MAD MAXING AROUND – EBR 75 – World of Tanks

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Done 3 marking the double barrel, on to other premiums now!



  1. Happy New Year all! : )

  2. Battles in WoT are too fast…
    WG: Slaps wheelies in to the game
    What do you mean???

  3. never worried.. circLewd

  4. The Tokyo Craftsman

    6:43 to 10:13, not a word spoken, some serious carrying going on there!

  5. wheelie boiery is off the charts… good thing i came to my senses and quit for good

  6. Happy New Year and all the best! 🙂

  7. Wow what a great game I am a new subscriber really like the channel ??

  8. William Wikström _

    This tank is so fucking OP

  9. what the fuck mannnnnnn

  10. Great carry just feels a bit BS at the end that he literally only won because ‘lol magic wheels’ absorbing a 128mm shell somehow xD

    • @munky342 Btw, many tanks in the game can obliterate many other tanks with one shot, especially in +2 MM, but I don’t mind about that. Tho, I mind when there’s unworldly vehicle in the game which doesn’t belong there. I mean, it’s the same thing if tomorrow they introduce space ships with laser beams to fry tanks from the space. That’d be so much fun for sure.

    • @damyr I said in reality the vehicle would stop. I didn’t speak to the condition of the vehicle afterwards.

      So, in reality it would stop.
      In game they do not. They keep going.

    • @munky342 And I’ve added IRL they wouldn’t just be stopped, but they would also cease to exist.
      But in the game reality, if they wanted to introduce those vehicles with some reality check and with proper balance on mind, they should’ve been made as the worst class in the game, meant to be extremely challenging… You know, just as real wheeled vehicles IRL (in WW2) were no match to tanks and weren’t even intended to fight tanks.

    • Jeezus my dude, the RHM messed up that shot not just once but TWICE, oof.

    • What happens often with these tanks, is that due to how high up off the ground the armored cars are, you pen the wheel, but your shot is below the actual tank, and impacts the ground.

  11. 2020, Circon still OP.

  12. Last two lucky bounce and miss shot

    You lucky son of a

  13. Wonder why you didn’t just circle the Rhm in the end? Seemed like the second yolo was unnecessary risk as he got a shot off.

    • one of his wheels was damaged, so his turn rate sucked. And with the borsig having a turret circling would’ve been more risky I would think.

    • The first yolo was unnecessary as the Borsig was in the open, he could have used the bushes behind cap to just kill him from double bush, but decisions like that are easy to make cooly watching the replay not playing the game

    • You always risk doing a sudden 90 degree turn in these things if you try to go too fast around someone and end up ramming into them. There’s a lot of reasons why you don’t actually circle people in these. They actually circle too fast and end up getting themselves shot because the person figures out they can just bait you or you accidentally ram yourself into them / come to a sudden stop.

  14. K-K-K-Killstreak!

  15. I will 3 mark arta when they will delete it from the game.

  16. Dylan van der Velden

    talking and thinking is hard

  17. I think to rebalance spgs they should also reduce gun range maybe i dont know how that would turn out but it would make spg players choose a flank and not just shit on anyone from a corner of the map

    • They don’t need nerfed any more. You can’t just murder gun range and not give them mobility, RoF or armor in return. If you take something away, you have to give it back somewhere.

    • @Stark Raven Or you could put them out of their misery and remove them from the game entirely, creating a better experience for literally everyone else. Artillery is such a zero sum game it’s inclusion isn’t even justifiable anymore. You can only do well in arty by ruining someone else’s match from the other side of the map with one hand while perfectly safe from any return fire yourself. In any other game a mechanic like arty would be considered cheating. On top of that It’s such an RNG driven class that WG may as well replace it with a slot machine lever that you pull to get randomized XP and credit amounts.

    • Star Platinum ZA WARUDO!

      Oblivion’sLegend I completely agree. Finally, somebody else who both sees and can explain why arty is a dumb class.

    • I’ve had many games where I thought “boy, I wish there was arty in this game to break this stalemate or hit this guy nobody wants to push”. So I disagree. However, mechanical rebalance outside of just kicking it in the teeth every patch is not unwelcome. Wargaming just doesn’t want to because people shout a hell of a lot about it. And Wargaming’s balance team is pants-on-head retarded with a side-order of sadistically greedy.

