Making FOCH 155 a SNIPER in World of Tanks 🔥

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Source: DezGamez

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of Tanks Gameplay, French Autoloading Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 vs AMX 50 Foch B, Tier 10 French Autoloading Tank Destroyers. The Best Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks.

00:00 Intro
01:10 Equipment Setup
02:50 Announcement
04:45 Announcement Details and 1
09:30 2
14:12 2 Results
14:30 3
20:48 Conclusion

of Tanks should be fun and trying out different builds on tank is definitely fun thing do for me. So today I decided to slap as much accuracy on the mighty Foch 155 as possible to see if I can make this 750DPM Tier 10 tank destroyer a bit better. 😉

Enjoy the show!


  1. Guys… FOCH 155 actually slaps with this setup here, believe it or not! 🙂
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    • Dezgamez j watch you last 3 years and learn a lot about WOT, tanks, how to play…. J think that you are one of positive and precise players ever.
      And everyone j have question, meybe 3 :
      1. Have thinking about type 5 vs maus, cant decide? Hevy line is good for me.
      2. Premium 8 tank you recommend, have lowe, progetto 46,scorp g…want to take another one also meybe two?!
      3. Last question, whant to buy monitor with 144Hz, ultrawide or some regular 27″?
      If you have time to answer, thank you and j whish you well.
      Greetengs from Serbia

    • Dezgamez can you make super fast st-2 with vents turbo and grousers and rleverything else that make you faster like configuration levels

  2. Hello All!! I LOVE U MERRY XMS!!!!!

  3. Dez motorcycle video when??????!!

  4. на фугасах бы фоча 155

  5. Sorry Dez, but dislike, you cannot make it to snipe, no way.

    • ​@paul h I don’t want to argue with kids which aim to protect Dez, you can snipe with every tank, but every tank is not for snipe and 155 is definitly NOT FOR SNIPE.

    • @Dycho Bonnamy I don’t want to argue with kids which aim to protect Dez, you can snipe with every tank, but every tank is not for snipe and 155 is definitly NOT FOR SNIPE. It won’t be effective, simple gun handling stats.

    • I don’t own the tank, but you can play this tank destroyer however you want. I would not take it to the frontline against Kranvagns, VZ 55s and Chieftains, that’s for sure. Also the huge clip reload makes you vulnerable in between clips. So sniping with this thing is a viable option. At the end of the day, it’s a TD that is capable of dealing damage from decent range.

      Bonus meme: gun handling SOFT stats (the stats wargaming won’t display in the garage, but are SUPER important) for Foch 155 are 0.20/0.20/0.20, while for Grille 15 (supposedly a sniper tank, cause it’s a glass cannon) they are 0.26/0.30/0.40.

    • @Profesor Baltazar sorry i domt want to argue with kids who aim to discredit dez, the fact of the matter however is you can easily snipe in this tank as shown in the video.

    • @Thunder dispersion value, aim time, etc. Had them booth, you simply can’t snipe with it, especialy now when HE is nerfed, it is tank made to play in platoon with other 155, to hug enemy, clip it and reload.

  6. London is not my main language. Whaaaat? 😆😆

  7. lunar year best year, new year decorations!

  8. I love this tank

  9. so the question is, accuracy build Foch 155 or aim time Foch 155, i always favoured the aim time focused build over straight up accuracy, but this video makes it seem like accuracy is more important than straight up aim time.

  10. Nerfing HE killed this tank, for me at least. Grinding over 100000 exp and 15000 bonds, firing prem ammo for this thing to work….sounds waaaaay to expensive!

  11. Dez and what happened to your HE challenge with foch155 ?

  12. Thank you and merry Christmas, sadly can’t get this tank any more it would be 1 of my favorite to add with ISU and T30, love this big burst guns makes u scared to show ur face when u know they r near by.

    • You can you just have to “auction” in the black market for a nice and easy 20 million credits on average

    • I have this tank. Don’t like it. The reload is too long and the accuracy is not good. I wish I could trade it for a T8. I don’t have any field mods unlocked, but I don’t like playing it to unlock them. As shown in video, these are a must.

  13. Why not skiing behind a motorcycle?! With balaclava and baclava, ofc.

  14. london is not my main language haha you got me with that one

  15. Thank you , Dez
    Happy Dezmuss .


  16. 14 skill commander???? wtf?

  17. improved aiming mod OP.

    christmas collection i need more of

  18. shit more accurate than my skoda t56

  19. How do you have 2 tier10 chieftains??? Plzzzz respond

  20. Waiting for BM to get t22

  21. Leeeet it snipeeeeeeeeee ,, Merry Christmas

  22. Dainius Cikanavicius


  23. Nice Setup, I‘ll give it a try

  24. I like your Videos comrade DezGamez, go on with videos like this and make Mother Russia Proud

  25. i just unlocked the foch 155 but still haven’t bought it yet

  26. Thanks again for all that you do for the community Dez, keep up the good work

  27. that tank is for me still the 750dpm tank, RNG is and will make miss and bounce most of this 3 shots.

  28. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    Wheres my red circle/arrow 🙁 but nice vid Dez!

  29. Really wish I woulda been able to get this tank before it got its special status. I knew I should have spent the money to free xp the line

  30. lovely build… very well very well… thx

  31. Elc amx crazy build

  32. I love so mutch the sound from the inta clip reload 🙂 Its sooo dangerous <3

  33. Thank you Dez, loved Dezmas as always!

  34. Thanks alot Dez! I really like your London and the way you speak is very legendary :O Have you ever thought of becoming a narrator? c:

  35. Before nerfs and in old times Foch was great 🙂

  36. Actually I would like reduce reload about 20, 25, maybe even 30 second and increase DMG to previous height 🙂

  37. Hi Dez good video as usual, Fosh is a good tank but the load time from empty is horrendous more so if you are in the thick of it as you showed lol.

  38. Thx Dez great movie again

  39. Hi DeZ.. this is one of may favorit TD`s i love it with all my heard, and i buy it from the Black Market 2021, and i was like little kid in the candyshop. nickname:SS_DEVGRU , server: EU

  40. play the Obj 703II only with salvo shots..

  41. Dez, love the content. Keep it up, but enjoy the family as much as you can!

  42. Nice play, nice to watch :).

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