Making Friends in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

There’s many reasons people play World of Tanks… Sometimes it’s just to make friends in battle!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Why do you get so many bonds? Is it because of premium account?

  2. Good for you QB, nice touch. You don’t see many true gentlemen in this game.

  3. Why I’m in a Clan and why I love platooning… I might not have the best win rate but when I play with friends I do a lot better and have a lot more fun.

  4. You aren’t rewarded for playing “well”, you’re rewarded for hard carrying in a victory. A brother’s in arms medal is saving face when two people end up playing above average.
    One of the biggest issues I have with the game is the reward system.

  5. Multi-Player On-Line gaming has no equal simply because no AI can match the complexity, stupidity, humor, empathy or unpredictability of a human player. The majority of players do their best and the minority whine about it. But the key is to ignore the trash-talkers senseless babble. If you issue a plea for Help, Follow Me, Attack or get isolated I will do my best to assist simply for the sake of honor even though it is only a game.. Thanks to Will for sharing the video, his thoughts and his heart. He does so much for this community. MontanaJack

  6. Making friends in WoT is difficult, throughout every device in my opinion. Majority of the time I get on to have fun. Like, I play it on Xbox a lot and occasionally PC as well along with mobile. One thing I love doing, is making friends and have a good time with them. I love platoons that’s there to have a good time and just mess around. That’s me though. God… I miss the light tank platoon I was running. Poor IS-7.

  7. Well quacky, this is a pretty old tank from the good old days

  8. bikhlarrova marakov

    some times i try to make friends on wot but it end up diffrent 🙂

  9. I appreciate the mentality you’re promoting in this video. Good teamwork is the only game mechanic that is Overpowered. Jk. Team work with OP game elements is.

  10. Still has better dpm than the manticore though

  11. I don’t know how to make friends in WoT but I certainly know how to make enemies , does it count aswell ?

  12. I do a friend in wot about 5 years ago and we still friends, we see us in real life ?

  13. Hey QB try to make friend with that MinecraftBoy ??????

  14. Who remembers QB playing with him self with the Jap crew ladies ?

  15. I had a similar experience recently, going go back through the replays and add the guy. But boy are there some choice players out there, the ones who sit stationary and don’t help out are my favourite. Strength in numbers folks, C’mon. Being point man in a KV-1 is saying something ?.

  16. I hope that this spirit will become infectious, GG

  17. It was the Even 90 who jammed the turret.

  18. QB’s own mod installs xvm, yet he is too chickenshit to talk about team skill imbalance… the absolute worst thing about this game..

    • he’s talked about this many times, he doesn’t want a skill-based mm and I think for most people there are far worse things in the game (unbalanced/OP tanks, pay 2 win mechanics, bots, premium spam, badly designed events, general 3-5-7 mm template, SPG mechanics…)

  19. What graphics card do you use QuickyBaby?

  20. can u get steel wall with sp ic?

  21. Its not possible to send platoon invites to people that have disabled them.

  22. Play to enjou multiplayer game experience? Well my main reason to started play WoT is rather simple: I just want to ride the Tiger lol

  23. It is awesome when people work together. As a solo player, more often then not people just let you die when you try and make something happen. Those few times where people work together with you are glorious though..

  24. When i was starting playing this game on 2012 most friends that i have is 30 years older than me it was pure golden hour when play with them side by side

  25. Too late, uninstalled… 🙁

  26. QB I wanna see you in a double O-I platoon that would be hilarious

  27. Amen QB

  28. The cynical side of me thinks if QB hadn’t killed the IS6 and the IS6 ended up killing T-44. The T-44 would call QB a mupped in chat. :))

  29. I swear I’ve already seen this video

  30. When i used to play Wot mercs on Xbox one, one game i saw an enemy T67 flipped on his side, i who was in a T29 at the time trading shots with his teammates, ran in and flipped him over. He lived for a few mins and got 2 kills, but my team still won in the end. We didnt play together or anything afterwards but he did send a thank you message.

  31. Joke’s on you I die so early I can’t make friends *dab*

  32. Does pepper knew about your japanese waifu?

  33. “STA-2 is underpowered” and ends up with 4 kills and gave two out to mate. =D

  34. Heart warming. 🙂

  35. That is not the normal wot game mode, if WG created a game that rewarded team work more maybe it would be more fun to play..

  36. If only their was teamplay in this team game

  37. Waiting to hear commander…. I thought you were slipping out a fart with the volume down before you started video. ?

  38. Finally a gameplay video!

  39. Next up : Tier 8 premium german td The Wt. Auf e100 300 pen 700 alpha 10 shot clip 10 reload for full clip 0.1 intra clip

  40. I might go back to world of tanks. I’m a war thunder player now

  41. Wish i played enough to have ‘friends.’ I get too emotional playing the game sometimes and start cursing like a sailor which doesn’t go over too well with the wife! On the bright side I no longer get called noob or get nasty messages left from other players! ?

  42. Meanwhile with my plat mate who’ve I’ve been friends with for years.


  43. a video about teamwork in a team player game, because the game is so bad it punishes you for trying to win rather than just camp in the back and farm damage.. i really hate WOT lately.

  44. Good atmosphere is better than winning. Of course its nice to have both 🙂 In vanilla WoW had best talks on TS after wipes in MC/BL when we all re-assemble… for a next wipe 😉 As to WoT missions complete themself (not counting arty or when you need to cap base, this want to have done asap) but I know Obj.260 and 279e are out of my reach so let it be.

  45. Your the big brother of us novice tankers thanks quickybaby

  46. Dear QuickyBaby… i wonder how many games you play a day, to get 3 gunmarks on most of your tanks o.O
    It takes me about 60-100 games per tank to get 3 gunmarks, so this is a loooooot of time you invest in wot, right?

  47. I’m slowly becoming to be your hater because of your aversion to CZ

  48. remember the captain jack sparrow in his french tank from World of Lols?

  49. If the platoon invitation is turned off for a player, you cannot invite them at all. He just didn’t accept the invite.

  50. STA-2 used to be a really great tank. Had a nice win rate in it and then it all went to crap a few years back. I think my win rate was 58 now it’s like 44% crazy loss rate that means now I almost never play it. Very sad because I actually bought this one. Only good thing is the gun which has really nice lent ration especially the gold ammo which is 270 pen heat ammo.

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