Majestic Object 430U Carry on Arctic Region

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. whenautismhitstoohard

    Russiiaa comrade a balanced medium tank noice

  2. Faggot with a tuba ??

  3. actually the jpze100 was the one who lost the game because he wanted to flank with his slow tank instead of helping the is4 and sharing some hp

  4. M A J E S T I C


  6. I just wanted to say: faggot with a tuba.

  7. Error 404 122mm HE splash vs 10 HP jgpz E100 not found!

  8. When do you recommend to rush back to base ? Do you wait tell the counter is at a certain number like half way capped or Do you base it on what friendly tanks are closer to the cap.I tried doing the latter and i have learned to never count on a pubi to go in and reset the cap.I have lost so many games when we will have 3 or 4 tanks near our cap and they still cant manage to get a reset and we lose.

    • Tanking Trucker A lot of it has to do with whether or not someone else will be able to reset, and how quickly you’ll be able to get back to reset.

    • LemmingRush that’s pretty much how I determine now how to determine when and if I need to go back. Thanks for getting back with me. Love your material always look forward to a new video. Thanks again.

  9. Christiaan Carstens

    No cap kill all retard strats.

  10. wow hell of a replay talk about down to the last second.

  11. had a game today that played out exactly like this on arctic region. seems to be the new meta

  12. T62 or Obj430? In other video you made clear that its better T62 than Obj140. thanks

  13. Damn, there is so much to learn from your videos, thanks!

  14. I *know* I shouldn’t ask… but… it’s like compelling. Why did the E-75 sit there? Was he guarding arty?

  15. I think the E-75 was on the rock and fell off.

  16. What would u recommend for a first Russian Med mainly for ranked?

  17. Sebastian N A Massey

    Yes Lemming, id love to see more videos like this.
    I think analysis of positioning and different kinds of plays is what sets you apart from all the other WoT-youtubers. Also, the fact that you actually say it whenever someone makes a bad play, is really nice for those of us not understanding all aspects of positioning and so on, as we often see a play that works out in some unicorns video, and then try to copy that in all kinds of stupid scenarios. Thanks for your work 🙂

  18. Looked like the jpe100 spotted the very front of tuba’s tank. Imo.

  19. Awesome review of this game!!! Please do more of these game play reviews!! Thanks, flea

  20. You can just use HE to kill that JgE100

  21. What if he’s talking about bassoons when he called himself “faggot”

  22. I think the E 75 was flipped all along. It doesn’t make sense for a player with gun marks to stay back there all game and then flip behind cover. I reckon the jpz spotted the front of the object since the view ports are at the gun and cupola further back.

  23. Hate to say it to you .. cuz you were great once, but your video’s are getting worse by the week.

  24. I think the E-75 is a bot 🙂

  25. Would shooting HE at the jpz have been less risky than peeking and going for the lower plate? From my experience with the 430u the HE is really useful for finishing tanks given the 122mm gun.

  26. It was the Jagdpanzer that probably spotted him on that ridge. If you look closely, he didn’t poke his turret far enough to be able to spot to the side, but his hull was sticking out. The way spotting works is that you have 2 spotting nodes, on the mantlet and on the top of your turret. So, it’s possible to get spotted without spotting back if you just stick out parts of your hull.

  27. yo lemming
    i had a 10k dmg game on this map with the 430u
    first 10k game for me

  28. Proclivity…nice replay 🙂

  29. I have been going north as well in my meds and have had some luck. Going to the other flank seems to be tougher when you don’t get any support.

  30. jesus…you just love saying fgt with a tuba, don’t ya?

  31. 10:57 pauses it at 4:20

  32. I sometimes go north with a faster heavy or even slower one with gun depression if I think that my team would not support me in the south or there are some really strong heavy tanks (Maus, Type 5, recently 268 4, E3) especially in platoons who are likely to go there. I like playing aggressive and staring at the enemy, waiting for my heavies to take the hits (that usually won’t happen) makes me lose patience.

  33. stands infront of jpe100 and doesnt fall back. Yeah russian tanks you now.. they allow for that.

  34. I like how he loaded heat against the arty where as he could have needed it later. Which makes me wonder if everybody could have dont this, just by pressing the 2 key.

  35. forget the fucking majestic carry, mom get the camera for that username

  36. Once again a guy with map and strategic awereness but has no clue about ammo

  37. predilection

  38. i have no fucking idea whats majestic about this game

  39. funny because after watching your vids on how to play this map, i’ve been getting left to dry in my mediums while the heavies snipe. most of the time anyways

  40. Your losing your touch Lemming… that was a meh game in an OP tank…

  41. Magnificent name

  42. Pro-cliv-it-ty maybe?

  43. Proclivity

  44. I think the jagd spotted him when he poked, but Tubas view port didn’t poke out enough to spot the jagd back.

  45. in that tank you supposed to carry is kinda obvious

    in general playing over powered tanks drastically reduce skill differential (tho they dont nullifies it)

    show same carry in amx cdc and you ll prove your point

  46. “Most of the time, I always go south” – Lemmingrush

  47. does anyone understand how faggot got tracked on the right track and penned at the same time while rounding the corner with left track facing the jpz, at the end of the battle? 15:03

  48. Proclivity dude

  49. very good post, i actually love this website, carry on it

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