MAKE These RARE VEHICLES Available for War Thunder 10th Anniversary

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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder E-100, IS-7, A33 Excelsior, T30, Lorraine 155 Mle.50 realistic battles gameplay.

War Thunder has some many rare event vehicles that are available only for few players who have been playing this game for a long time. Or you have to buy them form the market with overpriced prices.
Soon 'll have War thunder 10th Anniversary why not to make these vehicle some way available for everyone. Earn them with some events, tasks, or research, and buy with GE. Everyone would have a chance to get something they always wanted.



Intro: Never or Right Now (Instrumental Version) – ELFL

Background: Casino Funk – Arc De Soleil
Get Ready For Action – Jon Presstone
What Flavor – OTE
Sunstorm – ELFL

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. And we’re back! a little late , but we’re back. Next video should arrive much sooner 😉
    We have so many event vehicles now, why not to make them available to earn some way?
    War thunder 10th Anniversary would be a great opportunity to do something like that.

    Btw what do think guys about the next update?

  2. Is-7 would be my pick

  3. Everytime I watch your vids I’m introduced with 80s ads. Yes

  4. No absolutly not. I prefer being a rare boy. If everyone has it. Then it aint rare

  5. Man each time i see IS7, i get so damn angry… i grinded that event BUT it was when i just began my wt adventure, and i sold 1 part, what i didnt know was that game gives u enpugh parts for 1 tank, more is random….. yea i learned that after my mistake sadly….

  6. hey master! how about to make a video about all Italian wheely boys? I mean FIAT, R3 T106, R3 T20, AUBL (and his premium brother)

  7. 3:48 what’s song name?

  8. The thing is console players cant even get the vehicles off of the market so they just have to die

  9. I want the Panther II and Tiger 105 to be researchable again

  10. I think them making certain “premium” unique vehicles a reward for battling in a squad, like the few that already exist, would be sick!

    I missed the P-59 event, and after test flying it, I’d love to be able to use it/get it. And I bet there are others who would love to fly/drive/sail rare and event only boats that they missed.

  11. What is that German song when a German tank appears and may a have the name for it

  12. I love this guy.

  13. Give us panther II PLEEEAAASE

  14. how do you manage to survive so long??? i got bombed to death like every 4 minutes. the main reason why i uninstalled after 32 hours, even tho it took me 40hours to download

  15. But that doesnt make us money >:( —–gaijin employee

  16. Hey dollar did you know that when America was first testing APFSDS rounds they used the T30 and its 155mm gun as a tester. Yes a T30 shooting Darts……how lovely 🙂

  17. What’s up DOLLAR!? I really enjoy your videos and the awesome edit skills always makes me roflol 😛

  18. british reverse speeds are always terrible. I think the doctrine was to be able to accuratly fire while retreating?

  19. I actually really wished the T30 was a regular tank in the game. I have a picture of me in front of a T30 at FT Jackson when I graduated basic training

  20. the excelsior clip is why I don’t play British tanks. Infuriating.

  21. “Let’s go deliver some bias” hahahaha

  22. If they ever make the T30 available again, you bet your sweet bippy I’m gonna get that amazing American bonk machine

  23. Dollar, give me a dollar xD

  24. Bru nah tf the is7 not tech tree

  25. Highlights at 3:48 spilled my Coffee at 4:35

  26. As much of a fan I am for bringing old vehicles back, Stop bringing back old tournament vehicles back. Its just a spit in the eye of people who worked their *ss off for things like the E-100.

  27. Tiger h always the ones that put tanks to sleep but tiger-H has a predator which is the SU-122p

  28. While I can agree that some vehicles shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall, I also have the opinion that if you worked really hard in a one time event for a unique vehicle, it really shouldn’t be obtainable at all anymore. Especially for money.

  29. No keep them exclusive end of story cause what’s the point mfs had to suffer to get these why the fuck should they be given out like candy

  30. i wouldnt certainly mind gettting my hands on E-100 or IS-7, but i am wondering how gaijin would do that for all the players? only thing i can think of would be like with the Maus. spend a little exp until a certain day and then you can keep on researching the tank. but we will see i guess

  31. if I can’t get the maus I’m gonna have a fit

  32. 3:46 Baamboozled by kill cam lol

  33. 3:50 what is the song name pls?

  34. It should be like WoT’s setup whare most premiums are visible.

  35. Wait 16:46 thats Charanjeevi right?

  36. Dingoatemybaby 973

    NOT THE E100! THAT HAS THE MOST RESPECT OF ALL THE COMMUNITY! Also you permanently drunk to me.

  37. Impressive, very nice

  38. 15:38
    Honestly what is even the point of those if Gaijin wont even let us use them.

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