MAKE APHE GREAT AGAIN – American 1.63 BUFF (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. How does Phly play Realistic tanks without spamming binos

  2. WelcometoEstownYa


  3. do the room turtle and the p-38 or b-29

  4. Phly the F9F-8 plzz

  5. Play panther d and 109a5 with rockets

  6. Phly play the Ki-44-II Otsu 40 mm Very Very Hounrable Sorry for not
    spelling that right my iPad is broken Lol

  7. I’m am so fucking drunk right now. And this is so fucking entertaining.

  8. “Bawls Deep” – Phly 2k26

  9. Ohhh YISSSS.
    Still working on the Pershing and M36 so i will use it.
    Sadly my second line in the british suck cock and are even worse than
    because of the trucks.

  10. ahh fuck that m18….

  11. 3 kills on a tank:600 points
    Killing the AI bomber with a plane:5000000 points
    How exactly isn’t this shit fixed yet ?

  12. Please

    Get music for ur intro that doesn’t sound like a minecraft lets play

  13. is the m18 the Hellcat???

  14. why is this comment so not popular?


  16. M18 and T92 both are cancer for german heavies. and now the new post war
    troll scorpion added

  17. I actually did not know enemies were spotted when shot, wouldnt it be
    better to use the vinoculars for spotting tho? I try pinging the map, but I
    always have trouble judging distances accurately.

  18. 1000th liker :)))

  19. that tiger at 12:23, I facepalmed so hard

  20. Phly or someone else that knows, How do you get the bigger rockets to fire
    1 at a time? For me they shoot both then I have only 1 shot

  21. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将

    Phly. Please play the T-20 with some same BR Planes :)

  22. Sorry Phil dat antiaircraft was me

  23. đặng trần kiên

    I dare you,phly daily,i double dare you to play the DShk GAZ and get to the
    top of the game

  24. Jesus Palacios (JPdrums)

    We will build a undestructible Aphe and make mexico pay for it

  25. how to use bionoculars?

  26. # Arnold

  27. tiny tims appear to be far more accurate than hvar rockets

  28. is this the premium one?

  29. More like Make War Thunder Great Again.

  30. Joshua Swhy cow ski

    i like it

  31. Wow, looks like gajiin is actually doing something different that nerfing
    everything and buffing russians.

  32. The American 76mm APHE can pen the hetzer from the front. You just got a
    really unlucky view port bounce.

  33. Make APDS great again too, I’m fucking suffering as the British in tier 3

  34. Gaijin suck eggs.

  35. is this normal in this game every tank is sooo slow and immobile at
    all,also with light tanks.

  36. M25 and P-61c would be frustrating.,…

  37. If you are in the German team its over… win no matter what. GERMAN
    BIAS it is called

  38. LIES LIES, it was barely penetrating and destroying anything with M46

  39. Panther II + Me 262 A-1, the last days of the war.

  40. In WoT you could’ve just pressed 2 to deal with that Hetzer :P

  41. Михаил Лужанский

    I coming from Russia

  42. Hellkitchenficiation

    What was wrong with your accuracy maaaaan?

  43. I Believe in Harvey Dent

    Really enjoyed this commentary, felt more mature and insightful.

  44. hey phly you should use 3 100mm it is so good its maximum damage is 2578 it
    cost about 22000 coins for the guns

  45. in crossout sorry

  46. in crossout sorry

  47. Did the brits not use explosive filler or is Gaijin intentionally not
    giving them APHE?

  48. pliz is-3 and su 6

  49. Patrik Ravolainen

    Is P-80 worth it? i just bought P47N and now im able to research P80, or
    should i research some other nation

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