[MAHOU] VS [WONKA] – Tier 10 Advances

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Source: LemmingRush

They did well, considering their stats and props to them not giving up second they saw MAHOU. If you want to join WONKA Im friends with one of their Execs, really nice guy. Their reqs are 2300 recent (: Thanks for watching

Ive decided to start offering mentoring lessons to help people get better at WoT.


  1. first comment!

  2. haha no music over the com chatter 😉

  3. “He’s gonna have to bleep half of the audio”

    .. does nothing

  4. My old clan miss them a lot, just stopped playing WOT due to the direction the game was headed.

  5. wonka got there shit pushed in

  6. I thought our ts was bad during matches. I hate clanmates in ts but I like the cw gold.

  7. I can’t say I feel bad for wonka at all especially after the qssf cancer moved over

  8. give the mini map hack away lol

  9. Well done MAHOU

  10. I was in WONKA. Then we got a new commander who said I wasn’t active enough. And now they barely have enough people online each night for stuff apparently since they kicked so many of us. Well played MAHOU.

  11. interesting how u dont have commander to issue orders and strategy planing before game , just everybody just blabing in air and confusing others xD but its fun i guess xD


    You have the T22 sr :O ?

  13. Circon is the best… 😉 (12:35)

  14. Why don’t you speak while you’re reconding these clan stuff?

  15. 420th view

  16. Lemming, you do good job focusing considering your teammates are talking more than girls at a slumber party.


  18. [MFG] Clan Channel

    Lemming baby i missed your voice in this!!! In case you wonder what peasants like me play, its wotblitz, i uploaded some super sexy unicum gameplay just for you! Enjoy it with a glass of red wine, bread, grapes and swiss cheese. Oh yes and put on those sexy sexy socks you got. <3<3<3<3<3<3

  19. why you no stream this 🙁

  20. It's not what you think

    Hey cunt, should I get the 113 or the Type 5 for when I want to be retarded?

  21. Lmao, They are ranked 31 and somehow they get you guys.

  22. here’s a good reason why gold ammo should be removed

  23. How do you guys get WONKA? Skill based matchmaking working as intended…

  24. I have 2300 recent in my panzer 3J. Is that good enough?

  25. Captain_Jack9 QSSF

    We won one at least xD

  26. Also, thx for the offer of clans but not my thing.

  27. Captain_Jack9 QSSF

    Notice how he didn’t put the game in where they lost

  28. Captain_Jack9 QSSF

    He still had a nice description though 🙂

  29. Dave Pawlikowski

    “Team kill Jeff please! “

  30. notice how despite all the angry wonka members whining about not posting the games they won, they don’t post those games themselves 🙂

  31. Bruh $20 an hour for lessons, you got a nigga fucked up if you think we will pay that price

  32. Lemming, do you have Russian language on your keyboard? You might just be an undercover Canadian KGB sleeper agent :). Just kidding, was an entertaining video!

  33. Aaaaand my clan has been embarrassed. lol I wasn’t there that night, kinda glad now. Just flipping through subs and saw wonka. What made you upload the vid?

  34. Poast moar of those !

  35. thanks so much for posting more CW games!! i love the shot calling and the intensity. Please more

  36. “Hey Lemming, just cut out the audio, okey?”

  37. Since when did the 113 become competitive?

  38. Lemming has decided to offer lessons for us, just for 20$/h. You’d be better off giving free lessons on YT plus you will get more views. I don’t know who’d be stupid enough to pay 20 dollars for a mentor let alone paying 20 dollars per hour.

  39. I remember Lemming went into a training room the other day. I was fangirling. How embarrassing, but necessary. Keep up the good work.

  40. more heat then standard amo waw good tactics but pff scum p2w it never wil change right

  41. the idubbz memes are 2 strong

  42. The only requirment is 2300rwn8? So almost everyone can join, weard

  43. I’ve gotta admit, it’s nice to see T110E5’s still used. I bought one last year for the campaign, but it stopped getting called for after the nerf.

  44. Hey Lemming, are you planning to review the new Lorraine 40t anytime soon? Im so tempted to get one.

  45. How’s the new Ryzen CPU doing?

  46. Nice job and GG but honestly some of your clan mates are scumbags haha but whatever. Also hmm Wonka is ok I’m pretty sure we beat them every time we played them #FELOW

  47. lemming rush why you sound like psycho path

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