M60A2 vs Leopard 1A5 — Tank Versus #4

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Welcome to the new weekly show on War Thunder channel! In “Tank Versus” a variety vehicles will face each other in order to finally find out who's the best. Today's battle is between M60A2 and Leopard 1A5.



  1. tbh i love the starship but its not better than the 1a5

  2. another bullshit American Win, American Can’t take lose

  3. Q: will we ever get a feature on ground rb maps that have rivers where river boats can spawn in and join the fray?

  4. Next tank verus: the French FCM.36 vs. the Russian T-80BVM (the FCM.36 wins easily)

  5. Super staged 🙁

  6. Very scripted

  7. Let me get something real quick, this may look insanely staged, but this is as fair as they get.

    This is are all its vehicle’s PURE stat, that’s why its fair.
    If anything its just gonna be for entertainment purpose.

    in real life, this couldn’t be the case because in real life you had other external factors, u had crew training, u had logistics, u had intelligence, u had supports, u had terrain, u had vehicle maintenance quality, individual upgrades and a lot others.

    greatest example was how M60s get tons of tank kills in gulf war, the ones that were deployed are heavily upgraded, & US intelligence-supports are definitely way better than the opposing side.

    by pure stat regular M60s are the shittiest MBT at its era, Leopard 1, AMX-30, Chieftain, T-55 & T-62, are all way better than M60s in some places like armor, firepower, speed, or operating range or sometimes even in all of them.

    but because of other external factors the results are different.
    And in War Thunder, u dont have any of that, just stat cards fighting against stat cards + player skill.

  8. Элбэг НЯМДОРЖ

    Elon musk mustve pissed that starship is being blown up xD

  9. It seems that your comparison favors American tanks. If the player is of the same level, Leo easily kills M60A2

  10. In Sim:
    Finland fights alongside the Red Army against the KV1B and finnish skin German T34 (that despite being finnish can’t use finnish roundels anymore because they are restricted to Sweden only)
    Are you serious? And this after denying Finland being independent from Sweden last year?

  11. I love tanks but Helicopter modes need some love.

    My wish list for helicopters- to make it fun again!!!

    1- Add utility/ transport helis
    Utility helis need to have infil and exfil objectives throughout the map in which AI ground troops attack objectives and need to be picked up to conduct air assaults on subsequent objectives. Also enables Medevac objectives back to friendly lines/ landing zones/ field hospitals.

    2-Add light/recon helis- enemy convoys/ objectives are no longer randomly populated on the map, all enemy objectives must be discovered by these light/ recon helis (points for spot bonus). Other enemy units are discovered once they fire on players/friendly AI or when discovered by other players.

    3- bring back PVP in a separate mode- top tier players want it- give it to em

    4- allow utility helicopters to carry equipment and light vehicles (based on real world data) to support AI attacking objectives (think slingload operations light vehicles/ artillery.)

    5- bring in night missions! Also- rewards for NOE flying in combat conditions at night- will add another dimension of challenges for conducting these missions in the dark.

    6- Lastly add specific close air support objectives for the ground AI- (add points for providing CAS and not allowing the friendly AI to get wiped out will make players care about friendly AI

  12. Don’t waste your money!

  13. its so lame.. stop this things soon gaijin.. before its too late..

  14. Q: When will the people use their brains to make a balanced match?

  15. 2:58

  16. this show is so fake

  17. Hey gaijin,I think there should be a feature where you can reset your Tree,like if you go on USA and want to get a British jet,I think it should be like that,where you can reset the whole entire tree to go into another tree

  18. Next: Maus versus IS-2!
    Better give us more days to unlock 10 rare vehicles than this stupid video!

  19. This video is completely false, I know that from experience of using the leopard 1a5 that it would win all 3 of these fights. The starship is just outright bad compared to the leopard 1a5. Gaijin if your going to do this series at least do it properly and accurate to gameplay instead of staging it in an attempt to make exciting content, which just results in people believing in false ideas.

  20. is the opening animation a nod to the battle of cologne?

  21. golden eagles?

  22. Day 3 of asking for yugoslavia tech tree

  23. sry… but no

  24. A certified unbiased Gajing classic.

  25. Bruh not fair the leopard should have won this round

  26. ohhhh my god DM33 in 10 m have 408 km pan and still can’t pan front armor of T72AV

  27. Next one must be Strv 42/Eh against italian P40

  28. Is WarThunder edge real or no

  29. I call this video pure shitshow

  30. biggest #@#@##@#@ bullshit ever, shells dont work all the time, smoke shells dont work. tanks I usually kill with ease are now impossible to do so, friendly members killing you on airfield and yet you still loose lions and nothing given back. the ability to report stops if game ends while doing so. idiot’s could organise a piss up in a brewery. so you get a new vehicle and no crew research or modification and yet you are up against fully researched vehicles, yep theta fair ranking. masonic bs! look for the logo sheeple

  31. The Salty Apple Wannabe

    Tank versus is such a good concept but all 4 videos have been bad simply because of what they compare…

  32. I would give more than just one thumbs down for this bullshit if I could.

  33. You guys seriously need to just have random players do this instead of 2 dude duking it out, this is just sad when it comes to how those tanks are played.

  34. da merkt man wie intensiv ihr eurer Spiel spielt

  35. The worst of WWF applied to WT …

  36. Next: BT-7 vs Leopard 1

  37. This video perfectly displays that Gaijin have no idea what’s going on in their own game.

  38. This one had me enthralled, I seriously didn’t know who would win 🙂

  39. I feel that in the third round the Leo could’ve loaded a hesh round and hit the commanders cupola potentially causing an overpressure into the turret

  40. It would be more entertaining to face 2 recognized youtubers in the tanks of their choice from the same BR. Example, PhlyDaily vs. DOLLARplays or Hunter

  41. is this a joke? What a trash tier series.

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