Manticore Review/Guide, Like Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Manticore, a tier British light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Karelia and Studzianki battles.

While the Manticore has some fans, I found it to be an enormously limited tank in terms of carry potential due to multiple flaws with its armament. It’s the only light tank I’ve played from tiers 5- where my win rate is below 56%. Simply put, it’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camo
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Small profile
– Horribad DPM
– Laughable ammo capacity (20), so you can’t blind fire or snapshot much
– Poor gun elevation (+8)
– Very bad hull traverse, turns like a whale
– Highly susceptible to ramming damage (12 metric tons)
– Armor is worthless
– Only 2 crew members, which hampers skill acquisition

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can support me on Patreon, donate via PayPal, or simply shop on Amazon:


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  1. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Imagine an arty splash kill your two crew…

  2. Can you make a video about TVP T50/51? I got trouble when I’m in a ultra tier X battles!

  3. Have you made a video on the T14 heavy? I know it’s only tier 5, but it has the reputation as an awful tank, but I’ve been playing it a lot recently as the only premium tank on my alt, and even without using gold (I never use it), I get over 1k damage and a ton of blocks almost every match. With its reputation as an awful tank, I’d love to see content creators talk about it more as a semi-hidden gem for good players (though I think newbies will really struggle with it)

  4. Got back into the game recently and found your channel and I just realized your shooting all AP I love it

  5. 7:53 Yeah, but the AMX 13 light line has worse traverse than this line. The smaller the light tank is, the slower hull traverse it has, unless you’re russian lol.

    • The traverse on the French lights is bad, especially the 13 105. But those tanks have autoloaders and are VERY capable of defending themselves, whereas the Manticore is a wimp.

    • @Taugrim I really don’t know why they got abysmal hull traverse, it’s not even funny.

      By the way, that pen shot to you by Obj. 261 arty in Karelia? A miracle was bestowed upon you when not both of your crew died. Did you buy a lottery ticket that day? 😂

    • What I don’t understand is why do they let the tier 10 of a line have less effective hull traverse than the tanks before it. The amx 13 105 has the worst effective tank traverse of the whole line, starting at and including the tier 6 AMX 12t… For the Flipwagon, it’s worse than the RU251 and the HWK12, but a tiny bit above the SP1C… For the Sheridan, only the T49 at tier 9 has less hull traverse than the tier 10, all other american lights tier 6 to 8 has better traverse… It doesn’t make sense ! Even for the russian lights : From tier 6 to 10, the tier 10 has the worst traverse !…. sigh…

  6. WG: “This tank is currently getting the most damage in each game?”
    Me: that because only 5 people play it and they’re unicums?
    WG: Nah, everyone’s playing it!
    Me: … Ok we got a problem

    • This response from WG is lame.

      The fact that so few people play it, and to the extent the broader player base has played it they’ve struggled in it, is all data that WG has and points to the fact that this tank is woefully underperforming.

      If you look at Super Unicums, we underperform in the Manticore too. I do, truvoodoo has a 3 percentage point lower WR in the Manticore compared to his other tier 10 lights.

    • Taugrim Weegee don’t play their own game and just look at “stats” to balance their vehicles and obviously their top clan russian player base

    • @Taugrim I believe WG should be focused more on trickle down balancing. They should only view statistics in vehicles from the top 5 percent of players or even less. Then balance the vehicles (tier for tier/ skill to skill) accordingly. If you cut out the bottom 95 percent of players in any other light tank the manticore’s statistics would be easily eclipsed by any of the other light tanks. EVERY other serious online game balances for the top echelon of play.

    • they seem paradoxically able to understand that tanks with low battle counts results in skewed data, but not how that makes the Manticore data unreliable. For some reason they absolutely refuse to make a chart that compares player WR to tank WR.

  7. Great review and gameplay. That you are able to finesse this turd of a tank speaks to your skill. Also really appreciated some of your droll humour. You should explore that side of your commentary a little more often, it’s really an indicator that you are fiercely intelligent. Keep your stick on the ice!

    • I have an amazing sense of humor, but I’m afraid if I unleash it no one will take me seriously or think me shallow.


  8. I Climb Everything

    Elc EVEN 90 review next?

  9. So you think this one is worst than the Flipwagon ?
    Cheers !

    • They’re both bad, but the Rhm Pzw’s gun is better.

