MAGIC RUSSIAN BUS – T-28 Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

MAGIC BUS – (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Marco Sebastian Valle Minjares

    omg katyusha ftw

  2. Give phly a VIP gulag

  3. Greatest intro ever

  4. Start doing tank rb combined arms again. Those were my favorite. I also
    suggest the Is-1 and the Yak-9k

  5. Vodka- -Водка

    “The bus that I drove captured bias to Gulag”

  6. How about a video that covers best game controls? Which make/model of
    joysticks and other forms of control?

  7. The Pz III M! shitzn’ for days!

  8. “Let Stalin guide your shell” ded

  9. play m3lee

  10. Play T-44. For Stalin

  11. The next thing we know, people will start asking phly to drive this in
    heroes and generals

  12. Hubelerava Teranos

    play T 92 american tank,

  13. According to my research, Russia is most stronk

  14. matilda

  15. Moonraker And Elizabeth

    Play be JADTIGER reply the comment

  16. The Reagan Administration

    PHLY play the M15

  17. Russian gun depression is depressing.

  18. DezeKeerThomas DKT


  19. intro music is Russian and is called Katyusha

  20. I love Katyusha

  21. matilda can be penetrated in the cheeks(front)not 100% sure but try it

  22. Try the valentine mk ix love machine and or Matilda, whilst trying to
    maintain a convincing English accent throughout the match

  23. Try out the SU-152: KV-2’s big brother

  24. The SH shell is the best against all what it can penetrate

  25. Do the ferdinand plz

  26. I love the song, katyusha, mainly due to GuP

  27. Miguel Pizzaia Crauzer

    crusader Mark 2 and 3

  28. mahadisal ahadani


  29. párek v rohlíku

    play the falcon

  30. No offense but I think you do best when you use the T-28…..And plz use
    the Kv-1 with the shit L11 cannon

  31. Bogdan Gorczynski


  32. Christopher Putra

    do ZIS 30

  33. I really hate this tank to be honest it has the worst armour I have ever

  34. Churchill Mk. III

  35. Play the T44 with the 85

  36. Rittirong Hmeonkow

    t10m pls

  37. Lolzcrafter101 MCPE

    play with the T110E5

  38. Play the AVENGER!!

  39. pls do the Achilles

  40. RETO add m10 , sherman jumbo, su 76m, t28, and kv 85
    in case you want to know

  41. Mous

  42. Snickers Cup Series

    Play the su-122 with only 10 shells

  43. t54-47 please

  44. panzer v f2

  45. Husky The Dinosaur

    Use the ASU-57 and have sex with big tanks

  46. Take the Marder 3

  47. афкшный афкшник

    long time watching your videos. I’m from Russia and I very like your
    video. What do you say about the fleet? By the way, like for Katusha(:
    And we have the T-28 is called a tram

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