Many many many Examples of How to Play 100% Moronic Teams

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Source: LemmingRush

video per request. Songs because they help when youre pissed off.

Obviously many brutal mistakes were made (see game), as happens when youre pissed off. And uhh, you should /try/ to not get too mad about it. Easier said than done. lol


Every single song was made by Skrux because hes amazing.


  1. Would love to hear your informative commentary instead of this eww boyband
    music :P

  2. Horrible music

  3. I think a factor that is often overlooked in criticizing moronic teams is
    team composition. A typical WoT noob (think: illiterate, unable to tie his
    laces) will likely play stereotypically. In a TD he camps, in a heavy he
    goes heavy lane, in a scout he suicides. If you then get a team without
    heavies, the heavy lane will be empty or full of suiciding medium bobs. If
    you have a team with mostly TDs, most them you will camp without moving.
    This exacerbates the low skill. Since they don’t know how to intepret the
    enemy team composition and they are unable to read the minimap, the team
    collapses even faster. On the other hand, if the team compostion isn’t too
    bad and there are 1-2 capable players who take the charge, positive
    surprises are possible.

  4. I’m far from being a Unicum or a star player but I know the feeling that
    you’ve started a new game and after 30 seconds or so you think “O my God,
    this is ging to be one of those games…..”.
    TD’s with no armour rushing forward, Heavies camping in the back or not
    even leaving the base, Lights rushing forward on suicide missions, entire
    flanks being ignored…………..I tend to get pissed as well.
    I usually take a brake for 15 min or so, just to cool off.

  5. #KeepClamAndCarryHarder
    🙂 Ur awesome Lemming

  6. Like your channel but would rather hear commentary on what you did
    right/wrong than music. I own an iPod.

  7. Were all these in a row ? I would have one “Full Gran Torino” by then…..

  8. I agree with your description, care to do the centurion 7/1. I play it a
    bit considering that I’m above average with it, maybe you can show off new
    tactics with it. Well to me anyways that’s for the vid

  9. It isn’t just me who gets those games ;)

  10. I’ve actually gotten into a couple games with you lol wasn’t sure if it was
    actually you tho

  11. love the music

  12. I averaged out Winrate, Kills per game, and DPG. Click SEE MORE to view

    Damage — Kills — Win/Loss
    3251 2 L
    2673 2 L
    3704 3 W
    1571 0 W
    4644 3 W
    5170 1 L

    3502 Average Damage
    1.83 Average Kills Per Game
    50% Winrate /6

    I would guess about 4200 – 4500 wn8. Unsure though, kills are a bit low.

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