MAHOU vs. BULBA – Absolute Clan Cup – Playoffs

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. What’s with the “WG_Observer_115” in the T1?

  2. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    You helped my from my dmg per game 226, to 871 (I am fairly new my highest tank is tier 7 medium Comet), and I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help

    And I will keep improving 🙂

  3. that Eco though

  4. You guys cycled HP very well. The concentrate fire is decent, could be better.

  5. In the 1st game the commander said for bats to push north and then after they died he said that he told them to hold and not push. He forgot what he said.

  6. Poor Bulba, they barely have enough to fill a team and y’all are reking them?

  7. you helped me get from 2.5k recents to 3.2k recents thanks

  8. Can you explain the tank load out? I have never played CWs so I dont know what tanks are good. Why the STB? Why only one Kranvagn? Not picking on you guys just asking why certain tanks 🙂

  9. Did Night1rider really forget that he told your bats on the west on the first match to push or is it just me? “Get these bats here *pings A4*” 3:18. Then he procedes to state “We pushing this we threw” 4:00 “There was no push” …. bro, freaking man up or if you really did forget, just don’t sound so forceful…. when you’re the caller, just take responsibility or something.

  10. Meta is all about putting Maus and IS-7 in bushes with camo crew, camo net, and binoculars. All those pubbie clans actually had it right.

  11. Hey just wanna say thanks for the vids I finally managed to pull my PR to 7k thanks to you and it’s only climbing up now. You rock lemming ?

  12. Why did they have a t1?

  13. why did they kill the t1?

  14. fuck this makes me miss MAHOU so much ((

  15. Awesome video. I think the chatter from the caller is a little excessive.Only pertinent information is necessary. The finger pointing would be better if saved in a post game review among the team. Thank you for posting.

  16. these vids are great!

  17. cancer saves the game, relatable

  18. *lemming and other B-C 25t start running from south* *gets spotted and other B-C 25t gets splashed by arty for 89* lemming whispers “stop camping”

  19. great vid but y do u take a t1 ?

  20. are 140s not good enough for clan wars anymore? or is 5A just too good?

  21. Mahou confirmed newest dad c;an

  22. Lemmming, do you think you could do a review on the baby bat chat? Also, what is your recommended setup for the batchat an the bat ap in terms of equipment?

  23. Can u Join pro league. Also great video

  24. lol Bulba never seemed that good in advances.. i mean, when i was in 2harm we would spank them regularly.. meh. very nice shot on the strv @ 2:50 btw 🙂

  25. Great video, this helps a lot.

  26. Someone help me out: I’m in a situation where I don’t know to unlock the centurion AX or the Leopard 1.

  27. This was very entertaining to watch, thanks for posting this

  28. NA MingLee

  29. bro u sound depressed as fuck in the battle of glory ad
    re-record it xD

  30. why do they bring a tier 1? and then tk him?

  31. Lemming I can’t seem to do well in my is-4 and tips?

  32. Thanks to you and your clan for posting. Fun to watch.

  33. why was there a T1 the first game

  34. 2:02 When you call for help from your hero LemmingRush and he ignores you :'(

  35. It's not what you think

    In theory, couldn’t you mass report an arty player with your friends for botting and since the report system is automated, they’d get banned automatically?

  36. Hot sexy unicum slams everything with his BC

  37. at 13:10 confirm the HEAT on the batchat are shit.

  38. I love this clan wars stuff, please post more. I really like the good example of the leader.

  39. Why is there a tier 1 ?

  40. I love the chaos yet very well planned calls

  41. I think seeing misread calls in a high level clan match is a good object lesson for green/blue callers. That misreading happens, and to do your best to adapt to it and try not to stress your players out, rather than freeze up and spend the rest of the game dwelling on it or berating your team.

  42. Very tough to have a good clan and people who LISTEN… thanx for showing how hard it can be and easy

  43. Thanks for the upload.

  44. hey guys can anyone explain why the bulba kept using that tier T1 tank instead of tier 10 one?

  45. the guy calling said “get these bats here” *clicks where arty is* then claims he didn’t tell them to push? or did I not hear something else 3:16

  46. Just curiois, what exactly is the advantge/disadvantage of taking the wz-111-5a vs the 113 like your clan did on sand river. Are there any specific traits making one specialized in one way and the other in another way?

  47. 40:10
    “I’m having some really weird packet loss”
    “Then go find them”
    What is this

  48. 3:43 no you didn’t lol. You said let’s get these bats here…

  49. Why did u take a T1 only to kill it, u gave them an advantage?

  50. Please upload more of these. I’m going to bring popcorn next time lol.

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