Making the most expensive War Thunder video ever

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Source: Squire

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this little look into the production process, usual service will resume shortly.


  1. Squire, where did you buy your Battledress jacket and trousers? Plus Bill has such a cool olive green beanie. Where is that from?

  2. Marius Herscu Stern

    This man invested more money in this video than the Romanian goverment will ever invest in hospitals and other important things 🙁

  3. 10:38 that’s a T-34-85 though…

  4. The guy with the long hair looks EXACTLY like my cousin.

  5. Tex ass.

  6. TheOnlyGamer Berghem

    U guys are the best i am so happy there is another vid

  7. Kiba the grey wolf

    Y was your large pack so low lol

  8. Is that phly daily?

  9. Squire: “leaving the country”
    Me: “Oh, going overseas?”
    Me: “I recognize the intro location, I think it’s in the US.”
    Squire: “Nah, countryside and we are going to Yarmouth.”
    Me: “Oh…”
    *Goes to Texas, US*
    Me: “Why did i even believe you, I should have gone with my gut feeling and memory.”

    Oh wait wut!? Phloppity whoppy is here too? Is it just you three fine chaps?

  10. Shuhrat Kessikbayev

    “Bloody Hell there’s a spider as big as a dog!”
    As an American I must know, why is that the most British exclamation I have ever heard?

  11. Gromit…

    *This isn’t cheese*

  12. Yey Star Trek TOS sakes

  13. as an american shooter, you have no idea how happy i am to see you can do a decent stance.

  14. ??Ahh yes, A Top Class SAS soldier can easily improvise in any situation, a day old kolache can be used with a simple sling to devastating effect as an AP round to knockout any tank or wild animal in the colonies. You got to shoot an mp5 suppressed hmm what a treat ? I mean that is pretty awesome but of course it’s certainly quite rudimentary when you are used to the high standards of fine British ?? engineering found in the STEN gun…hm.. probably..☕

  15. Best type of advertisement I’ve ever seen no joke

  16. Each part of this video was art

  17. One and Only Gaming

    Wait what holiday?

    *Squire The Great*

    Oh that holiday

    I commented this at the beginning of the video,then I saw him driving in the left lane and I’m thinking “what the hell?!” Then remembered your not in America

  18. “we’re going on a holiday”
    *guns fire*

  19. got an advert for war thunder on a video about war thunder

  20. Where do I go to do this?

  21. Honestly I tried pressing my finger on a controller trigger to fire.. I play too much tonks

  22. was watching a squire and a bill the flooping phly appear out of nowhere first shooting an ak and then cary around an mp40 and a m4 with a nadelauncher, didnt expect that

  23. Massive respect for driving a Z!

  24. Sagkreg Jaskrov Makarev

    You should use Kv 2 but it would critically damaged your wallet

  25. The only shaving add I have ever enjoyed ???

  26. niels van blitterswijk

    That looked bloody epic

  27. Lord _ Scrubington

    ummm, production value

  28. Lord _ Scrubington

    hmmm, squire looks a bit like my history teacher
    hold up…
    I have never seem squire and MR.Kelly in the same place at the same time.

  29. 7.28 fix that beret you look fucking French monsieur.

  30. Convoluted Concepts

    Vlog for tax purposes.

  31. Those guys are awesome this video is awesome thanks guys how do I get this treat menant like a resort

  32. Wait that is one of our American vehicles so uhh please drive it on the RIGHT side of the road please and even if you don’t you be fine it’s survivability rate was the highest of the War due to its spring hatches.

  33. Zuckneeze means shut up in Russian

  34. Your driving is so weird

  35. i heard “suck knees, idiot”

  36. Siegethebattlefield 3

    I feel like these men love guns.

  37. Ima be real, your beret being unformed at 7:28 brings me physical pain. My drill sgt would have lost his mind if I did that during BCT.

  38. Imagine being the creators of a language *AND BEING THE WORST AT SPEAKING IT*


  39. 18:32 British soldier using mp5


  41. oh hey, door monster

  42. Fairlady 370z?

  43. Welcome to Texas! Its still this hot in December!

  44. The amazons should be scared of you……

  45. Wut holiday did you go on and where can I sign up

  46. I serve the sqidonian empire!

  47. So dont flamethrower me

  48. That hammer is perfectly placed in the T34 to remind you whose tank it is

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