MAMA MAUS! 31 SHERMAN TANKS VS 1 MAUS TANK! War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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MAMA MAUS! 31 SHERMAN TANKS VS 1 MAUS TANK! War Thunder Tanks Gameplay


  1. Yas Phly

  2. 50 views i’m early:)

  3. this battle was epic

  4. 3rd

  5. I was in this awesome game phly?

  6. Sup Phly, Can we squad up sometime?

  7. it’s the maus the indestructible maus

  8. yaaaaaa

  9. 5th like 53rd viewww. Mummy maus

  10. Bounce off a damn M4A1. I cry evry tim

  11. Glad you uploaded this, I had to go to work and missed this part of the
    stream :/

  12. every time I smoke kush I let the flames burn like George Bush

  13. It’s sad that the Maus would have been at least 20 times less effective in
    real life.


  15. when it says ricochet is the RNG jesus isnt? or was the other way, no

  16. I don’t get it, why do people use arty in these fun gamemodes? It ruins it.

  17. there is like zero commentary…..

  18. Custom Battle: Allies vs. Axis – Shermans, T-34s vs. Panzer VIs

  19. ░░░░░░░░▐░░▌░▄▄▀▀▀▀▄▄

  20. TheNecromancer6666

    Please Test Mouse vs the 5000kg Bomb

  21. Those two dislikes tho…(At time of comment, there were 1,380 likes)

  22. Sooo close to 200k subs 🙂

    200k subs HYPE!

  23. Maus is slow but sure, its great tank against one tank but when you are
    against 3 or more it is not as easy as it looks

  24. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    T-95 line vs reserve tanks!

  25. should’ve just used HE rounds if you already wasn’t

  26. Yo phly how do you go into that binocular mode? I can only go into sniper
    vision. Does anyone know how to do this?

  27. maus vs turtle next?

  28. They could’ve just shot down the barrel and killed him.

  29. what they should is a reenactment of the scene in Girl und Panzer where the
    they eliminate the Maus :v

  30. phly do you want to play war thunder with me I have the tiger 2 H

  31. E100 ;( ?

  32. Do a STuG III A free for all

  33. Phly how do I use the binoculars in a tank?

  34. It was fun getting wrecked 7:51

  35. Mama Maus xD (i am german)

  36. WarThunder did such an bad job at the balancing… i mean wtf is wrong with
    them, the Tigers are so useless seriously it’s fckin horrible with German
    Tanks against Muricans/Brits and Russians

  37. Sherman jumbos would of been a better battle

  38. Hey phly do this with baron and slick, the maus will dominate (all in
    Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)

  39. phly is going to get his sliver play button soon :)

  40. This was kind of boring to watch.

  41. “The Death Star is fully operational”

  42. One question: Sherman tanks surround him and takes roughly 1min to kill and
    a group of bt5? or bt7 surround and kills it roughly 30-40 seconds. Wtf?

  43. “Where you guys coming from let me know”

  44. nice ricochet

  45. You should do the same thing but replace the Shermans with M22’s you’ll
    instakill them from every angle but they can evade more easily from your

  46. Саша Зайцев

    Please use the t92

  47. Im trying to download 1.53 but it has been taking hours. HELP?????!!!!!!

  48. what is this peasant 50fps BS

  49. whats video memory it said it when i go on war thunder in my graphics thing

  50. I post this comment before watching the video. ~~ In real life, Shermans
    would not stand a chance against a Maus. I hope War Thunder realizes this.
    I am now going to watch the video and see what happens. ~~ I have watched
    the video. War Thunder, I am partially satisfied. Phly, the Maus is not OP.
    The Maus is somewhat historically accurate. The Maus was designed to be the
    ultimate ground weapon, excluding the paper tank Ratte. I am partially
    satisfied because, in your first life, your turret rotation was
    damaged/destroyed by Sherman-fire. That is not historically accurate, as a
    Sherman doesn’t have the real life firepower to penetrate a real life Maus.
    Nonetheless, I am satisfied with Gaijin’s interpretation of the Maus in War
    Thunder, as long as it remains as it is.

  51. I’ve been away from war thunder for awhile and WHAT THE FUCK happened to
    all the decals?

  52. Panificadora Gameplays

    Vai Safadão

  53. Phly you sound plastered, did you record this while you were drunk? Awesome
    video, I love watching tanks get decimated by huge cannons!

