Making MAUS Indestructible Build?! | World of Tanks The Maus Update 1.10 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Survivability Gameplay. World Tanks Update 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Review, Update 1.10 Test Server, Equipment Test. Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Most Hitpoints Maus Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

The Mighty Maus, a tank I can not get enough watching and playing. This we are on the Update 1.10’s test server again to check out equipment on it and let’s try to build the version the survivability build, the indestructible build as possible! 🙂

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. It is so fun making those episodes to you, testing out build what YOU, my sexy viewers want to see! 😛
    So, hit me up with the next crazy thing and have a good one. 😉
    Also, do not forget to press the *subscribe* button and *notification bell* to not miss any of my next uploads! 🔥

  2. So basically it adds to the tank unrealistic repair speed. Cool, WG. Very nice job from you, with your regular way.. “good for the game, cyka blyat very balanced, da da daa komrade” More vodka with getting these done.

  3. You killed two ebr’s in a really slow tank. Awesome.

  4. Please make a ”Super Manticore” build. What can Equipment 2.0 do for this tank to make it competitive?

  5. You need to add the rng compensator next time🙂.

  6. Oh this game is going to become even worse, oi vey

  7. Dez can you experiment new equipment with type 5 heavy?

  8. 1:56. Now THAT is how to deal with the pesky Clown Cars. No amount of rubber armour could stop that shell!

    Could you show the worst build possible for the EBR (with boosts that do not help it) to see if it is still as OP as F?

  9. Sniper maus build? lol

  10. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    I have over 400 tanks equiped in my garage, does than mean WG removes my equipment and I habe to new equip all of them?

  11. Do something crazy with jgpze100

  12. Andrew Potapenkoff

    Honestly, i liked that “bugged” loud effect.

  13. Game may get broken beyond belief and Dez is like… yeah!!!

  14. For the stupid loud HE go to settings and under sound there should be a box called “night mode” or something like that and tick it on. It works for me and stops the HE, then maybe after a while uncheck the box and see if it continues.

  15. dab the 2 key to doubt

  16. Keep all the builds coming comment (updated ones too)

  17. Does the equipment also prevents an engine fire? Or only fuel tank fires?

  18. hmmm, how fast can you get with T95 now with all these new things?

  19. Dez can you try kamikaze ebr?

  20. E25 with equipment 2.0 as you like, ELC Even 90 with max dynamics/maneuverability. So no one can hit when trolling enemies.

  21. *Magesticness

  22. Still… Waiting.. For… The..Gold Giveaway….Winners video..

  23. Try ebr 105 with optics, improved hardening, improved cofiguration.

  24. Dez the builder…

  25. Please make fastest TOG II in game.

  26. Make most accurate arty or dpm arty
    V4 mobility monster
    Take even 90 to full camo setup

  27. Anything with progetto?

  28. Meanwhile in war thunder:
    *ATGM goes boom boom*

  29. Ethan Sandersfeld

    I did the same build but actually changed the medkit to a 105 octane fuel since the crew protection is quite good, also made sure I had Jack of all Trades to help in case something died.

  30. I would really enjoy repeat of quick Maus.

  31. WG: “We are finally polishing up Equipment 2.0! Next huge project is gonna be Sound Effects 2.0, shift all work focus so we can get the best effects on the weebz.”
    DezGamez: “Hold my beer!”

  32. Sniper maus 🙂

  33. M A D A R A༒ U C H I H A

    WOT will be become more boring after this update…

  34. Those new equipments will maybe make me finally leave this game, this and wheels..
    Thx WG for all you do from the start..

  35. all very well, now it is missing the reduction of damage by HEAT and APCR Premoium by 50% or 60%

  36. How to build the ultimate dmg pinata

  37. Nice marketing PR video for WG’s ineptitude to actually balance all of the games content. Will make all the noobs/whales happy and content while it’ll bleed players who actually wanted WG to get their shit together to balance their game and not widen the already increasing powergap between tanks and tiers.
    Well done WG, well done.

  38. Pls elc tier 8

  39. Please do a maus and pz kpfw vii (both speed build)

  40. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Good job wg u f… the game more up now after my priume days a stop play the game let pay the stupid ruchia players and pl players more the are stupid abd pay two win sooo wg do nothing two what players ASK

  41. The Problem is, that you can give all those extras also to tanks like Chief, 279e or TT Tanks like S. Conqueror
    So Maus still needs a Buff like many other german heavies. The Maus only needs a better frontal armor and a better Gun. The 12,8 cm Kw.K. Ausf. E, but the Gun needs 256mm instead of 246mm Penetration, that would be also good for the E100

  42. Hey, what about a max consealment setup on an ELC even 90 or maybe an E25?

  43. WoT pc version i think they based this other equipments on WoT Blitz..there i think they put new equipment like reactive armor and sandbag and others..

  44. before i thought Karelia was a place just only a fictional but after i watched the Youtube Channel on Sergey Baklykov entitled Real Russia i saw that place in real life and its beautiful but only 14 families living there on that village and during Winter 8 families only..some of the houses are abandoned..

  45. Hi Dez, really appreciate these vids, gives us all a bit of a heads up on what to expect on Wed! Can we move items from slot to slot on same vehicle? Are we all going to be broke in a few days? Be nice to see a build on an auto loader like Skoda or Batchat, but whatever mate, I’ll just keep watching 👍👍👍😁😁

  46. How about testing the builds You already did on other tanks? Like this Maus build in E5 for exemple…

  47. the first shot at the jpz100 went directly into the track which should have ripped it clean off but it didnt…what the hell is wrong with the track shots…

  48. i wanna see “maus but gun is leopard” video

  49. I love DezGamez 😀

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