Making TYPE 5 Great Again!? | World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy New Equipment Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy New Equipment Gameplay. 1.10 Patch, New Equipment Test. World of Tanks New Map Pearl River. World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Derp Gun Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

In today’s video I am trying to make Type 5 great again, or simply testing if this new equipment system is going to help out Type 5 in any way, specially using that derp cannon!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. first – yay

  2. lol this is so amazing

  3. i heard a bell?

  4. Is Hype 5% Heavy back again? :O

  5. What do you think? Is it possible to make Type 5 great again with the Derp cannon or is it a lost cause?
    What would your equipment choices be?
    Have a good one, my friends! 😉

  6. 1 minute ago upload lol

  7. Such an underwhelming grind to get the type 5. The further you go, the worse it gets 😞

  8. Who gived Godzilla a nuclear warhead?? Ffs CAUSE ITS FKING ALIVE AND BACK. . . .good as new

  9. Come on guys, we can’t be mean to Dez like this. Asking him to review the nerfed type V heavy? Why not ask for a video where he just steps on legos for ten minutes while singing the theme song to gilligan’s island.

  10. Last time I was early the Philippines didn’t have a health crisis being mismanaged by its leaders. Noice. XD

  11. Never really liked the Japan heavies. Good job Japan. You’ve made tanks based on the drawing I had when I was a literal todler.
    Who’s great idea was it to fit O-I and O-Ni goddamn NIPPLE TURRETS?

  12. Saw this at 38 seconds ago. Great video. MAKE TYPE 5 GREAT AGAIN

  13. I hate this game because how P2W its got, but i still come to watch your videos, keep up the good work 😀

  14. How to get 1.2m gold 😭

  15. WG needs to drop demount cost and make it FREE. It’s already expensive to buy top equipment, but the fact that you can’t see the difference/change until you demount old one to free up slot is stupid.

    • If you’re looking at the stats, you can view what equipment will do by using the comparison tool in the garage.

    • @DrPlantboss that’s just bandaid way. After so much time making equipment 2.0 the feature to see stats before you spend money is a must feature.
      Plus what’s the point of making demount cost gold, or tickets? Make it 10k silver tops if there is some proper reason to not make it free

  16. I like this heavy

  17. It’s so amazing if you give me some 15k gold khen7772 772 ign free to play player

  18. Type 5 is like z 1000,Hahhahhaha.Just kidding..Z 1000 is ok nothing spec but ok naked .Hello from Croatia
    Always nice watching your videos

  19. You could put that ventillation to first slot to get the slot bonus. Am I wrong?

  20. When you have “standard” equipment it is best to switch the ventilation system to slot 1 you get an extra percent of performance (a percent that you do not get in the third slot). Not relevant with special equipment though! Thanks for the video, was entertaining!

  21. Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  22. I miss the type 5 mega derp! I m happy you made it better!

  23. Matchmaking is really hard me as I get tier 9 and 10 battles when I have tiger 2 on stock gun T_T

  24. The ventilation not being in the right spot pisses me off. Like if u agree

  25. The Type 5 has a worse gun than the KV-2… you can’t fix that with equipment

  26. My type 5 is on my NA acc that i don’t use anymore. and it’s not worth the grind on the EU server.

  27. You forgot to put ventilation on 1st slot for equipment. well, 1% but this is wot, 1% can be sometimes crucial. Don’t know doest it have effect on special equipment 😀

  28. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    The nerf happened when I had just unlocked and bought Type4. I stopped playing that and put my 4 skill crew into the medium line grind. I don’t regret that decision.

  29. “please penetrate my engine deck
    Type 5-chan! UwU”

  30. Federico Rodriguez

    Do you think riots in Minsk are ready for act V ?

  31. Dylan van der Velden

    you need that endurance module to prevent your ammorack from being destroyed everytime someone shoots at your weakspot. best gun on it is still the 600 alpha. more accurate and more reliable dps. you can still derp with it when you face heavy tanks, just shave their health of 200+ dmg every shot with HE

  32. Bring back the old maps PLEASE!

  33. Vstab>IRM

  34. Hey DezGamez, could u show us how to get the test server?would be nice 😀

  35. still useless

  36. dez you speak spanish ?

  37. Type 5 is useless trash. His armor is joke for HEAT hi is ez target for arta. Derp is useless crap AP have low dmg with low pen. Its rare even to see someone playing it.

  38. I would like to see new mobility setup for T-100LT or review of the tier 8 german light NOT premium tank 😀
    Also great video 😀
    Awesome video BTW 😀

  39. I was al little aroused when Dez whisperd “please penetraid me”

  40. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    Nope no fucking way.

  41. Full Repair build: 3 second track repair and you need 2 shots if you dont have ~130mm gun + Track repair makes it go back to full hp not damaged.

  42. 11:45 that´s what she said!

  43. Depends! Isn’t that the same 700hp derp that is available already on the O-i? What own does it have on the type 5?

    I always thought Japanese heavies were cool, but I never played them because you got shamed and people said they were op. But now I’m doing the grind

  44. I made it to tier 9 then we nerfed the type 5 ( like always ) so I just stopped grinding I am going to sell the type 4 today so I can buy more equipment.

  45. 11:45 You are welcome!

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