical penetration with no kinetic dmg. However heat shells should be deadly against thick armor

  4. 06:50 AGREED

  5. Take the new soviet TD

  6. Do you think u can use the chieftain Mk.6 vs M48A1 Patton which is better

  7. prashantmakemerich

    how to kill is-2 with 76mm americn gun?

  8. Slowly moving towards more modern tanks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. 0:56 Finland!

  10. Хаммер ты тут? Хаха

  11. how do you set binoculars?

  12. The_JoJo_Reference

    HEAT is useless in this game
    Even HEAT-FS Doesn’t one-shot for the most part

  13. ThatAussieBloke

    that meme intro

  14. “fully upgraded but not fully spaded” Isn’t that contradictory? I thought you “spaded” something once you had all the upgrades.

  15. i hope that smoke shells are put on early than late tanks. shermans and tigers had them. and even some of the early german tanks have smoke canister launchers. so i dont see why they would add smoke shells and launcher but only for top tier

  16. it looks amazing

  17. Derp time!:)

  18. G.91! G.91!

  19. jakerulesgaming

    I really want to see the puma

  20. Пресиан Енев

    when you play on low setings you can see through things if they aren’t a solid object i mean destructable(sry if i messed up a work i need to work my english)

  21. Heres the thing, i gave up on warthunder, its boring now…

  22. phly do the t95e1

  23. phly do the Churchill mk1

  24. Phly can you try the G-91 for Italia? Saluti da Milano

  25. Darryl Dagenais

    This is such an awesome game! Wish more people played……

  26. Tamás Gombkötő

    Phlydaily how can i get acces to the dev server ??

  27. A13 and firebrand mk 4 the flank cap and adult killer

  28. They need ERA. That would be great fending off the ATGM tanks

  29. try to shoot a smoke round against an open top or AA, maybe you’ll cause some damage!! I mean, if you hit a crew member in his fkn head

  30. Do the sdk fz 6/2

  31. damn new tank

  32. Easiest way to kill a IT-1 use a MG to shoot the visible rocket

  33. how do you go on the test server. i tryed alot of things and they dont work

  34. what’s the music in the beginning??? thanks

  35. Bojan Goranović

    Т-55А pls

  36. Only clicking challenge

    *Fly out a plane of your or a subscribers choice, in Air RB
    *You may only click and not hold when firing. You can click as fast as you want but you must never hold your mouse button
    * Gun convergence set to 800m

    Take 1

  37. Play Chief Mk.5 and Vickers MBT

  38. T95E1 will struggle with T-54 1947 hull, or very angled T-54 1949+ tanks. It’s kinda garbage for now.

  39. how do i get to play in the pts?

  40. Cesar antonioquiñonez

    how do you get the dev version?

  41. So… An M60 with ATGM’s? If Britain gets anything less than a Chieftain Mk 7 with Stillbrew there’s no point in playing British Tanks this update

  42. daniele moncalieri

    When can someone access the dev server?

  43. AlexanderVonTroll

    Give us the link to the dev server! plz!

  44. Omero!! I know that ruski YouTuber

  45. another useless shit

  46. There is no molten copper once the HEAT shell detonates….

  47. Lukas Schweizer

    The new German planes! …Oh wait…

  48. T-95E1 justifies his 8.0BR with his ability to bounce anything with his UFP !

  49. FleeceOllie WTF??

  50. Kommandant Franz

    smoke screen icon looks like cock n balls gg gaijin

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