Making New Waffentrager Auf. E-100… Foch B-100 | World of Tanks AMX Foch B New Equipment

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks B New Equipment. World of Tanks Best Destroyer Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks Foch Bddd Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

It is never going to be same, but using Equipment system 2.0, we can give our best!

What next?

Enjoy show!


  1. Do you miss WT E-100, or it can stay where it is?
    Have a good one, my friends! 😉
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    02:15 – Build setup used
    03:37 – Final Specs
    06:07 – Battle 1
    10:18 – Battle Results
    11:10 – Battle 2
    15:00 – Conclusion

    • Without changing the WTF to such a degree it no longer effectively is a WTF, then no I would not support it returning. Having tier 10s with fast intraclip high accuracy and a clip potential to fully clip out other T10s or 2 x Tier 8s is just toxic.

    • ask WG to bring back Auf E100 now since same dpm tanks already exist in onther tanks. to exact tank exist more dmp than auf E100 in WOT now

    • and also ask them to consider gun as part of system. currently WG doesn’t consider gun not exist in WOT.

    • You should make a video of buffing T57 HTs Gun using Equipment 2.0

    • Colton Ellringer

      Dez do you think it would be fun if they brought the Waffle to the sandbox for like a week, BEFORE any nerfs were given to it? Great videos, love all the new builds!

  2. OF COURSE I MISS THE WT AUF E-100. I started that line hoping to get that machine but all we have now is the Grille 15 and I hate the way that thing looks, disgusting!

  3. maximum russian t-34 DPM and least amount of dispersion after firing for next video!

  4. I really miss WT auf E100

  5. What about obj. 268 gun handling maxed out, or dpm maxed out

  6. Razvan Adrian Solea

    Still after so much time I do not understand how it was op compared to FV4005 for example:
    ​You had the option to use HE to counter the WT E100 as a valid option – remember you did not have the repair kits as they are now so usually one could have repaired only once per battle – If you spammed its gun/gunner and turret with HE one could get it our of commission easily even if fully loaded you couldn’t use it
    anymore – that massive massive manta-ray turret *ughhh*
    Whoever died easily because of it was because he was a lazy ass and did not know to play. Also same as FV4005 which was nerfed it also had almost no cammo.
    It wouldn’t be OP anymore in the newest meta.

  7. Foch is way more dangerous than the wt-e100 was imo.

  8. That poor T-10

  9. Magnus Likes Tanks

    Seeing these videos makes me sad, because my pc won’t allow me to play the game atm… 😔

  10. You saying about gun stats, etc. Why don’t they just “Under fire power tab” on the right hand side, have stats like for example;

    FirePower Statistics;

    100mm Rifled Gun
    Standard Penetration 268mm
    Average Damage Per Shot 360
    Rate of Fire 6.66
    Average Damage Per Minute 2400
    Gun Dispersion During Turret Movement 0.10
    Gun Dispersion During Hull Movement 0.14
    Gun Elevation / Gun Depression +10/-5

    And thats it.

    Those are actual firepower statistics….

    Does anyone actually think about gun traverse speed when picking up a medium tank? I mean people care about, Turret Armour / Penetration / Rate of Fire / Dispersion / View Range and Camo of that tank…. not the turning speed. You will notice from your first battle if it is slow or not.

    I have never once thought oh yeah boi this tanks gun turns faster than that tank. I must choose this tank! Or have never thought that this tanks turret turns slower so I must use octane… why don’t they give us the actual stats we want.

    Also limit the amount of gold ammo tier 10’s can carry to a maximum of 10. To stop the gold spam vs tier 8’s. Its become a joke now.

    Was bad enough it was always RU players on the test server that have never heard of AP ammo, Now its just become the normal on Eu server.

