Make Ze FATHERLAND Great Again! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay Gameplay – Tank Request!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Cromwell, comet , centurion or charioteer please Baron. us Brits need some
    love since it’s all gone to crap now . love us Baron LOVE US!!!!

  2. Do ze Pz 4!!

  3. play the Sherman firefly

  4. Live up to the namesake of the M36 Jackson, and stonewall those commies so
    that you can swoop in with the B-24 and liberate them

  5. Play the flakpanzer next time pls

  6. Young0Kuleczka /

    ferdinand please

  7. i jist started what tank should i get. -

  8. I have a theory that Russian bias is just a cover up to German bias and
    baron is secretly trying to tell us by playing German tanks and doing Gud

  9. BennyBoy Yonkers

    Comrade Baron, we request of you that you play the SU-100.

  10. I have the same problem with deciding who to vote for XP This is gonna be
    my first election, so it sucks that it had to be this one. XD

  11. 3 inch gun carrier m10

  12. How about the German Anti Tank Missile Baron?

  13. Dominik94 Muller

    KV 1 KV 1 KV1 !!!!!!!!

  14. Bailey Woitowitz

    take out the maus

  15. Play the german kv2 and the german yak 1b GERMAN BIAS

  16. tovarish tell me intro song or I kill or family. They will not die quickly
    tovarish, I will kill them slowly with much russian bias. This is
    punishment if you do not tell me intro song tovarish.

  17. baron pls play the Comet

  18. Pelle-2 musterman

    the panzer 4 h pls


  20. Alessandro Naufal

    KV 1 zis 5

  21. What’s the Intro’s music?

  22. #no war

  23. Baron, play the Cromwell V! Great British tank. FOR KING AND COUNTRY!

  24. Деян Кaмбуров

    JagdTiger! Best TD!

  25. King Tiger

  26. M6 has a 76. lol. the Jumbo is the one with the 75.

  27. play with any panther The best

  28. pz. IV aus H please.

  29. Lowells Shadd's

    How about the great MATILDA

  30. i’ve had a lot of good german games recently, more than we usually win…
    did plebs get more skillz or was there a buff?

  31. Cromwell please

  32. Elena Georgieva

    I`m sick of dicker maxes killing me.I`m trying to say that the germans are
    too op and the russans are aweful.

  33. Also your presidential vote in America literally doesn’t make a difference.
    If nobody in America voted the outcome would still be the same because the
    people don’t choose the president. We choose the people who choose the
    president in the electoral college. And that is having light shown on it by
    Bernie not receiving as many delegates as the people wanted him to have.
    Mind you Hilary still has more support… somehow, but Bernie should’ve got
    a lot more than he did and the system is showing to not represent the
    system. Also WTF are super delegates, what asshole pulled that shit out of
    his ass?

  34. Make ze Faserland great again???

  35. Everytime i see t-34 i show them my 88 mm cannon -_-

  36. “The bad news is, we are completely surrounded. The good news is, we can
    attack the enemy in any direction!”

  37. Pauline Waywell

    Easy 8

  38. SovietDaily ГдефкЕргтвук2015

    He is crazy!!!

  39. Grille 15?

  40. Sherman Jumbo with 76mm gun

  41. Rittirong Hmeonkow

    BREXIT is britainexit

  42. Use ze panzerwerfer wo nees guided missiles when you have rockets!!!
    (Attempt 2)

  43. Ths episode was sooo salty

  44. FFS we Germans don´t talk like that! ^^ Keep up the good work, BARON von

  45. play the thunder from down under

  46. Baron and Slick the most original sitcom duo eva

  47. NEW STRV 81 of British

  48. Play Pz 38, the one with 30mm or 50mm armor doesn’t matter.

  49. Super Pershing !! Premium underpowered tank 🙁 screeeeew you Gajin

  50. Thebritishsniper

    baron atleast u had a deceant leader for a couple years, WE HAD DAVID FOR

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