MAKING A GHOST TOWN – E 75 TS – World of Tanks

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Making a ghost town, on the map, eh, ghost town! Using the new E 75 TS!



  1. 15 tanks used to roll there. Now it’s a ghost town…

  2. well played

  3. Hi Circon, wan play world of tenks?

  4. Circon, wasn’t your nick Slaissoft the other day??

  5. this tank is good for frontline game mode 🙂 ..its ah hybrid tank with good pen and good armor …nice carrying the game sir @circonflexes 🙂

  6. I want to see streamer vs streamer battles.

  7. i use the anonamizer and it genuinely feels like im hit by arty less. I’m not an amazing player but my overall is around 2200 and my recent ranges from 2500 to 3000 so i definitely felt like arty had a hard on for me

  8. when I roll out in my TS I start drooling… such a beast.

  9. E75 TS is that one really tall kid in every class year.

  10. You had nice Xmas then?! Nice that enemy tanks passed by one after the other !! Good man !!

  11. Christian Krakhofer

    since i am using anonymizer i am having better games and can partially enjoy wot, unless the team yolos in or the matchmaker fucks me over.

  12. I feel a bit sad because this tank is just the VK 45.02 A but better. I love the 45.02 A 🙁

  13. Glad someone is having fun in this tank. I am doing something wrong. 6 games and 0 wins. Being too aggressive probably. Was so excited to get it in the first box and now I could give a shit less.

    • The trick is to not fully use the mobility early game. You can’t always take hyper aggressive positions at the start. Use your turret and be patient. I was having trouble with it too, but I feel much more confident with it now.

  14. This E75 Transsexual seems like a good tank!

  15. I was thinking that the hubbub over the renegade tumor might be overblown, especially at distance. On this map, in this circumstance, it is obviously NOT overblown. It’s like hiding behind a rock with your naked butt sticking out.

  16. Crap top tier game.

  17. Here on NA I’ve seen as many as 5 people on my team with the anonymizer, and other times I’ve been the only one. But some of those names are hilarious. I’ve started screen shotting them.

  18. WAYYY to many carbs sir

  19. That Ferdinand got 2 High rolls with a 490 alpha gun …..

  20. Just compare a Tiger II to this….uff

  21. Circon the surgeon: Removing tanks tumours

  22. Thanks for letting us see the tank load out, it helps us plebes.

  23. You dont like the Renegade?
    It’s my absolute favorite premium right now. Didnt get my hands on 703 or 75TS yet though

  24. Them cookies look good!! Someone needs to put together a video of nothing but clips of Circon eating lol JK Circon 🙂

  25. Cookies and tea is life!

  26. I feel compelled to down vote this video because I didn’t get a cookie

  27. Oh look it’s that cupola sniping game again.

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