    How are free to play players meant to progress or even win if their premium tanks are being autopenned by 340mm heat or 320mm apcr.
    You should not need any gold ammo vs -2mm in any situation at all!!!! Regardless of tier. Not even vs -1 do you need it… possibly +1 yes vs some heavies or ridiculous lights with tiny pen may need it. But not Td’s or mediums…

    Its even worse when you see some try hard kids in their T110E4 or WZ-111 something spamming gold rounds at your tier 8 heavy…. its a fking joke. Like 278mm pen is not enough to melt tier 8 heavy tanks armour already…..

    People wonder why games last 5m or less….. or say shit teams….. limit the gold shells to a max of 10 shells and you will see much longer games and more people happy.

    But most of the paying player base are the gold spamming noobs in the first place.

    I use premium time “got over 600 days of it” but there is no way a free to play player has any hope of winning vs a paid to play player. I even feel sorry for them when I am brawling my tier 8 vs tier 10 and I forget to change the ammo before penning another tier 8 only to watch them spamming he or be completely helpless to pen me… ssometims. i have even apologised for hitting my wrong key and firing a gold round into a kv-85 for example. I see how helpless they are when my tank just pens almost every shot anyway. “UNLESS RNG MISSES” Without the gold ammo its easy to pen all -2mm’s.

    Obviously to save credits, I quickly switch it back. But even that 1 shot I feel bad. I don’t need it. But do tier 10 players honestly feel they can’t beat tier 8 without gold ammo….. I mean come on… Learn to fking play!

    Bunch of Bad Players with zero IIntelligece or skill at all, not even vs -2 lol… they must truly suck!

    • Point is, people wouldn’t say oh shit teams, or bots and games wouldn’t last 5m if the amount of gold ammo was maxed out at 10 shells.

      Or even add an over pen mechanic where by if your +1mm it is lowered to 85% of your average damage if your using gold ammo, and 65% of your average damage if your +2mm spamming vs -2mm tanks if using gold ammo.

      That would force players when playing against bottom tier good player to have to use Ap to have a fair fight, instead of just gold spamming and auto penning / auto winning the engagement.

      That is no fun for the bottom tier or skill at all by the the top tier, it just removes the fun from the game. They jusy win because they have more dpm, better armour and a higher penetration gun winning the engagement, not the player making a 200iq play using his mind. Instead Just spamming gold and beating a -2mm tank while having the better dpm and armour. Where is the contest here…. Its like a human standing on a bug when it has no legs. As an analogy…..

      Games would last a lot longer, free to play players would have an equal chance, and if the bad players still feel they need to use gold ammo in the same MM then they can vs the same tier only, Just permanently lower td’s damage using gold ammo at top tier all the time. No way a tier 10 TD needs 40 rounds 380+mm pen rounds…

      Does anyone really need over 258mm pen? Honestly and Seriously?? People have 3 marked the object 279 with just AP ammo, and that is only 258mm pen! Does a faking top tier td “other than being a try hard or a shit player” need anything over 278mm standard pen?? …..

      People cry oh the 279 is soo OP. Or Chieftain is OP…. I see more trash players in tier 10 spamming gold vs tier 8 than I see players playing in thier 279 or cheiftain, and that is a much bigger problem for the game.

      Its ruining it…. people don’t want to grind upto tier 10 just to be autopenned by other try hard players who just abuse the game because they throw money at it… and this I have read from comments from free2play players who sit between tiers 4-6 mostly. With their most games in and around tier 5. So you yourself are limiting your own player base to suit just a few….. when so many more may even consider buying premium time and moving up the tiers if it was worth it for them. Instead of clubbing it out with 50k games in tier 5.

