MAD KV-3 1 vs 8 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today zayin_ZAFKIEL will show you raw power of the KV-3 in World of Tanks standing alone against not one, not two, not five but EIGHT players!



  1. first

  2. This is cringy but first lol

  3. Notification for this video xame up right above a youtube short withtthe song menace. I felt it HARD

  4. Manipulative mm and rng

  5. Piotr Montgomery TV

    Nice to hear that this tank is good.

  6. Team of bots, WoT is absolutely dead.

  7. crazy game! i love the kv3 dang 11 kills!

  8. Another gold spammer without reason

  9. IS-2 paid actor

  10. As an NA Player, WoT is really struggling here. The player counts are chronically low. I played about two weeks ago, and the highest player count it ever got to was about 13,000 on a Saturday afternoon. Lowest it ever got to was 8,000.

  11. Qb, in my opinion he is not that good..the enemies are just dumb.

  12. dogplayer IS 2 lmao

  13. Wish I could meet donkeys like this 🤣🤣

  14. I just finished grinding through this piece of shit and had the most miserable time in it before giving up and free XPing through it. I don’t know how anyone can find this tank fun. I sold this crappy tank immediately and do NOT regret it.

    • This tank, and Tier 7 IS and IS-2 has been hit hard with the powercreep. Back when the game was young their 175 standard penetration and 210 or so Gold penetration and its below-average accuracy is sufficient for the matchmaking bracket they find themselves in.

      Nowadays with the over-armored tanks with *Zero weak spots* and/or *Pixel-sized weak spots* all over the place, like Chrysler or Defender to name a few, they’re basically just free exp/damage pinata the moment they get up-tiered, or just face against newer tanks of the same tier. They don’t have enough pen to go through the front, sometime even with Gold rounds! They don’t have enough agility to flank, or the opposing tanks has more agility to out-turn them. They don’t have enough accuracy to reliably hit pixel-sized weak spots if they’re present and the other side don’t sit still like a retard.

      Seriously, just look at the new Tier 7 Chinese Heavy Tank and see its final gun’s statistic compared to Chinese IS-2 or Soviet IS, and you will see that nowadays you need 200+ standard penetration for heavy tank now. Which KV-3 and IS / IS-2 didn’t get.

  15. I don’t know what it is, but their aim is really sketch. Just snapping off rounds like they’re not in a bad gun handling T7 tank… only had a few misses, but feels like they deserved more.

  16. that IS2 😂😂😂😂

  17. It always amazes me how monster games like this are happening more and more frequently – pretty solid evidence that the playerbase is getting so, so much worse. Having a result like this used to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but now having to do it every other week because of how mind-bogglingly bad the teams are is a bit concerning.

  18. what a sealclubbing…

  19. bro i havent clicked on a video this fast

  20. That is2 was an astouding player, i gues the kv3 was more lucky thats why he won

  21. Um guys,why were there only 14players

  22. That’s the LATAM server actually, and I believe zayin is brazilian.

  23. zayin’s aim is piss poor tbh, super lucky his enemies are incompetent lmao

  24. I wonder what Sabaton song they’re listening to in order to clutch the game

  25. Jean Baptiste Bory

    This IS 2 is juste such a nooob…. How is it possible too bé this bad

  26. lucky game for him, yolo’ing round corners and driving out in front of enemy instead of staying hull down.

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