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Source: PhlyDaily

BIG SUCC Mask Link –


#kv2 #derp #derpcannon


  1. “…. revenge kills, don’t ask any questions about the game,…” Are you describing Trump’s presidency?

  2. 13:40 music name? I want it

  3. The stupid u play the better Game threats you. the seriously u Take it and play good u just get arg or die by Planes in facing tank RB judge me i dont care.

  4. I refuse to mod mine due to the sheer fact of that ridiculous reload time.

  5. Caiyenne Cartilla

    The KV looks like a German tank,don’t tell me it’s connected to ze last video

  6. Phyl can you make a video Vietnamese SPAA in Chinese tech tree?

  7. This is basic gameplay i facing every match.
    rushing spawn in 5 minute, especially fighting soviet.

  8. Gaijin : “high explosive? Did you mean small explosive”

  9. Hey Phly,
    I brought myself a Soviet Starter Pack from the Gaijin Shop to Support you. All the Starter Pack stuff arrived at my Profile, but I didn’t get the PhlyDaily Decal. Can you help me with that?

  10. Arty strike has best HE in game change my mind

  11. “Where does the explosion go?”
    The same place the balance does. Or the explosive filler on the 20/30 mm Minengeschoss.

  12. I don’t owe anybody anymore because of, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*

  13. I dont owe anybody anymore thanks to, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*


  15. Deliver some pizza for me Phly with the Italian speedy boi lunch box and the nuking P40

  16. Do more of the whispering please

  17. T a n k D a i l y

  18. 1:55 all of a sudden felt like the wolf of wall street

  19. How come your link says 3% off GE and vehicles when it doesn’t give me any discounts?

  20. Please play modern warfare with russian tanks

  21. “guys don’t worry the wirbelwind is doing the Jesus bologna sandwiches” -PhlyDaily

  22. “The stupider you are, the better War Thunder is.”
    This is true, i only enjoy war thunder when im on drugs.

  23. KV2 HE only has 4m diameter shock wave sphere, any crew outside the shock sphere will not be injured if there is a 1mm plate in front of him stopping the shrapnel.

  24. he got a 2080 ti
    still uses a 60hz monitor

  25. Are u play another game?

  26. Charlie Shepherd

    I too, am excited for macaroni and cheese.

  27. Phly gets up set because HE was somehow nerfed? Damn this man is lucky that he didn’t play anything that shoot dart bellow 90mm because then he realy could get up set

  28. Russian spy killed

  29. I dont owe anyone anymore with the help of, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*

  30. The viking That rocks

    The Soviet Unions nuke launching fridge

  31. PLease make a video with all four Pumas ( Sd.Kfz.234/1/2/3/4)

  32. Mac and Cheese and then Wings? Phly, you need to balance that with a couple of hours of playing summer games on that newfangled c64 I hear so many nice things about! Also: Did the Wings have holes in them? So many questions!

  33. 10:41 THAT’S A T-SHIRT!

    *DO IT!!!!*

  34. at around the 14 minute mark, the song is Back on Trail – Elliot Holmes

  35. I can finally enjoy life because of, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*

  36. Great rig set up.

  37. Swlightdreamer1985

    “Remember kids, a smart man knows when it’s time to RUN LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!!” – Desert Punk

  38. You heard it from Phly first: No brains is best brains.

  39. Pc was dope! So nice with the heatsink that came up from the chassi😍

  40. Michal Jakubowski

    I think 152-155mm HE shells used to have around 60mm pen so I believe that they nerfed them really hard. Too hard in my humble opinion.

  41. José Eduardo Krohling

    Please, obj 268!!!!

  42. James Mickaelson

    I don’t owe anybody anymore because of, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*

  43. Heh high explosive he said storm panzer 1.0 can kill top tier

  44. pin me pls papa phly

  45. Wonderful Flowers

    I quit my work because of, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*

  46. day 2 of trying to get Phly to play the AB 43!
    like plz so he sees!

  47. The HE on the Ho-Ro woeks eonsers dor me, maybe its just the kv2 das been nerfed

  48. Hey y’all what tank do you think Phly goes crazy in. EX: OHHHHHHHHHH YEESSSSSSSSSSS

  49. Some tips when facing high caliber derp vehicles

    1, it can probably one shit you everywhere
    2, don’t think they need to “hit” you as with some vehicles can one shot you by hitting next to you in a 5km range
    3, don’t think distances can save you
    4, if you see one don’t even try
    5, run the other way

  50. What HE rounds need is something that simulates the concussion and shockwave.
    If the HE wont “penetrate” it does nothing but break parts, in real life it would cause huge shockwave and concussion effect that could possibly be fatal on itself. SU-122 could allegedly blow off or at least the turret ring system of Tiger 1 tank. In game the plain HE round does nothing to Tiger when shot at turret.

    I doubt that this would ever be added but armor plates could have sort of “healthbar” that when struck enough times with HE it would become weaker.
    I doubt Panthers front plate could take on dozens of 75mm Sherman gun HE rounds. It would be hilarious to see 2 or 3 Jumbos just bombarding a lone Panther from long range with HE rounds, little by little weakening and finally blowing a hole to its front plate.

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