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  1. *What do ya’ll think of the new MERCH!!* Merch Comes out SOON Stay Tuned 07
    VOTE ON The Next Addition!! –

  2. Phly would be a good comedian

  3. thx ply, I listened to your vid wile i proceed to purchase 462 tsa confiscated pocket knives from ebay for an upcoming video of mine.

  4. Hi Phly, I have an idea for your next set of merch: artsy (maybe not cartoon but stylized) renditions of some of the cursed tank thumbnails.

  5. P51, F4U, P38, Spitfire, Hurricane, and the AC130 are my inputs.

  6. Gives me good old memory of the day the HSTV-L was released **is fighting his tears** I killed about 5 of them with artilery strikes in one eve.. it was beautiful *sniff*

  7. What is so weird about this game is people fly Jets the same way they fly ww2 dive bombers… I guess the grass though is pretty realistic it’s green and can be flattened by vehicles. Good job devs….

  8. PLEASE make a F-14 shirt I would love it so much omg please Phly F-14

  9. Get a m1a2 shirt and ill buy

  10. 19:22 well yes. Sadly WT is just a company in the end and aslong as there is enough idiots to just jam money down their throats for just delievering new vehicles that are “mysteriously better for some reason” ~quote there is no reason to put in maps.. or good game modes. By now I am totally convinced that the maps are done by the janitor of Gaijin HQ.. just imagine they would just hire a decent game mode and map designer for a month, game could be so much more. Which is pretty weird since they put so much effort into the vehicles,graphics.. sounds and stuff (aside from the TURMS-T.. go testdrive, rotate the turret and watch the optics in 3rd person) but somehow totaly neglect the game modes and maps they are either working on something big or are choking on the giant phloppystick called “greed”. If you can´t put a price tag on it, Gaijin doesn´t want it apperently

  11. Thumbnail says Mac Dump…

  12. Day 161: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  13. You not take capitan cat on board?(((

  14. Do merkava mk3.D pls i always watch your vid and love your content

  15. The Sheva “Thanks partner” killed me. XD

  16. Please do a 262 shirt. Would buy that instantly.

  17. I would like to see a Bf 109G or K S, Fw 190 or F 22 shirt.

  18. AV-8*s need the wings. The wing-tips are where the hover roll controls are.

  19. Phly: “your worst enemy is your teammates”

    Man, that Ah-1G learned it the hard way tho

  20. Day 4 day asking phly yo play the Sherman 105

  21. Anyone know what gamemode this is?? Is it ground RB

  22. Is there gonna be a Draken desing? :3

  23. so…when will the devs reveal the “Puma IFV”?

  24. 20:26 phly raging

  25. We want a G91 shirt!

  26. This is the spray and pray of tanks and I love it 😂

  27. A-1 Skyraider t-shirt plz!?

  28. Phly: Whoa! We just killed a schoolbus.

  29. Day 475. Hey phly. Why havnt you played the xm1 Chrysler. Sure it’s bad but survivability is decent.

  30. I imagine I will unlock my first 10.3 vehicle the day the War Thunder servers go offline for good

  31. pancharder der paijas

    Dont forget tto give pete some pats

  32. This guy is awsome I like his commentry I never get bored of his videos ,if you guys agree like 👍⬇️⬇️⬇️ here if you agree😁

  33. HSTV is the t92 of top tier, change my mind

  34. pls add the yag 10 merch

  35. spookston moment

  36. Day 1: So exited for the merch!!!!

  37. you have absolute right!! war thunder has not a single good map for up tier, especially this Jungle map which is horrible in every sence of map making

  38. Are there going to be any tank tee shirts?

  39. Day 15:
    Hey Phly! Can you please play the Tiger 1 P again? 🙂

  40. Really like the thumbnail on this one

  41. pls play the pe-3 with the rokets there real op on that batle rating

  42. ryan bennett bennett

    That “bruh” in the intro killed me.

  43. Konstantinos Jatagandzidis

    Phlee, play the I-185 (M-82) for CAS. It is WAAAAAY underrated (3x20mm with powerphul AP + bombs/rockets). It’s also really phast.

  44. Be funny if that WAS Hammond/Hamster from Top Gear/Grand Tour crashing AGAIN! in War Thunder!🤣

  45. make one katyusha shirt and i will definately be purchasing!

  46. How do you get the third person bomb aim reticle in RB folks ???

  47. Better have a lot of A-10 shirts those are gonna be phire

  48. Senastian M Barillas

    Phly!!! Man, u gotta search up “British, bouncing bombs” it’s gotta be in war thunder mate! Ty for new merch btw <3

  49. I would like an A-7 Corsair II for T-Shirt.

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