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  1. That side BMP HESH shot is legit why I stopped using HESH. Somehow the sides of BMPs (and the front too) absorb HESH and it drives me insane.

  2. Dude I dunno, I use the FV4005 and I’ve yet to need a second shot on any tank, including the Maus. Even the frontal plate gets murderedz

  3. Yes, counselor Steve, I like the fun canoe.

  4. 15:37 Funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time!

  5. Play gunner heat PC

  6. Absurd…

  7. At beginning Phly has killed another child with 🅱️ESH

  8. Well, that’s a new intro. 😂

  9. 🅱️ig

  10. 04:18 not only warthunder, mate.
    Have you tried any wargaming product, lately?
    That company is shit on another level…

  11. guys can someone tell me how to elevate the maingun with a keybind like phly did 5:57

  12. There is a concept called space armour… So if you shoot the side of a let’s say a russian tank and it hits a bit low to the tracks, it will act like spaced armour. So your HESH rounds won’t do anything except take the tracks off or something.

  13. Day 2 a2d1 as bomber

  14. Instead of HESH its 🅱ESH

  15. 🅱️ESH — 🅱️ean Explovsive Squash Head


  17. Phunny thing is HESH = High Explosive Squash Head. Even the HE part of that ammunition should have eviscerated that Marder many times over. Good job WarTinder…

  18. hesh vs 200 mm of armor ill eat that vs 80 ,SP000kay

  19. HESH, just like 3OF26, is pure gold in some situations that would otherwise be impossible _if_ you understand how to use it. Which most people don’t, so it constantly gets a bad rep.
    Shoot at cupolas, turret roofs, cheeks whatever. The Centurion AVRE is a prime candidate for it, and centurions in general can very easily be oneshot with a 90mm HESH by shooting at the cupola.
    But if you hit _anything_ that isn’t armor it’ll poof and do nothing.
    I actually went on to mostly use HESH in my 90mm LT’s like the C13 T90, AUBL/74 and Ru 251.

  20. 4:07 – but BESH don’t work on Stallinium,… d’uh! 😅

  21. HESH hitting tracks – nothing
    50 cals hitts tracks – breaks it
    Nice 👍

  22. what in the world was that intro


  24. Back then when HESH worked with AVRE and JPz4-5

  25. The Conway’s engines make me mad. Everytime you go to stop, it sounds like a Panzerwerfer firing, and I wonder what RNG put you in the same match as them every time.

  26. ‘We have to be positive for War Thunder to like us”

  27. remember when the centurions were actually good tanks? then gajin nerfed and uptiered them….

  28. As someone who traded heat-fs for Hesh when grinding the type 16, I can assure you, hesh is fine

  29. Day 36 of asking for the A.C IV

  30. Play the 2s25 sd sprut

  31. The penetration viewer in War Thunder is lying. Hesh DOES actually do Overpressure. Its just not shown in the penetration preview.
    I made a user mission to test hesh and if you fire hesh at very light armor, it does Over pressure damage. For example if you shoot the cupola of a centurion MK10, then you can kill the driver with Overpressure, through the roof armor.

    That said HESH DOES underperform massively!

  32. *sees La-9* interesting.. *shows La-9 and KV-220 in lineup at end of video* interesting..

  33. The 🅱️ is for 🅱️igh, as in: 🅱️igh Felicia

  34. It appears that you don’t know of Hesh works.

  35. I feel sad for the tiger 2 tbh all this players using it wrong 😔

  36. Pops goes the Wiesel~

  37. I still vividly remember playing my first game in the FV4005, and I shot a T-55 in his side from about 25 metres away, and it did nothing. He even said later in chat that is scared the shit out of him.

  38. imagine they removed so much content from the game that killing a harmless squeezy boi is peak entertainment

    gaijin is legit outplaying their rival companies, like “if i end myself, no one will ever be able to end me!”

  39. Yeah, finding the same inconsistencies with my 152mm HEAT out of my M60A2. Here’s an idea…with the servers so overloaded I think that maybe…when a lot is asked of it, when a lot is happening in the game and a huge load of computations are demanded of it the server will kind of “short-hand” some of the computations and just hand out an unsat result for the round hitting the surface. Thoughts from anybody on this?

  40. 0:15 at least it wasnt an FV4005

  41. actually, for hesh irl sloped armor shouldnt be that much of a problem

  42. “It has all the mechanics one would need to go insane” ROFL

  43. that wiesel got obliterated, and it’s crew juicified…

  44. Titanius Anglesmith

    If HESH worked like it did IRL it would be more effective against highly sloped cast turrets that thin towards the top. And which nation uses those?

  45. Hesh! Thanks! It really sucks…

  46. Good-lanta?… ok…? I feel like i’m outside the inside joke, or I’d just smh at the reasoning lol

  47. 20:00
    That’s the side skirt, pretty much spaced armor which is HESH shells Achilles heal

  48. Well, in the end maybe this is why HESH isn`t that much widespread in the world ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  49. Nice snapshot on the M41 at 18:32, and the explosion was a perfect follow-up

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