MAKING FRIENDS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is famous it’s useless teams and toxic gameplay – but what happens if you try to make friends?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Lol is it 2013 again?

  2. You two docked…… Very not Claus.

  3. 6:37 if you dont know go watch seananners old animated short on weiner boop 😛

  4. I saw that almost on live
    It was sick af Bro really legendary

  5. I try, but 95% of the time I have better luck communicating with a brick wall.

  6. you need to get a hair cut its so long!!!

  7. Crossing barrels… CheesyBaby 😉

  8. You should raise gun at the end when having a good game 👍😎

  9. Poor wife xD she sufer this video and LOL it

  10. Edsel Earl Dausen Convento

    Ive been noticing your new hair style😂😂😂 for the past 2 videos you post. Barbershops are closed

  11. How many garage slots do you have in free2play account?

  12. For information QB, anglosaxons are the only one who use QWERTY, in the rest of the world we use AZERTY, so the control are diferents.

  13. I remember watching this live and I think QBs exact words at the end of the game were “are we going to touch tips now?”

  14. The problem is the anonymiser. I cant take people serious using this, because 80% of them are tomatos want me to do stupid shit. Xvm is total crap but at least the winrate gave me an idea of the capability of a player.

  15. you kan put a few f keys on your mouse

  16. We crossed swords 👀

  17. its more like touching dicks

  18. 1 video a week, wtf quickybaby

  19. Unbanned, i see.

  20. Like low key that the big gei

  21. when two unicorns plays against 45w/r average players

  22. Apparently most players have disabled chat or can’t read.

  23. if he knew that ur a william he wouldnt b ur friend

  24. More Maus!!!

  25. What’s so funny in high five with gun barrels?

  26. im pretty sure everybody knows who you are when ur playing with ur “PlaysforFree” account

  27. This only works if your winrate is over 50%, if not then a lot of players will intentionally let you die without providing any support

  28. The best kept secret in World of Tanks is the 2 key. Press that and you win

  29. One bit of wisdom was shared with me was….. World of Tanks is not a team game…. It’s a multiplayer game…. I have a hard time trusting randos

  30. Why, just today, I had the luxury of meeting a battlefield buddy. I was holding a flank on my own with a tank destroyer watching my back, it was me versus two and I was holding my own with the tank destroyer keeping them from rushing me (he never fired a contributing shot, he was there for intimidation only). Well, what I didn’t know is that the tank destroyer must have thought I had it locked down (or he got bored and wanted some action actually) because next thing I know is that he’s gone somewhere else, and here come the two I was fending off in a bum rush. So, for the next harrowing moments, I’m fighting for my absolute life against these two, they’re circling me and taking shots for each other and mopping me up good, I was trading them shots though and I manage to beat one down and finish him with very little health left, thus leaving one with a medium amount of health that I knew I couldn’t finish with one shot. So, with what I thought would be my last, I take the shot and it doesn’t finish him (like I knew it wouldn’t) and he lines his barrel up to take his revenge kill shot when all of a sudden he blows to pieces due to this amazing French Heavy who literally came to save my hide! It was great! So, in return for him saving me, I follow him closely the rest of the match with what little health I had left, and he keeps me alive! He put in work to make sure I stayed alive, we finished up each other’s work with follow up shots and listened to each other’s orders and everything, it was amazing! So, because of that, we both finish the match alive and our team won!

  31. Andreas Spieslehner

    I’m a rather new player (less than 2k fights) and I absolutely love when someone just gives a general direction of advance instead of just clicking laike crazy once they are dead and calling me and everyone else retard for not supporting his maybe poor decisions. more of that communication would be amazing and I guess not only improve my game experience.
    Thank you for pointing that out QB and I will try to communicate more myself!
    Thank you for all those guidance videos! Helped me out a lot!

  32. 1:23 once again, QB is proving that he’s better than Eminem

  33. Why dose no one use the quick menu? Hold Z then flick the house. Don’t bother with function keys like a scrub 😂

  34. Commander Biswas

    No, we gamers our racist and sexist sad bastards, we are not allowed to have friends.

  35. Commander Biswas

    I always spam F7.

  36. Guys I have 3codes with 2x M22 Locust-1100Gold-and S53 79 who want it

  37. Oh nice docking at the end.

  38. Rafael Niduelan

    “World of Tanks is famous for it’s useless teams and toxic gameplay”

    Mobile Legends: You don’t say.

  39. Julian Sherborne

    Long hair Buddy

  40. But polska likes camping

  41. I disabled the chat and it’s awesome 😂

  42. 😱 never seen so many medals in a single game

  43. 3:15 this is how disconnected you really are. this shows that you really are not one of us anymore.
    Since, i dont know, one year now players invite random players at the start of the match for >no< reason. They dont get the platoon bonus(xp/credits) this way. They dont know if they can get a brothers in arms. They just spam invite. Next time you stream in random battles just take a look at the start on your teams and shortly after the countdown for the match. You will see what WE experience.

  44. Constantine I-v

    That was so romantic but not in the gay way :)))

  45. Maybe I’m overly cynical but these days the idea of getting teammates to work together seems hopeless and unrealistic. It seems like half the tankers in the game are quite determined to sit on the red line behind their own arty rather than do anything that might involve exposing their hull or advancing on the enemy under their own spotting. I realise there are exceptions but Tier IX and X mediums in particular will readily abandon one flank and cross the map to avoid a single advancing scout. Today I had a game where Maus sat in base and made no attempt to advance at all. Lots of players expressed their disgust but this sort of playing style seems to be getting more common as far as I can see. I play on the SEA server so maybe it’s just there, but I don’t think so.

  46. Tips on how to win with a bad team? I’ve only been winning 1 in 6 games for the past weeks (tier 6 to tier 10) because I’ve had majority of my team die in less than 5 minutes, and some (MT’s and HT’s) camping and sniping behind the TD’s like bots.

    I am nowhere near being the best, but my rather above average stats are slowly dropping 🙁

    I’ve played 21k matches and these things are only happening now..

  47. NYC haircut

  48. 6:41 Just the tips!

  49. Crossing swords?
    Looked more like docking

  50. Francisco Fonseca

    I played the new Berlin thing and I didnt notice any difference between these bots and those ruining the game in random battles

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