Mammoth Tank in World of Tanks! – Object 703 Version 2

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So they basicly added the CC mammoth tank to World of Tanks..



  1. WG’s balance team took Circon’s photoshopped thumbnails as inspiration

  2. Merry Xmas Circon xxx and all followers on you tube and Twitch.

  3. This is not a mammoth tank, just the regular heavy tank of the soviet army in Red Alert… LOL

  4. Hope you wont be bored of this tank anytime soon, cus its all im playing lately, so most vids will feature it xD

  5. i think the designers of that tank maaaay have been a bit drunk. a bit.

  6. Quad-penetration with 2 boomers

  7. Quantum Imperfections

    I got a freaking golden shot on Malinovka the other night: double shot HE on a Skorp G for 1k dmg – he burned the rest of the way. 1150 dmg single(double) shot.

  8. Red Alert Retaliation. Memories.

  9. The first Red Alert game had a heavy tank with twin barrels, so this would be more like that one. The Mammoth has missiles.
    ….yes yes, pedantic. Just sayin’, you’re still good for the reference even when you don’t have the missiles.
    Also is this a clan reward tank or a premium?

  10. Havent played WoT in years, whats the mechanic with the double barrelled tanks? Looks like you have to switch mode to shoot both at the same time or something like that.

  11. Hey they already added the anonimizer? How much would you say it has improved your experience so far?

  12. Sounds like Snooze moved on to War Thunder? Talking about this game not having machine guns and such.

  13. One of these per game is fine, finding a platoon of 3 rolling around the corner nuking everything they come across on a small city map is the definition of gonoherpesyphilaids. Next thing you know, wargaming will be adding the Swedish autoloading arty as a premium.

  14. Gotta admit, the randomizer is fking great, was named Redstarz in my foch 155 the other night, I had alot of fun 😛

  15. You’re destroying your reload sooo many times though…

  16. Random Scottish Guy

    No, no, no. For it to be the C&C mammoth tank, it needs the missile launchers on the side of the turrets too… Wait… I better shut up in case I inspire WG.

  17. *Soviet power supreme.*

    *I cast a deadly shadow.*

  18. Judge Circon: Double whammy

    Tank: Double whammy

  19. keep `em coming 🙂

  20. More like apocalypse tank

  21. I remember when they showed the first screenshots of the double-barrel tanks and my first thought was “Why are we introducing Command & Conquer tanks into the game now?”

  22. what is an alien tenk?

  23. circon your cat like reflex is faster that game you at least 5times shoot 0,1s before reload another shell 😀

  24. Well Circon, aren’t you alien yourself, hahaha… ? In the Object 703 Vs2 I mean !

  25. Klonter77 von Planet77

    This tank is so fkn disgusting…

  26. You don’t know now to play this tank in your stream. All you do is look for double shots and then don’t shoot or miss, but I have a better win record than you and I only shoot the double every 3-4 games.

  27. what is this camouflage pattern? From where it is?

  28. Circon: oh shoot i only penned one

    jeas boys

  29. ……So anyways, I started blasting!

  30. bet you cant wait for the six mark

  31. Rooty tooty blast & shooty…
    A legend is born… ?

  32. To the tune of, The Double Dutch Bus,,, The Double Ducked Tank,,,,,, hey,, there was a penis tank,,,,,, when’s the vulva tank gonna make an appearance, in the name of equality,,,

  33. Aliens are everywhere on console. The weak spot on the front of the turret is right in front and just below the cupola. You can see it on tanks GG, its a paper weak spot. (Just checked tanksgg and this apparently got buffed but is still paper weak on console so RIP)

  34. RA1 mammoth tank at tier 8
    RA2 apocalypse with missiles at tier 9,
    RA3 apocalypse with magnetic harpoon at tier 10,

    yep, sounds about right…

  35. Now we just need a quadruple barreled KV-2

  36. This tank shits on defender ! vodka 703 version 2

  37. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    Blastin makes me feel good

  38. You’ve heard of ‘big dick rick’ but are we ready for ‘double dick mick’? Hells yeah we are!

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