    • @Taugrim
      Interesting. What I hate about the Flipwagon is the huge size. Enemies have a hard time missing you. I don’t have the Manticore, but it looks like that the enemies has a hard time hitting you instead… A huge difference that may partly explain why the winrate amongst all players is far better for the Manticore than for the Flipwagon…

    • @Yanick Genest flipwagon has small size on ridge line though.. check out skill4ltu’s video today.. he has one of the most incredible games ever in a Rhm cos of the small ridgeline silhouette.. manticore win rate is cos of the incredibly low tank count in game.. there are something like 20 Rhm’s for each Manticore.. the only people who get the manticore are almost avid tank collectors types who have all the other lights etc.. so they know what they are doing .. WG will have those players avg LT scores … and they will know the stats are fake.. the line is so atrocious to the manticore it sort of FORCES good players only

  10. Your review is right on. I now play console, and all the British light tanks do in the Console WoT is allow Arty to have much shorter games. On console, 80% of the players ONLY auto-aim, which means they cannot hit light tanks in motion. Also in pub matches on console, many people turn off or completely ignore the mini map, so this amounts to 2 or more light tanks that can charge the enemy arty locations and take the enemy arty out like 80% of the time within the first 60 seconds of a match. I cannot stress how much better PC players are, and how LAZY console players are, who always love to site the fact that WoT is just a game, no need to try. Many console players just want to get in match, drive around a little and shoot 1 or 2 people, similar to GTA but with tanks. This is both fun and a curse, depending who you get on your team.

  11. Namegoeshere Orhere

    They specifically advertised the UK lights as having high alpha, which to me meant it would be above average, but the Manticore is the same as 4 of the other 6 tier 10 lights(outside the derp). However, it’s almost like they planned to give it unusually high alpha so balanced that with long reloads and low ammo count, then decided against giving it high alpha but never rebalanced those aspects of the tank.
    To make matters worse having two crew is ridiculous, it may be ‘historical’ but they added a third to the EVEN 90 so I don’t see why they couldn’t do the same to dilute skills. Although it may not matter with crew 2.0.

    • If they give it a 440 alpha and add few more ammo I won’t complain too much anymore despite of its other disadvantages

    • Imagine if the ratio of alpha damage was comparable to the original ELC Amx. 240 dmg vs everyone else only getting 110. It would be like having 500 damage.

      But nooooooo

    • That’s a really interesting point. I ran the numbers and if the Manticore had 500 alpha, then it would have dpm and potential damage in line with the other tier X lights. So it does look suspiciously like you are right and WG did indeed plan for it to have high alpha but then wimped out and nerfed it without changing any other stat before adding it to the game.

    • @ARCNA442 i’ve often thought this but I always thought it was the Centurion 7/1 golden HESH they never let it have, 210 pen 490 alpha

  12. since ive followed your advice position over dmg i have better games

  13. When I play I continually watch your road to unicum videos. They are a great source of game knowledge and often give me good reminders that stop me from auto piloting in games. I think it would be awesome if you started going Road to unicum map overview guides. Showing things like opening positions, fall back positions, using strat sketch. It would be great for newer players as I think the quickest way to up your game play as a lower skill player is just know where to put your tank in the first 2 minutes of the match.

  14. Great video, thank you.

  15. I really wanted to like this tank but it truly is a pain to play. I have a great crew in it but that doesn’t help much. Taugrim is right, spend your time on something better. Get the AMX 13-105. It is way better.

  16. Is the manticore any good? Lets see, go to, compare the manticore to the hawk 30. Discussion over.
    BTW Taugrim, I like the elc even for the memes, no camo net or binos on my WALL-E =)
    Edit: Taugrim you can ditch the large med kit on the manticore as well, you will never need it.

  17. It’s kinda hilarious how it’s 80% gun and 20% vehicle

  18. Its gun elevation is biggest gripe with it. Unicoms that like to keep their ‘gun hot’ will not like it

  19. Just some food for thought. I think Wargaming have shown us a potential way forward for the Manticore with the Borrasque. If they were to give it a two-shot autoloader it would at least be unique among light tanks at tier 10 with decent alpha and an autoloader. As for the 3 man tanks which don’t have oscillating turrets they could give them competitive alpha with the wheelie boys and a proper hesh round. I see no reason why the two shot autoloader couldn’t be put on the tier 8 as well. Be interested to hear your thoughts guys!