  11. We still have em on console with faster reload and one less round it’s really op
    Death Star was way worse before nerf

    • I regularly pull 6 or 7k damage in my waffle with the 15cm gun. 38 second reload for 3 rounds is so easy, I totally wreck everything in that tank. Nearly have my 3 mark of excellence on it and I got my first when they “nerfed” it

  12. I think that the Waffle E100 would be B Tier in the current meta


  14. WG: “We will remove a couple of vehicle to make the techtree more understandable for new players”
    also WG: ” Lets make a plethora of completely broken equipment and lets make it so that you have specific resonating slots to put them in”

  15. Meanwhile on console they nerfed the WTF and it’s more fun to play.

  16. Die Deutschen Entwicklungen wären VERBOTEN gut

  17. I have a question: I currently have 8000 bonds and I would like to buy the patriot, but since WG is planning to update the bonds shop and it is not yet known if “objects” will simply be added or if it will be completely changed and the current tanks will be removed , do you advise me to wait to spend the bonds or to buy the patriot now? I’m sorry for my english.

  18. Alessandro Baudino

    Nobody give a monkey about my opinion but i hate this equipment, its making every tank perfect, you can have the shitbarn but quite accurate, the maus but its a quite fast heavy
    What tue sense if you can have everything on every tank?? What is the sense of buyng the most accurate gun, the better engine, the better turret for wiew range? Just put moneys and you can fix ir

  19. What about foch 155 ??

  20. Charioteer at the end was being a total badass

  21. Can you upgrade AT7 make it faster more fire power and all that

  22. You mean it might hit and pen more than one round out of four?

  23. This might as well be a dumb question
    But can these insane set ups also be used for t7-9 vehicles as well?

  24. How do I play on sandbox server ??? Not test

  25. I wonder how much dpm Badger can get up to withspecial equipments

  26. What do you use to record?

  27. Just think about wt e100 with full apcr(560) meeting obj 279e. Now that’s called balance 😁😁😁

  28. Ah yes, the WaffleTractor 😉

  29. PanzerFaüst X1M

    as if the foch have the DPM, Accuracy, aim time, and etc same as the wtf e100 . WG might as well remove the foch.

  30. This new equipments gona kill the game like EBR’s if u ask me. And only full premuim players gona use this

  31. Nothing is better than a WT Auf E100 with the Derp gun…

  32. nice bro

  33. Dead Channels Collector 2

    Bruh I dont get how does the WT E100 OP? It can be pen by anything.

  34. It strikes me that, with this new equipment the tanks that will lose out are going to be the ‘good allrounders’. The new set up seems to allow the exaggeration of good traits or the negation of bad ones, thus the advantages will be most obvious at the extreme ends of the spectrum…

  35. Shivanshu Verma

    I once clipped Cancertain and VK. on common teat server. He was such a cry baby. but we lost both matches as Super unicum always get good teams. Since wargaming wants them to win even on CT.

  36. battle pass 1 was uk and ussr heavies,
    battle pass 2 is now usa and czech medium….you think we will get season 3? if we do what nation and tank class? TD or LT is next?

  37. Mirelle Larouge

    the problem with the FOch is that its got the worst gun arc in the game

  38. In Todays WoT it wouldn’t be overpowered anymore.

  39. I want to see a full tryhard DPMd out Progetto 65 build next, dez!

  40. I remember playing my tier 9 Pershing and a WT e-100 took out me from full health with one clip and then finished off another tank from the same clip. Good times.

  41. DEZ Server? Where do I log in 😀

  42. WT E100 had first 6shells or 5shells but that was to OP sow they let it reload faster with one shell les… Wich made it even better then before

  43. Schak_waR45__WOT

    Your big mistake was to have AP 😀

    BTW only people who couldn’t play wt e100 cried.
    And why not bring it back? We got ebr, 430u, s.conq, chieftain etc.. WT would be way worse nowadays but yeah whatever

  44. Finally my request has been heard for the FIRST time in DezGamez channel. Thank you.

  45. i remember before that Maus has 5K health point(HP) but very low damage i think 260 damage..but the WT. Auf E100 has 6 shell with 490 or 750 damage i think and it can kill a Maus with 5 – 6 shots..

  46. i think Foch B is 70%WTauf E100:D

  47. Turn the batchat 25t in to the stealth assassin it was always meant to be.

  48. Fochentrager AMX. B-100

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