Making Credits *Free-to-Play* in RANKED – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

is hard enough without losing tonnes of credits, here’s how I made millions and got Gold rank without premium!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. Here is an idea. Ready? Cap artillery to one per game. I know that it means every single game will always have one artillery in it, but I don’t care. WORTH IT.

  2. No QB, why would you promote HE 😭 get ready to see a 40% increase of HE spammer bad boys in random queue…

    • Because HE can be seriously useful for many tanks and the bigger the calibre and the higher the pen of the HE the better it gets. I’ve done full pen HE hits on the top of super Conq turrets etc, if you know the places where AP would be an autobounce, but HE pen is high enough to fully pen, you can rape people who do not expect it.

  3. I fire special rounds only with tanks like deathstar. Otherwise I never fire special except in advances.
    I’m mostly f2p with the exception of decoration boxes since they are worth so much.
    I love the 60tp HE rounds, really beast. Need to get M4 54, 705a, pzVii and e100 for even more useful HE rounds

  4. I hope they will remove the Chevron loss eventually so you can stress less.
    Though I feel more players would simply give up and lose on purpose

  5. millions, and millions and millions and millions of credits… where is trump meme?

  6. Did everyone forgot about HE-100?

    • People can fire gold into your turret making the E 100 useless compared to 60TP. E 100 can be better for random queue especially versus T8 though.

  7. f2p is a marketing tool only to attract players to premium account, and p2w is normal mode of this and all other games……

    [What does the phrase “there’s no such thing as free lunch” mean in economic terms? “There is no such thing as free lunch” means that every single choice we make involves a cost. This cost can be money, time, or some other thing you value. A free lunch refers to a situation where there is no cost incurred by the individual receiving the goods or services being provided. In the world of investing, free lunch usually refers to riskless profit, which has been proven to be unattainable for any extended period of time.]

  8. nice, standfard consumables

  9. Hey qb I was wondering the t54e1 got turned into a heavy a few patches ago and since then I can’t get it to work so could you maybe revamp the review from 4 years ago

  10. Is Object 430U good for F2P players for ranked?

    Edit: Cause its gonna be my first T10 tank

  11. As a 50% player I don’t think this is for me.

    • If you spent a good amount of time you could still complete and get the gold and rewards. It will take a lot longer but it depends how long you have and how much the premium currency and tank means to you.

  12. change 6 key for down mouse button and enjoy the manual automatic extinguisher xD

  13. mapguides in general would be awesome!!!!
    I feel like WoT as a game is just too big to “learn” for me. I see this, cuz I quickly master most gamemodes (like Steelhunter and haloween stuff, etc..). I feel like I need some info of how to read my map. What reaction to a certain position of enemies should I have, that kinda stuff.

  14. Im also FTP, and i have E100 must agree with you on HE shells. Especialy when I meet FV4005.

  15. Bad players are bad regardless of how much they do or dont spend on this game. The bulk of us 40+ year old players who have jobs and give wargaming money likely do not play many or any other games. Many of us are former professional FPS players with decades of video game experience who have lost the reaction time required for esports due to our age. So we play tanks where turret transverse and gun handling remove the advantage of lighting fast reflexes of the younger folk.

  16. i don’t know if this already exist, but i’d like to see some of the better players get together and form a discord channel for training, where people can go in and play some games with some of the better players in WOT. even just some average players!!

  17. I’m an arty player, and yes, on this map I usually cover South flank, as well as that elevated South direction on Westfield. Maybe I’m not that dumb after all. I’m not all that smart either, as I can’t clearly explain why I do that, except referring to my personal experience and the fact, that both those paths allow to flank and encircle opponents, if successful, or allow our opponents to do that to us, if we fail.

  18. A couple of years ago I played absolutely with no first aid kits, tools or fire extinguishers – to save credits. Also never bought them, as I got them for free, likely mostly as rewards from special events.

  19. Ranked boot camp would be very useful QB. Thanks for another great vid. Ops on 430u or Obj 277 for ranked?

  20. 3:56 well that might just be a habbit. I one marked (since i cant do any better at tier 10) my 140 pre buff with barely shooting gold and making profits.

  21. Thanks Quicky, I’m a subscriber since Day 1 of my WoT career.^^ Looking forward to your Ranked Battles guide. Just made Bronze League and the “Bonus battles” point would be really interesting. Keep up the good work, mate. Cheers from Berlin!

  22. Let the HE meta start again. 🙄🙄🙄

  23. I have to say, Its fair that you dont spend money on the Playsforfree account, but you have 10 years of experience, and you want to see if a “New” player can survive in the game. I dont think that is quite fair, although its your account so you decide what happens to it. Love your bad content as usual.

    • The point of the account is F2P, not “new player experience”.

    • @VioletStatPedder – Still, F2P doesnt mean good player.

    • @Gopnik Overlord Being F2P has nothing to do with skill level.