  54. coward keep J out of your tank I know your rules coward ways out

  55. Bring back the old intro song

  56. today i saw a t34 100 his side armor and he looked at me and bounced ov my
    greaaaaat german uber concrete jagdpanther and i shot my 88 at his side and
    my round bounced of his side to his gun bounced of his gun unto his side
    then penetrated the round went to the roof of his turret exploded and
    killed the tank….stalin was with me

  57. This was so fun!

  58. try a SAM missile defense – rocket planes zip up from tree-level to shoot
    down some heavy bombers, like a modern-day SAM guided missile system. No
    guns on the rockets, only ramming for the explosion.

  59. Do 31 Shermans VS a Pe-8

  60. hey phly can you do the maus battle scene from the anime girls und panzer.
    if you have not watch it yet you search it on youtube. Thanks

  61. ok so surely this could be kind of a realistic scenario on a very large
    scale I must admit but as the shermans were built as a mass produced tank
    then this sort of scenario could feasibly happen

  62. lol watched dat stream

  63. 7:04 the p47 that comes by going 350 mph

  64. When I see this, I understand that Hitler never started produsting these in
    WW2, because this Shermans would have been destroyed and we would have
    loosed the war.

  65. 2 Mouse player better and more chancen.Test!!!!!!

  66. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    dat thumbnail do mama maus

  67. if you bind the secondary gun to a separate key, you can cycle in between
    the 2 and produce much greater results as they have differing ballistic

  68. KV-2s Vs Maus! DO IT OR GULAG

  69. so in real life how did they kill this thing? group of Sherman?

  70. Why did you J out? I would have loved to see the kill cam of the final

  71. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    tank wise mause pain in ass kill but artillery wise easy kill.

  72. Is the top 5 epic plays series going to come back? I loved those

  73. 13:56 fuck you War Thunder

  74. intro music?

  75. MyNamesAreCreative

    8:30 i got rekt :(

  76. Guido rc (thegmcarc)

    50fps? why not 60

  77. man the scary part is, if the Maus had ever gone into service this would
    have been what it would’ve been like

  78. juan david uran acevedo

    how did they penetrated him?

  79. What is the intro song called

  80. this was so much fun. To see the Maus bounce everything!!

  81. Schylerchase Gaming

    phly why is fps so bad? I get 150+ on movie while recording. if you have an
    nvidia card try using OBS-MP that supports Nvidia codec and does not effect
    fps much at all even recording 1080p60. it allows multiple audio tracks.

  82. is this realistic or simulator or arcad

  83. So this is what would happen on the battlefield if Maus was managed to be
    deployed in time in WWII….

  84. What is the button for the binoculars btw?

  85. Phly, you should try to get gameplay on the Finland map because Finlands
    independence day is 6th of December.

  86. I was watching this stream at school, had to lave just when you started the
    P-51 VS Spitfire thing, so i didn’t see much.

  87. at about 4:10, my old PC would’ve been sitting at about 0-1fps. now,
    ^ this is on the lowest of the lowest settings

  88. ….. ohmyygashhh you did penetrate him, you realise? That ex-ray glitch
    happens alllllllll the time

  89. Сергей Васильев

    Мама маус

  90. T95 vs Maus pls 😀 pls

  91. Croatian Pranksters

    phly #rekt

  92. First phly vid in a while… your intro music is off the hook! I can’t
    believe I’m saying this… I wish it was longer :)

  93. They should have aimed for the barrel 75 going down a 128mm I am good with

  94. Play in the SMK sometime plz

  95. If Arnold Schwarzenegger had a tank, he’d either own the Maus or KV-2.

  96. 13:34 My Lovely Kill LOL

  97. Do an event where u are a maus santa’s sleigh and others are locusts rain
    deer and u diliver presents to the ruined Berlin and an assortment of
    tanks(evil elves) try to stop you and the maus isn’t allowed to move
    without being towed

  98. Do an event where u are a maus santa’s sleigh and others are locusts rain
    deer and u diliver presents to the ruined Berlin and an assortment of
    tanks(evil elves) try to stop you and the maus isn’t allowed to move
    without being towed

  99. how the hell did that ricochet

  100. batleship220 sure does spam

  101. Phly were you drunk in this video?

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