MADE IN CHINA – Type 62 Light Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. 12:49 to 13:26 had 3 most game destroying bullcrap in War Thunder ground
    battle right now. The shell exploded right on the gun breech which should
    destroy the gun and even blow up the tank if there is shell loaded in that
    gun, yet the crew can still repair the gun in 20 seconds; 85mm full caliber
    APHE shells penetrate the smallest gaps or armor plates on tanks like a
    particle; tanks equipped with cloaking system that completely make the tank
    invisible but only works when 90% of the tank is hidden behind objects at
    close range or works when 50% of the tank is hidden.

  2. Hmm, try the defense of Japan combo, the Chi-Nu and the J2M2
    Shuriken #4

  3. Type62 developed in 1962 vs Tiger tank developed in 1942.

  4. t34 57 and yer-2 M-105

  5. Matt Damon combo:
    *M*-46 Patton
    *A* d-2 skyraider

    All hail Matt Damon.

  6. Put that shit on thunder show

  7. there was a cut in the video after the drift kill, I’m thinking a quick
    victory wank

  8. Its impressive even though it has paper thin armor but besides that it’s a
    brilliant tank

  9. Do the Matilda 4 (it’s the soviet version of the British Matilda with a
    better engine to make it go faster and a 76mm gun but still has its think

  10. why is it that phly, slick and barron all upload the type 62 on the same
    day ‘:l

  11. do the Tiger H1 and bf 109 G6!! 3rd attempt

  12. Getting real fucking tired of Gaijin mixing cold-war tanks/aircraft with
    ww2 tanks/aircraft, first the fucking pt-76 now this, irritates the heck
    out off me.

  13. tortise and the Mossie 57

  14. Tanner “sketchy” Lilley

    damn gaijin making all the good stuff a premium…

  15. Here’s a challenge, why don’t you take out the Ho-Ro into a tier 5 match
    and see how many kills you can get!

  16. Stabby McStabberson

    Word of the Day: Explosivetivity

  17. JaggedJ tha killer klown

    4:45 Phly triggered himself

  18. So comparable to the Super Hellcat?

  19. 4:45 that would have been perfect clip for the best of 2016 video

  20. so if you play like an asshole… than i be one… because all i know frome
    war thunder… how to drive a tank or fly a plane, i learn frome you just
    buy watching your videos again and again and listen what you say and fuck i
    realy start to be an good player

  21. Chi-To , B7A2 plz und tanks

  22. japanese op combo// take out the TYPE 74 and the G8N1 with a row of zeros
    for backup….make kamikazes a thing. attempt #5

  23. play next time with the kingtiger porsche turret

  24. Attempt #2
    Cancer combo!
    Kugelblitz and ho229

  25. The Soviets are losing their vehicles and manpower. But the UK and USA are
    supporting us by resoursing us.
    Play the Su-57 and the Hawker Chariton.

  26. I might be noob in War Thunder but I find the Artillery Strike much more
    useful in bigger and farther targets, especially if you’re armor or health
    is low

  27. CheeseCoatedChopper

    do some torpedo bombing on those damn super cruisers that take like 4k ib
    bombing runs.

  28. however, with Gaijin’s broken game mechanics. 95% of the rounds that hit it
    will bpunce.

  29. (challenge)
    take out the t17e2 and the wyvern.
    get enough hits with you’re 50cals to fly the wyvern with the three
    1000pounds bombs.
    good luck.

  30. Type 62, junk… That grind for that light tank is ridiculous. AA will kill
    it. Now I’m happy I didn’t waste my time getting it.

  31. Its not available on chinese servers now..yes

  32. I gotta respect you man, after 2 attempts you have finally corrected the
    music link, THANK YOU!!!!!!

  33. will u play DOGFIGHT ELITE?

  34. Yeah the T-34-85 is better, and doesn’t have to fight King Tigers.

  35. guys i still don’t understand is War Thunder
    a WW2 era games or a Modern era games?

  36. Ze Germans need help take out the Pz 2 and Arado with 20mm. Show that beer
    is more bias then vodka.
    Attempt #2

  37. Nikolai Brix Hermansen - 6J


  38. I’m still here, Phly

  39. Phly here’s a impossible challenge: Drive the T95 get a kill and then try
    to flip the tank
    You asking why, why not

  40. Fun fact: Some M18 hellcats were used by the Chinese to make Type 62 tanks.
    In fact, they originally just put M18 turrets onto the M41 Duster’s

  41. Whats the intro song phly im not gonna stop ^_^

  42. Killed a 1942 Tiger … wow, awesome.

  43. I’m Vietnamese

  44. Bet a Wirlwind could penetrate Lola :-)

  45. Looks like a glass canon

  46. That. Drift kill dude was so Good

  47. Hey Phly,
    play the Japanese overcompensating-combo:
    Ho-Ro + Ki-44-II otsu
    Because size DOES matter!

    attempt #1

  48. Every time i see this tank, i always heard Commando and conquer soundtrack
    for the china nation in my mind, idk why :V

  49. Tips on how to not die in a Yak-3 in RB, I die almost every single battle

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