  20. The ammo load is a piss take. What possible rationale could there be. It’s not like it’s a mega dmg gun

  21. That first map has been giving me a lot of trouble as of lately especially when I’m in my artilleries, I’ve started to do what I usually do with TDs as opposed to the normal artillery tactics. My biggest takeaway from your video is that I’ll need to be more flexible and patience especially the team, I really am starting to hate this tank it real restraints my options as to pounce on opportunities when presented with them. Low ammunition, bad mobility, poor gun arch’s, and a somewhat troublesome camouflage values yeah I’m not a very big fan, but it is British so go for par the course Lol! I’m still trying to pass 51% win rate in the this tank maybe I’ll try the tactics you showed us, however there’s not much I can do to overcome the low ammo, poor maneuverability, and extremely weak armor as for camouflage values I’ve tried camouflage-net but found that limiting and in some cases dangerous so till my British light tank crew is that full 100% percentage I’ll keep playing a mobile scouting and sniping game. Again thanks for the strategy guides you give us the players I wish you God speed comrade!

  22. He says stuff about the elc and yet I got into a game with him on my team him playing his elc me playing my lynx and we get a city map…. Once in a life time chance went to waste but I still love him his videos r great!

  23. Appreciate the review. Currently unlocking the GSOR & I think I’ll stop there. WAY too many negatives with the Manticore

  24. The first thing I would do to balance them would be to give all of them HESH shells. The Setter and the Senlac already have something like HESH (Hi pen HE), so why not tier 8, 9 and 10 ?

  25. Benjamin Pilosov

    17:45 It is nice he gave you a warning lol I never heard of arty splashing “bad” scouts before

  26. Emman Locaylocay

    Nxt guide can we get tvp 50/51? I want to see a otter to use auto loader bursting and seeing punishing mistakes by the enemy 🙂

  27. I used blueprints to unlock the line after playing the first tank in the line.

  28. The ammo capacity is so bad that i got my first fadins medal in this tank

  29. Peter KJ Richter - *IMHO*

    Caution and patience, or even n00bishness, doesn’t equal cowardice… j/s… unsubed

  30. Plz cent ax it is top of the tree

    • I may purchase it. The last time I played the Brit tier 10 medium was back when it was still the FV4202, which sucked.

    • Taugrim I am considering purchasing this as my first teir 10 I have enough xp and I loved the teir 9 is it worth it for me to buy as my first teir 10?

    • I haven’t played the Centurion AX. I’ve talked to players who like it though. It’s got a good gun, plus HESH, plus decent turret armor.

  31. A lot of work, for not much in terms of damage. This is one of the only T10 tanks I don’t have and can’t really see myself getting this in the future.

  32. But… but with camo net you can get 100% camo in a bush. It is one of the two tanks capable of doing this. Manticore and the Even 90. People underestimate the power of proxy spot bush camping.

    • In 95% of situations, the T-100 LT can spot as well as the Manticore.

      With my crews:
      T-100 LT: 40.4 camo rating, 460 view range (crew with 4.84 skills)
      Manticore: 40.6 camo rating, 460 view range (crew with 4.76 skills)

  33. Wanna hear a joke? WG claims Manticore would be OP if it had more shells.

  34. Robert Pettigrew

    This tank while it is playable as a passive scout (yea relying on your team mates is always a good plan) however I feel it needs an ammo capacity boost, the .32 acc and the HESH shells from the other British 105 guns, I could handle the reload and others with these changes almost as a scout come td role.

  35. See so… this line of lights IS how lights should be played. That other light tanks are tiny mediums with camo is another issue. The Manticore is fine how it is. We dont need more tiny mediums with camo.

  36. Could you come across the Chi-Ri, the tier 7 japanese MT ? I’m actually strugling at 53% wr due to is lack if silver penetration and the difficulty if managing such an autoloader… We could learn a lot about playing the underdog kind of gameplay. Nevertheless, it’s always a great time seeing your vids’. Keep it up 🖖

    • I played it. The Chi-Ri may be the most awkward tank out there. Medium with heavy size and poor mobility, but with no armor and bad camo. Fun gun though.

      I only had a 50% WR in it, so fair play to you. Maybe you could help me.

