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Source: QuickyBaby

I made the fastest heavy in World of Tanks and here's the result!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Somewierdo Online

    I think you’ve turned the AMX 50B into an MBT like vehicle, I mean it’s fast, has the armor in the front, and has a decently large gun

  2. NEXT is : the fastest light tank

  3. I wonder how god is IS7 with Bond turbo on raming

  4. 50B still unworthy

  5. lol just like Dezgames

  6. Use your ram setup on 50B…..

  7. Make a tank that’s not supposed to be a sniper into a sniper lol

  8. Terminal_Swine 2201

    Someone should show QB Steven Wallace

  9. Cool story broheim. Talking 30mins on your tank videos about every min/max stats won’t mean jack in todays 5-15 / 15-5 simulator MM.
    You can be super unicum but that won’t matter when you’re being flanked/charged by 4+ tanks due to your (cough) bots and tomatoes died 0-5 in first 2 mins.
    We all have our amazing games every now and then when stars align sure in w/e tank or tier.
    Lastly, to all diehard QB fans out there ready to upll their hair reading this, I just spoke my mind and I’ve been watching videos of him for many years. Just fyi.

  10. QB’s spiritual animal is Jeremy “moooore pooooweeeeer” Clarckson

  11. I’m so happy I brought this up in Stream. This is Raven_Voidheir. I truly didn’t expect you to make a actual video of this though Lmao

  12. I can make my heavy fastest to get back to the garage.

  13. wtf in wotb kranvagn goes 35km/h

  14. Too many mechanics giving too much bonus

  15. Fast heavy tanks are “you can run but you can never hide”

  16. haha thats insane 3:28

  17. Oh so u have a heavy who go can up to 72 and another heavy that can max out at 16?
    Is this even the same game we all used 2 play about 3 years ago?
    I left a few month ago so all id say is goodluck wg. U did “good”

  18. Fire_phoenix_TG [VE1L]

    Qb play it correctly xD

  19. You are not making the fastest heavy. You just making a good battering ram

  20. Interesting way to play. Good video.

  21. Now just wait until you stack Crew 2.0 and Field Modification onto this build.

  22. Michael Hildebrandt

    @QuickyBaby Please show us more of these crazy builds! Maybe a total speed maxed out EBR 105 or an ultimated ramming tank (e.g. german medium tank)

  23. Now make the Heavy tank of the Light tank. Oh Wait, thats all the german ones.


  25. That T-30 + Phase 1 dual kill was absurd. Like Leeroy Jenkins in tanks but didnt die.

  26. Christian Veldkamp

    Anyone else enjoyed to watch QB waste an entire gold magazine on the Type 4 Heavy?

  27. heavy spalliner is useless for this setup, i would go for improved grousers, help with losing less speed

  28. Do the german E-50M .

  29. *Insert “look at me I’m the LT now” meme

  30. Wait this setup makes AMX faster than bat chat LOL

  31. I would’ve exchanged the Vents either for a Stabalizer or Ground Resistance. From the Gameplay I’d say Stabalizer. Though I don’t got the Aimtime in my Head.
    Also I think this fits the AMX 50 B’s Role on the Battlefiefld excellent (viewed from a WGL / 7v7 Fan)

  32. you need vert stab on a 50b man

  33. How will Crew 2.0 impact this? I imagine that you could get this up even higher. Also the heavy spall line reduces the Power to weight, as it adds a lot of weight to the tank. Putting grousers on instead and not the premium consumable would be better.

  34. Rams are overrated.

  35. 17:10 I like how high your voice gets in that scenario lmaoo. almost as if this was live commentary haha

  36. What’s the best stealth/spotting build you can do now with the E-25? I’ve had it since ages ago and its still one of my favourite tanks. I always ask the team where they want me to spot but with the new rules, I was wondering what build could help my team the most as a fly on the wall.

  37. Look at me, I’m the light tank now.

  38. E75TS has been great fun with mobility build.

  39. Great video. I promise I wont try and do the same thing. Looks Expensive…

  40. It never ceases to amaze me how some of the worst players get into a light and then camp further back than the rest of the team. Its most games these days.

  41. QBs new videos: “Alright guys hear me out, turbo charger. “

  42. raul yanez cortes

    Moves like a light tank.

    Holly shit

  43. It was great in live on twitch also

  44. Cant you put the additional grouser thing on it as well?

  45. More interesting than the usual QB fare.

  46. this t 54 didnt know what to do HAHAHAHAHAHA

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