Making the Jagdtiger ROAR Once Again in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

I’ve hated the 88 in World of Tanks since its introduction, today I’m trying to change that by making it roar once more!



  1. Geez, that tank moved like an elegant lady across the map!

  2. I mean, *technically* it’s only second to the Turtle.

  3. Watched this one live. JagdTracker 88 gud tank.

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Jagdtiger 88, so I can’t try this.

    But, I do have a Ferdinand…

  5. Honestly, some tanks just gets crazy with field modifications and the new equipment. I’ve gotten my Centurion 7/1 up to 57 km/h and it has a power to weight ratio of 23. It’s honestly baffling. Because it’s so fast now and relatively easy to get up to a proper speed, it feels more like a light medium that just has a crazy good turret and you can be in positions that was otherwise impossible

  6. This tank has 1 ultimate perk which is when you play like total noob, your team mate won’t complaint

  7. The suspension field module is such a noob bait. ‘Lightweight’ is a strict downgrade in every department even from stock, but new players who don’t know how effective/hidden stats are worked out may see the +5% and go for it. Its really dumb design.

  8. Not gonna lie when I saw the video, I thought quicky was gonna put another turbo on it and call it good

  9. Like the new editing!

  10. Saw this game on stream :/ but its cool! more live YT vids QB 🙂

  11. Tracktiger 8.8

  12. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig….

  13. Aint world of tanks anymore, more like world of equipment.

  14. When he starts the fist match and I see that traverse speed had me woke

  15. ok this video was the old qb, gj

  16. From player that has 797 battle in this tank, this tank is still sucks, what’s the point of having good DPM if you can’t pen, also most of the time the enemies are firing gold round so if you have good spot that show only the superstructure, it will be useless if the enemies firing premium round. Glad I trade it with American T34 that has an actual armor on it’s turret front

  17. sold my 8.8…was so bad to play…that tank was fun in times when not everyone shoots goldrounds

  18. They should really nerf its mobility


  20. Roaring tracking

  21. Gun looks like it is garbage though

  22. @QuickyBaby, hey so recently I just got the SU-152 and so far I’ve been grinding it and it hasn’t been fun. Can you please make a video on the casemate sister of the KV-2?

  23. This tank should have gotten the 280alpha buff along with tiger 1 changes. But they forgot to change quite alot of the 88mm guns.

  24. ewwww 88 jagdtiger
    that has to be to ugliest thing i have ever seen

  25. Nobody :
    QB : MEOW !!!!

  26. Actually the 8.8 should have 203mm pen, not 212mm. Nice to watch it shine but I doesn’t fit into the actual meta these days :/

  27. Those were some horribly aimed shots there, to be honest. One can see he’s usually playing top tier meds.

  28. 12:45 Both teams on exactly the same amount of hitpoints

  29. ultimate seal clubber
    pay2win bs

  30. Upload some ramming with the jagdtiger hehe!

  31. *Sees jagdtiger video. Is happy. QB telling he’s gonna play the jagdtiger 8.8. Is disappointed. Is still happy to have another video of QB*

  32. Hy! Could you please tell me IS-6 worth it nowadays?
    (I like to play with a “playable” tank with preferential MM)

  33. All German heavy armor in fact actually used while being protected by lots of infantry and other tank as well

  34. Iw ish you could do such improvement guides about the older tier 7-10 vehicles from the tech tree ,like the IS , tiger 2 …. ect

  35. “lackluster armor” It’s literally the same as it’s Tier 9 original now. What are you smoking?

  36. El Peorro De IFxXceptions

    I like that new edit,,, lets gouuuuuuu

  37. Now it`s time for Panther 88 xd

  38. Jagdtiger NYAAAAA

  39. 13:20 what mod is that he is using do look out the side of td in sniper mode

  40. Brick Fox Productions

    4.04 kilometers driven!!lol


    suggestion for next video: making the best out of the Raumpanzer!

  42. This tank needs 280 Alpha like the other buffed 8.8 Guns…also buff the pen to like 230 or 240

  43. Wojciech Borkowski

    I loved this tank before tanks like defender came and I think It’s sad that it ended like this, totally uselles

  44. 4km travelled, one burned out barrel from firing so much, several traffic tickets for speeding .. not bad at all.

  45. Space Time Gaming Nation

    Quickly baby try the ps4 world of tanks they have modern tanks

  46. Can you do the same with the tech tree jagtiger?

  47. Oh damn I was hoping we get to see the “real” jagdtiger with the 12,8 in action *sigh*.

  48. How many times did he said word: Unfortunately?

  49. 15:33 LMFAO you silly QB

  50. 10:35 scouting in a Jagdtiger lol

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