    • @Taugrim So great to see your answer ! I’ve found that the playstyle of the Chi-Ri required to always try to setup an ambush near the HTs fights. Even if the poor penetration limits you to only fire to the side of the enemy tanks, the Chi-Ri can do OK in holding near-loosing flanks, like you did exceptionally well in your STA-1 on Karkov by extending the vision control for the allies. That’s all i’ve found to maintain a 53% wr in it, while i got 1.2k dmg average… but it’s sad to compare it with other mediums of the same tier, like the Panther who could easily smash it on avery aspect in a fight. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I like the autoloader on this tank, coupled with the 1s intra-clip reload : it has his moments !
      Thank you for all the tips you gave me in order to be a better player✌️! Keep it up 🙂

  37. How I would buff the Manticore:
    Hull traverse from 45deg/s to 48deg/s
    Turret traverse from 40deg/s to 42deg/s
    Alpha damage from 390 to 440
    Shell count from 20 to 30
    WG could go even farther than this, but i’m trying to be “realistic” with what they would accept or deny. 40 shells and a fire rate buff would be great, but lets be real… WG wouldn’t do it.

  38. Jeez, this thing makes the elc even 90 sound great in comparison.

  39. Great video, I’m not a fan of manticore but I still learned a thing or two, but why are you using a large medkit? You only have 2 crew member and if both of them are dead it’s game over anyways.

  40. krystian szymczak

    welp u can always trow a knife and run

  41. I have a possible solution to this tank. Give it crazy high alpha. Give it the “naval cannon” they say it has. I’m talking like 500 alpha or more. And leave all other stats the same. That way its unique. I don’t even think 550 would be enough to make the tank “amazing” lol

  42. It would be good to hear some official answers from the devs about this, i mean the ones that really thought it was a good idea and how to play it. It looks like you would want to not take risky shots, or far away shots, you know high percentage ,and conserve most of your ammo until end game.
    I think it represents a challenge tank, which perhaps they wanted to milk that aspect, players loving the unloved, or just so small, the satisfaction level is higher when you can do well.

  43. This tank is op look how it outplays all the obj v4s. It should get 10 ammunition.

  44. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    I believe these British LTs were introduced as a “hard mode” for WoT’s best players.
    I don’t mind tanks with a long reload that have mobility and stealth on their side. I love my UDES 14 5. The ~10 sec reload leaves you time to get unlit, reposition and pop up elsewhere.
    The carry-capacity on the current tunnel-maps is very limited though.
    The downside of mobility and stealth is that they don’t come with armour and high DPM that often.

  45. To be honest, even though it’s the first tier 10 light tank, I really don’t mind playing it and even don’t think it’s that bad

  46. First of all, thank you so much for reviewing the Manticore, I’m not joking when I say it’s the review I wanted the most since I started following your channel.
    Second, I heard some interesting opinions about this tank. Objectively there’s no going around it, the Manticore is weak and not competitive (then again, only EBR 105 and LT 100 are truly competitive among Tier 10 light tanks, one is a balance abortion and the other is Russian so…), however this tank’s weaknesses can, for some, be strengths.
    It has extremely low DPM and ammo capacity. That means you want every shot to count, and so that means no snapshots, no drivebys, etc. – fully aim from a safe position, know you WILL hit and that the only thing that can botch the shot is RNG, and then shoot.
    It has poor armor and low health. That means what you showed in the video – be super cautious when driving around, use every ridge, hole in the ground, rock, dirt, bushes, and spot the sh*t out of everything because you have the camo for it. Drive safe and sneaky!
    Also, as @HANSMULLER172 correctly said, no one expects anything from you. You’re playing a tank most consider to be a joke. You don’t do well? Oh who cares. You do well? Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it.

  47. WG makes weird ammo amount decisions, the Chrysler K for example has so much ammo (100 shells).. almost impossible to empty in a normal match.

  48. what a guy, firing only AP in this tank.
    This is probably my favorite tank, though i will agree this tank needs a lot of buffs firepower wise. Unlike the shit-wagen this tank has a lot more potential.

  49. David CWS · 88 years ago

    Hey man.. Just to shout out that you explained well for the action you’ve made and it’s really good for casual players like me. Thumbs up man..

    EDIT: Btw, what mod you are using that display you stats and winrate in a colorful big banner on the garage?

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