    • @VioletStatPedder – But it gives you an advantage. Getting more kills and actually playing the game full-time while other F2P players get less kills due to out side activities gives you a major advantage when it comes to mission marathons. And the more premiums you have, the more credits you can make

    • @Gopnik Overlord That is true. But it also gives you an advantage when paying. So either way, if you pay or don’t, being experienced gives you an advantage.

      Also playing for “full time” doesn’t really matter. He’s played close to 5k battles on his account. You could play those 5k battles as fast as you can or you could have played those during the last 10 years.

  24. WoT can’t be played free to play after tier 8, it’s simply imposible. The only reason you do well or kinda well is because you are a unicum, but me with 48% winrate, i can’t even play with premium account in tier 10 a lot, imagine if i didnt had premium acc

    • So can WoT be played F2P after T8 or not?

    • no, at tier 8 without premium account if you have 48% winrate it will just not play the game, i have managed to get to T28 prot when i was f2p and after that i just didnt had money, i had to play 10 milion games of tier 6 to make money 5k 10k credits per game to afford to even play tier 8, and then i had to play a shit ton of tier 8 to get even the first gun on t28 prot, its simply too hard to play even at tier 8, so tier 10 yea its imposibile if you are not quickybaby who plays 24 hours /day wot

    • @krane rcc Right, so what you meant to say was that if you are bad a the game you can’t play at T8 without premium. Guess what, if you are extremely bad at the game you can’t play above T8 WITH premium either.

      QB has played close to 5k battle on that account. That has nothing to do with playing 24/h a day. You could have been doing that over a decade and still have similar account as QB.

    • @VioletStatPedder – im talking out of my asshole in since first comment, all i said is just my experience, a 48% winrate boi

    • @krane rcc Right…

  25. The premium fire extinguisher is according to me about the lower chance to get lit!

  26. I didnt finish the 1st division for 2 chevrons.. Good job QB!

  27. QB, please come and play in Asian Server, may be you can know more about Team working and Rank Battle. There are so many Aliens and selfish players, you wont be able to increase your winrate.

  28. That ranked guide would be awesome!

  29. I had tons of fun playing my Rhm with top gun full HE, ended getting some $ as well

  30. whait… are you in the 1404 place? I am in the 1405 position. your viewer is right behind you, what a coincidence xDDD

  31. I Forum the HE shells to bei rather effektive in Others Tanks as well.
    Die example If i Play my t95 i can still Hit a 277 for about 200-400 damage

  32. well qb this tank have good Turret but best Tier 10 Heavy its 705A its Block almost 90 % Turret and on Cornel
    well when you compare 60 Tp and 705A you will find a big Difference

  33. what happens to the white balance on your face? Shifts from green to magenta and back again

  34. Quicky This season started rough but I made some changes on my Patton. I put the turbo charger on my Patton which enabled me to get to were I needed to go just a bit quicker and was able to get to tier 6. Hopefully next season I can get to tier 8 or 10. Also thanks for your tips that’s how I got the idea for the turbo charger. Stay safe and have a good one.

  35. Great info. Like the FTP aspect. Would like to see a lead up video to next ranked battles for sure.

  36. S.Conq has a big fat ass tire in the middle on top of the turret. It’s not a hull down champ.
    Bye bye S.Conq, Hello polish HT line.

  37. Quicky, you forget the most important on the f2p account: the player is a noob, not an unicum like you! Think about HIS experience starting this game now!

    • That doesn’t prevent them from learning the game. And becoming good.

    • @Turtles Rock still, you miss the theme of this video

    • Only the most noob of noobs decides to play rank as a noob. First, its tier 10. Second, its a mode to put yourself as one of the better players of the game. Playing ranked as a noob is stupid. Those who do it are quite hopeless. The video is about free to play, NOT stupid decisions.

  38. I see QB’s chat and immediately read them as Donald Trump tweets. “HUGE GAME!”

  39. Eero Jääskeläinen

    i was watching this in class without sound, just for the gameplay , and i was thinking for a while, how tf is 60TP that fast 12:02

  40. why are you advertising HE damn

  41. I ranked mostly in M48 Patton and obj 430U.
    But the easiest way to get through the ranked system, and after a few bad games I have to admit I did it too, is the SPG, high damage every game and the last to die, easy low hanging chevrons.
    I think having 2 SPG in ranked battles is completely broken, and the 155 is a powerhouse in the hands of the right player.
    This is just my opinion.

  42. my problem on using consumables is I never know when they on sale cheaper, do they advertise the fact, would love to know. thanks

  43. he has 4554 battles in just 2 years, while i had 2500 battles since i created my acc back in 2011 XD

  44. i was waiting for this last night XD

  45. So proud of you for playing a free account.

  46. QB, regarding premium fire extinguishers, I heard a long time ago that, because they also reduce the chance of fires, they were mathematically cheaper than standard fire extinguishers. There was math to back it up. They’re the only premium consumable I use across all tanks.

  47. Absolutly for Bootcamp-Videos

  48. Finally my tank gets some love.

  49. You have the experience and knowledge of the game… 👎🏻 playsforfree

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