  18. I like you even if you are a bad scout player.

  19. Damn, your back has to be sore from carrying 14 losers to victory.

  20. Yay I made you tube! I’m famous in 2020! Keep up the memes Circon!

  21. seeing all the “cus muh teeems” comments from people are whats wrong with the game. If more would take responsibility for their own poor play then they might actually learn something.

    • “My team was bad. The other team wasn’t better!”
      Welcome to online multiplayer games. Absolutely nothing can be your own fault.

  22. What can I say…master puppeteer..and those muppets didn’t know what hit them:)

  23. 6 minutes in: this game is over I’m gonna yolo
    *sees 8 minutes of video left*
    Oh boy here we go

  24. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Here we see the EBR doing 80kmph in game, remember that time they removed the T-50-2 and brought it back as a premium because it was apparently too fast for the game at a solid 60-65kmph

  25. drive like a muppet and auto aim? must be ebr gameplay

  26. Never worried!

  27. first of all excellent round there but you got super lucky to absorb the shot in the wheel

  28. whats that donation sound? who said that?

  29. yap. prity good 😉

  30. All in all good carry but couldn’t you have just circled the RHM at 10:24? You had the win in the bag and you gave the enemy 1 more chance to kill you by disengaging

  31. Jesus Christ Circon. Pretty sure killing sprees aren’t allowed on youtube.

  32. So, save your health and kill low health left overs. I’ve been doing it wrong.

  33. Bloody well played, yolo life.

  34. fyi: over on NA anonomizer only hides stats not names of players using it maybe so on EU too.

  35. Was wondering how you were going to turn that around.

  36. Syahareen Sha Rani

    If that Rhm loaded HE he would have kill you but French Wheels are like shell magnets even you hit them it says critical hit and not even hit the hull …

  37. @9:28 u lock on to the enemy tank WITHOUT even having him inside yer aim….plz explain HOW i can get that on my wot game

  38. If you ask yourself, what it would look like if a 23rd century wheeled vehicle would be introduced into the game about tanks from the middle of 20th century?
    Well, check out this video. And if that wasn’t disgusting enough for you, that’s a certain sign you’re a soulless psychopath.

  39. Its amazing to me that people still think wheelies are op. If you see someone do well in one it’s because the player played well.
    These things are actually pretty damn hard to play well. Only op thing about them is the wheels absorbing shots.
    So many people just discredit the player immediately and say it’s nothing but what they’re using.

    • most wheeled tanks i play against just use auto aim while driving. doesn’t seems hard and they almost always kill other light tanks.

    • @Manchineel You don’t see all the time it misses / let alone pens and most light tank players literally just W key forward while crossing their fingers instead of actually turning on their brains and going “Oh maybe I won’t beat that wheeled light tank to that spot or in a fight where he’s going to be able to use every advantage he has.” It’s more of the playerbase just not adapting to situations more than anything else. I don’t really see what’s so hard about _not_ charging forward and trying to duel a wheely in my lights.

    • @Comrade Legion From that it sounds like the solution is whenever a wheeled tank is on the map just stay the fuck away because it will kill you. If the adaptation is give up and go to another flank then there is a problem with the tank.

  40. This is rigged !!! ?

  41. Cars are broken

  42. you may not be high, but I love watching you when I am.

  43. Holy crap 230K credits Profit in one battle (that’s minus the 50K premium mission)
    Kinda feel like it should be way more than that tho for 5K Damage and 9 Kills in a Tier 8 Prem

  44. congrats wargayming on making game mechanic more unfair and annoying than arty

  45. Seeing this makes me want to play my EBR despite not knowing how to play it yet, eh this is all i need to know ?

  46. Ebr 75 is a light Tank supposed to spot and here is circon casualy doing 5k damage and only 400 assist with this tank….

  47. That was disgusting. lol

  48. Your EBR identifies as a 703II

  49. Wow, don’t care how good you are, that tank is game breaking

  50. I was hoping this tank would be in the loot boxes….

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